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  1. Many planet packs are incompatible with other planet packs. For example, two of my favorite planet mods are JNSQ and Galileo's Planet Pack (GPP). Both are made by the same dev team, but are incompatible for many reasons, not least of which is that JNSQ is 2.7x stock size, whereas GPP is stock sized, and completely replaces the Kerbol system. OTOH, mods such as Outer Planets Mod (OPM) are designed, or have configs, to work with stock or resized systems (using Sigma Dimensions), including GPP, but not JNSQ (I think). I don't recall the name of the mod, but there is one that has several systems, with planets and moons numbering in the low 3-figure range. TLDR; It would be extremely difficult to get all planet pack mods to work together reliably, if at all.
  2. You can try ScanSat:
  3. You could try this mod (Engine ISP x2): https://github.com/miki-g/M-ISPx2/releases It doubles the ISP of engines, effectively giving more Delta V. Or, you could always enable the infinite fuel cheat.
  4. For a long while, I was naming my ships for female characters from Shakespeare. Part of that was because I was listening to some music prior to starting a new game, and a song came on that inspired me - Iago's Demise by Faith and the Muse. More recently, I've just been naming them whatever comes to mind, although some are inspired by real-life craft names. Forex, my Duna probes are named after various Mars rovers. Workhorse craft are just named for their purpose - tanker, (component) lifter, etc.
  5. I have 116+ mods, including JNSQ, SSTU, all of Nertea's Near/Far Future mods, Tundra Exploration, Wild Blue Industries, and so on. My load times are around 12-15 minutes - just enough time to go outside and have a smoke before settling in for a gaming session. That's on an M.2 SSD. On a regular HDD, it's just a minute or so longer. That's also on a 2-3 year-old PC. I'm considering building a new one at the beginning of next year.
  6. I'm currently using JNSQ with GEP (Grannus Expansion Pack - adds a second star - with planets and moons - turning the Kerbin system into a binary system). JNSQ+GEP are 2.6x scale, which should be a decent test. Galileo's Planet Pack is stock scale, and also works with GEP.
  7. Near the top of this page is a discussion about this issue (start at the linked post and continue reading the following posts):
  8. Count me in the latter category. As for the count of 3 million downloads of MJ2, I can account for at least a dozen of those myself. Updated versions, multiple KSP installs, corrupted downloads, etc.
  9. In no particular order: SSTU JNSQ GPP Nertea's entire suite of Near/Far Future mods SSPX Gravity Turn (out of pure laziness )
  10. I have a modded Ender 3, a modded Ender 5 Plus, a Creality CR6 SE, and a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K (still in the box). The two Enders and the Creality are filament printers, whereas the Phrozen is a resin printer. I haven't been doing much with them lately, but over last fall and part of the winter, I made these: Both the HMS Fearless and the Titanic are 1/700 scale. Except for the gravitic sensor blades on the broadsides, the entire model is 3D printed. The blades are made from the Evergreen styrene you can see in the tool caddy. I also made a 1/350 scale Fearless: The smaller one is 75cm long. The bigger one is 1.5 meters (or about 59 inches). I'm currently in the process of printing a 1/200 scale Fearless, which will end up being a bit over 8 feet long. It's on hold for a bit as I need to set up a model-building area out in the garage. All these printers, as well as the normal plastic model building I've picked up again after not doing it for almost 40 years, tales up a lot of space, and can be messy. The smaller detail parts were a bit messy being printed on a filament printer, even with a 0.2mm nozzle, which is why I bought the Phrozen Mini 4K. Those detail bits will look MUCH better once I start printing them. In case anyone was wondering, the Fearless is from David Weber's Honor Harrington book series (military sci-fi space opera). This is just a heavy cruiser - the superdreadnoughts are a LOT bigger.
  11. Try this one: https://spacedock.info/mod/93/Lithobrake Exploration Technologies Edit: Yes, it's an older mod, but it still works in 1.11.1
  12. According to Steam, I currently have 4.6 hours of playtime. Since 2013. I skimmed the forums before I bought it, so I knew to make a copy of the game elsewhere on my comp and play that copy, so that updates wouldn't screw up my game. Of course, doing that means Steam can't keep track of my hours, so... maybe 2500-3000 hours?
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