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  1. I have an AMD R9 270X and the game in OpenGL runs like crap (about the same as DirectX), and only 25/35% of my GPU is used. Using OpenGL I can play with mods so I prefer. Crap game code is crap. Lets hope they do something about it with Unity 5 port.
  2. "The main work is done." -Proot We've been waiting for months, a couple more weeks is nothing to compare to. He just assumed. You can install all the add-ons for yourself if you want to. Personally I'm waiting for Proot work to mod it myself to my personal taste and use. Thanks for all your work Proot, and thank you to all the community who helps make this game worth what it is.
  3. I agree. Amazing work as always Sr.Proot As good that sounds I just hope you remember people that does not own that much Ram or even have Linux would like to have clouds without game crash
  4. For a game that is in development for so long and still looks like it is and to just use 1 of my 4 CPU cores, I will not wait standing up. I'm sure talented people like Proot and many others will use U5 to improve even more KSP and should get paid by squad for implementing the mod in the game, like other cases in the past. I understand not everyone has a powerful computer to run a pretty game, or even a toaster to run a physics educational program. From a marketing pov making a game that runs on toasters makes it possible to get to a broader audience and sell more. But then if the objective is targeting a broader audience, why does the game runs like crap looking like crap? And what about the performance issue (just using 1 cpu core and less than half gpu power). This forum holds some of the best talent and creativity I've seen and all the mods here proved long time ago that KSP doesn't need to look like crap. "Oh but if we add more sparkling stuff some people will not be able to play the game!" -That's what the Graphical Options menu was invented for! If we can add mods why the hell not having the option to turn them off on toasters? I do hope they hire you or someone to redo the graphics in KSP Proot, this game still has a long way to go to be perfect. For me KSP 1.0 is still BETA THAN EVER and should be v0.95
  5. I'm sorry, I meant NO offence by "deluded". Any "true" QCore CPU should handle this game just fine. My old i5 2500k shows 80% usage on just one core, and the rest sit at 10%, and to make matters my R9 270X never passes 40% usage. 64bit support imo should have been fully implemented before 1.0 already, you can't possibly play without mods and have as much fun. About using mods, I use crap loads of mods (50 maybe) and run the game in OpenGL I'm usually at 2Gb Ram and almost never crash. If your computer is low in performance you can always just enable the less intensive eye candy. Exactly what you said. Single thread physics is killing the game performance completely. They NEED to fix this ASAP! As for eye candy goes, every GPU in the last 5 year can handle it, its the amount of memory that is the issue. I'm so jealous of this! But I can't Linux (noob) My guess is they are not very talented at it and never hired someone to do it. And because the game has issues, they focused on features rather than eye candy.
  6. Either you run a toaster or you're deluded thinking this mod needs a new pc. Truth is, the game needs to be optimized. Lets hope Unity 5 does the magic we need. Meanwhile the fantastic work of Proot and all the other moders in the community will do the job for the devs and keep the game pretty. I can't play vanilla ever again.
  7. I have this issue too. And random pink squares... I just unistaled and wait for a stable build. love this mod though.
  8. Those are the mods included in KSPRC.2 for KSP.9 I'd like to know the new list for KSP1.0 Thank you very much Mr. Proot. Don't rush it and have fun making it, I'm sure we all be having fun using it I'm very interested in EVE, Scatterer and Planet Shine. I like Engine Light, but I think the effect in the ship is too much for bigger engines.
  9. Mr. Proot I'm sorry to ask you this, but can we have a list of moods you're using to make your compilation? Thank you very much.
  10. Mr. Proot: I'm sure all appreciate your work. Don't feel the pressure in releasing early or unfinished products. In my opinion you could release "packages" for testing, or even alpha/beta versions of the final pack for opinions and help. Me personally, I just can't play the game how it looks. It became so dull and gives me no "oh" and no "ah" so my interest faded away. In conclusion: take your time, you said you do this because you love the game. Your love will be well received in the day its finished. Just gotta say, thanks for making this game worth it.
  11. If it was not for your work, KSP would be the ugliest game launch of the last couple years. I hope you finish your work soon because I can't just play vanilla like it is.
  12. Thanks for updating my favourite texture pack.