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  1. You already have my permission Texel, though the maps I made are not the best. This is all I have. http://www./download/tn8bs8ymz62hz43/Stock+Addon+V.4.zip I hope this helps. Its good to see you back.
  2. Thanks Manwith, we're always happy to see people helping out. I would suggest creating a new thread for your addons like I'm going to with a link back to here. I've had no time to work on this due to a move so its nice to see someone made progress, and that nothing broke with the .24 update. Did you do all of the SPP parts? Are you interested in providing support for more mods? If you do start another thread, remember to include links to each of the mods you have created a compatibility patch for. mJrA: Right now, LLL is not supported, I was working on a patch for it, but then he made those new awesome models which made all the maps I made worthless. I'll get back to that eventually. To install new part patches open up the zip file, if inside that file there is a gamedata folder, simply merge that folder with your ksp gamedata folder
  3. Hey guys, sorry I've been gone so long, home and job probelms. I'm going to take your advice and start up a new thread so my additions are easier to find. I will probably do B9, D12, and spaceplane plus as I get time but most of what I did for LLL is now trash due to the updated models he made. Also, I've somehow lost access to my mediafire account and so had to set up a new one. As soon as I have made some progress, probably on SPP, I'll post the new thread.
  4. MegaLODEN 720: Again, well done on the plane. I can't help but note how the landing gears in the tail pic stick out with them being that white color, so I'm going to see if I can get those painted finally.
  5. Praise the suuun: I wish i could help you, but I'm not a programmer. I would suggest that you start a thread here. They will most likely be able to help you more as they regularly talk about retexturing projects. You could also try and get ahold of SWDennis and see if he had similar problems making his parts. It could be you need some special settings in the config. Have you tried your modded parts with one of the shader mods that changes how KSP's lighting system works? If they work under those conditions you know it is an issue with the stock shaders. Also, all of the parts seem to be either light or dark, did you get any of the panels that were between shades? I hope something in this rambling helps you, and I say your best bet is to ask the guys in the texturing area if they have thoughts on this. MegaLODEN 720: Nice ship,love the colors. Any chance we can get a few different angles on that?
  6. Okay, this could be a couple issues. All Kerbpaint does is overlay a shader on top of existing textures, using a map created from those textures. So, it is possible that it will conflict with other shader mods. It could be that Kerbpaint is trying to load the shader, but KSP is reloading the .png file causing conflicts. Looking at the pics you put up, it definitely looks like something is confusing KSP's shader plugin. Have you tested these panels with other mods that mess with shaders? Are you using my addon? If you are the metal panels still worked last time I checked. As for fixing it, we first have to figure out if this is a Kerbpaint specific problem, or if it is an issue that occurs with any mod that messes with shaders.
  7. Wren: That is a nice looking plane, thanks for posting. Hmm, did the mk1 to mk2 adapters stop working again? I'll have to take a look at those again. Sorry, I haven't fixed the inflight problems on the cubic struts yet, haven't had any time to work on it.Crunch time for us college students, two weeks left then I''ll have more free time.
  8. Efemeril: Uzric's answer is correct, I had that happen to me when I first started playing KSP with no mods installed, this mod just makes it far more likely due to how it calls on textures. Hotrockets is a very good improvement anyway, so I recommend everyone get it even if they are not having this problem. Spartwo: Hmm, I'll take a look, only those two parts though? If any others are acting up could you list which ones and I'll do my best to fix them. Last time it turned out Squad switched which way the shaders were applied to a few parts, so maybe this will be a simple fix. Espresso: No, to my knowledge the patterns are hard-coded in the plugin and thus can't be edited. I don't have the programing knowledge needed to change that or add a mass paint ability, though I do agree that would be really cool. Do remember though, applying the same color choice to a part doesn't mean the two parts are the same color due to the underlying texture and how the shaders are applied.
  9. Hmm, do you have my addon installed, because I fixed that same issue for someone else. The heat shielding on the bottom of every part cannot be shaded. When you installed my addon did you let it overwrite what it asked?
  10. regulus: Damn, those B-E-A-U-tiful! I am glad you enjoy this mod. I'm just happy the mod is still working.
  11. Yeah, B9 has some beautiful wings, but he only did the front edges in carbon. If he had done the bottoms of those wings black to match the fuel tanks, then it would have been epic. I'm actually thinking about starting on B9 after I get the first LLL addon done, but the thought worries me a little. My computer isn't the fastest, with aggressive texture manager and only LLL installed it takes about 10 minutes to load, and each time I need to make changes to the .cfg files I have to restart the program. B9 is easily twice the size of LLL, so I see a lot of time in my future of staring at loading screens. Still plan to try though.
  12. War Eagle 1: Interesting idea, doesn't look that bad either. It does mess with your center of lift a bit so I hope you compensate better than I did. The plane below made a big boom. I hope this helps pingopete.
  13. pingopete: Sorry, this mod won't let that happen because the texture on the top of the wing is the same as the bottom, so any changes made would affect the bottom and top. Now, if you found a wing that used two different textures, one for the top of the wing and one for the bottom, I could make a map for both and it would let you shade the bottom a different color than the top. Right now, because how parts are made, I do not know of any wings this would be possible with. If you do find any I will gladly make this happen for you. Procedural wings are still supported I think, so you should at least be able to make them different colors. If that has broken please tell me and I will do my best to fix it.
  14. I'm glad you guys like these update. My quality is nowhere near Texel's, but it brings me great joy to know you all use and enjoy this mod.
  15. I'm glad it worked for you. From now on, I'll be sticking to zip files. Please remember to report any problems or broken parts.