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  1. Have you tried completely removing Kerbalism and reinstalling v1.2.4? Yay! What does this change, out of interest? I had a brief look through the closed issues on the Github page but couldn't find what this refers to...
  2. How about fairings with parachutes for recovery? (SpaceX just did this about an hour ago, although they were very quiet about it. Source here.) (I'm just joking; I know we can just attach parachutes to a fairing ourselves. )
  3. Would love to see an Optimus Prime robot be created for the ASDS...
  4. Hmm, actually I can't seem to get this to work. Whenever I do this, I just get the default amounts in the part, as if the .cfg file has been ignored... I'm using the correct part name from the mod...: @PART[KK_SPX_ITS_ship] { RESOURCE { name = Food amount = 10000 maxAmount = 10000 } RESOURCE { name = Water amount = 10000 maxAmount = 10000 } RESOURCE { name = Nitrogen amount = 1000000 maxAmount = 1000000 } RESOURCE { name = Oxygen amount = 1000000 maxAmount = 1000000 } } Is my code above correct or have I botched something? Thanks.
  5. Hi @blakemw, I have been having this same issue too. It's frustrating because it also stops Scansat from working when above that level of time warp. (and, of course, killing Kerbals). Has the most recent update to Kerbalism fixed this issue for you? (I plan to update my install in about a week once I've brought all my crewed spacecraft back to KSC, but just interested to hear if this is fixed for you in the updated version). Thanks. Also, @ShotgunNinja, is there a way of adding life support resources (e.g. food, water, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.) to a part from a different mod? I am using the Launcher's Pack (created by @Kartoffelkuchen), which has a SpaceX ITS spacecraft. The ITS has enough space for 100 Kerbals, but due to the design of the parts, there is no way of attaching Kerbalism resource tanks to it. So I would like to essentially just add e.g. two years of supplies to the actual ITS part. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is it just me or is this no longer working? Is there a new/updated method for doing this in the tracking station?
  7. Ah right. Sorry, but how do you change those settings for TS/IFS? I wasn't aware of any changes being needed, so that's probably the cause of my issues. ...and would doing so render TS and IFS useless themselves? These both used to work in the older version I was playing until recently...
  8. Aloha! I've been running this for a few months now (since 1.0.4 I think....?). I recently updated to 1.2.2, and updated KRnD along with it. I have a bunch of mods, and I understand KRnD has a blacklist for IFS and any TweakScaled parts (I have both IFS and TS installed). However, my understanding is that KRnD should still be able to upgrade stock parts that haven't been TweakScaled, and parts from other mods. Unfortunately, KRnD doesn't seem to be able to upgrade any part in my installation (I can open the window in the VAB fine, but when I select a part, nothing appears in the window). This is rather frustrating, as I used to be able to upgrade the SpaceX SuperDraco engines from the Kerbal Reusability Expansion using KRnD, but now I can't. Is KRnD no longer compatible when other mods are installed - as it used to be? Thanks.
  9. It's a non-networked computer; it is isolated from the Internet. The only files it gets from the Internet are from KSP mods, and even then I download them on my Mac (which has BitDefender) and then transfer them via USB stick. And yeah, sadly I need Winblows to run some specialist work software, so I'm stuck there. Yeah, I thought that may be the reason too, but alas, 'tis not.