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  1. Heh... I recently had the song Iago's Demise by Faith and the Muse playing while I was looking through the forums here. The song goes through a short list of Shakespearean play female character names (about 10, out of somewhere around 150 or so), and I thought, "Some of those names are pretty cool." So I looked up a list of female characters in ol' Bill's plays, and wrote a bunch of them down. I also have the mod, Launch Numbering, which automatically adds a number after the first launch of a given ship. If it's still the same ship, but maybe has a different payload, or added SRBs, or any other change, no matter how minor, it will add a "Bloc" number as well. For example, I have a launch vehicle named Ophelia. I launch it once, and it stays Ophelia. If I launch a second one that's exactly the same, the name shows up as Ophelia 2. If I add SRBs to the original, then it gets renamed to Ophelia (Bloc II), and a second launch of that craft is named Ophelia 2 (Bloc II).
  2. Are they retractable? If so, retract them and extend them again. There's a minor bug that makes tracking solar panels want to point at the second sun in the system, Grannus, and it's too far away to provide much power. Oh, and when you extend them, make sure your ship is pointing directly at Ciro (provided your panels stick out perpendicular to the ship). If you're using non-sun-tracking panels (IOW, the basic panels that you stick on one at a time), and they're pointing at Ciro, then I have no idea what might be the problem.
  3. That's for sure! I have five landings there, and after the first one was on a slope of 15+ degrees, all I kept doing at each subsequent landing was saying over and over, "Please be less than ten degrees, please be less than ten degees..." Not that I actually had any problems. All four of you guys are home safe and sound after 5 missions to Iota and 6 to Ceti, the last of which was a test for a heavier lander for heading out to planets. The test went okay (I think I'm going to scrap the whole concept and start fresh - no serious issues, but improvements are always becessary), but I had some issues taking back off again, as I couldn't get the T-SAS to turn on at all. No real problems landing, as I said, but there were a few tense, nail-biting moments. That was also the same mission where I found the Squad Monolith - first ever anomaly found in the several years I've been playing this game. Poor Poodmund had to hike 3.6 kilometers one way to get to it (no rovers yet). Anyway, I managed to get back to orbit and dock with the "mothership" (basically a glorified service module/tug/transport), and transfer Pood and Bob into the 4-Gaelan crew return capsule. The highlight of the mission was landing less than 25 km from GSC, in the highlands past the mountains to the west.
  4. On that note: Not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet, and I could be wrong in my assumption, but I've noticed that since I started using Renamer, my Gaelans aren't getting some of the ribbons from Final Frontier that they would get if they remained Kermans. I'm only using the Big Four for flights, and Galileo and Poodmund have both made several landings on Iota and Ceti, but there have been no "First Landing on..." ribbons awarded. I'm getting ribbons for other stuff, just not those particular ones. This isn't so much a complaint or bug report, as it is just a note for someone to look into, if necessary. It's also possible that because I started this game with Kermans, and THEN changed the names, that I borked something up at that point. The only thing that makes me think that that might NOT be the issue is that none of my Kermans had even made it to orbit yet when I started using Renamer. <shrug> No biggie. I'm not going to restart just to find out, and it's not a major issue for me.
  5. I believe they just pop up randomly. Sometimes you get a different screen, and sometimes you get the same one you had the last time. Maybe this one just hasn't come up for you yet. I could be wrong though.
  6. I uninstalled KW Redux and installed this new KW with no issues at all relating to craft already in flight.
  7. Yup. Mine is always set to 500, and clamshell deploy. It's a nice, realistic-looking deployment with those settings. Looks silly with Use Time Warp selected on the GT panel, though.
  8. Not sure about anything else (it all looks good to me), but you aren't supposed to have two Module Managers. FWIW, the latest MM is 2.8.1
  9. Yeah, empty mod folders play havoc with the game. If you're not using CTT, then get rid of that folder.
  10. @MerlinsMaster, @JAFO - Pressure cutoff has nothing to do with deploying the fairing. What you want is to press the SETUP button towards the bottom of the UI. A small window will open, and the top line will have 1000 as default. THAT is the number to change for fairing deployment. I have mine set to 200, and my fairings deploy at between 47,000m and 55,000m, depending on which launch vehicle I'm using and what the initial turn speed and angle are set at. Higher values deploy sooner. Just remember that fairing have mass, so if you get rid of it sooner, you get a bit more mileage from your booster. The downside is that you can increase drag, heating on the exposed items, or both.
  11. Had the odd lighting issue as well, but this isn't an additional bug report. I just reinstalled the last version of Kopernicus. Also, @Gilph, the new GPP DOES have two suns - Ciro and Grannus. Possibly Grannus was illuminating the other side (even though we know it shouldn't). Which segues nicely into... A possible/occasional workaround for the solar panel issue is to just retract them and extend them (if they retract). They ARE pointing at Grannus (as far as I can tell), but doing the retract/extend cycle seems to reset them to Ciro... most of the time
  12. I'm using the current version of KK (according to the version file, if I'm reading it right, it's v. 1.0.0). As I said, I have a good relay sat constellation, and multiple tracking stations aren't necessary now. The last version I know of that worked was the version included with the 1.2.2 release of GPP (I completely skipped 1.2.3, so don't know if that one will work). The version I was using in 1.2.2 was KK v.
  13. Use an older version of KK. That was suggested to me a page or two back when I reported it as well. I haven't rolled it back, though, since I have a decent constellation of relay sats now, and it's not necessary. Pood, those look good, but I'm thinking they need to be a bit brighter. Not necessarily all the lights, but maybe the larger concentrations.
  14. I know I've had some crazy dreams, but my problem is I NEVER remember them, even when I've just woken up. I know they were crazy dreams, but couldn't tell you what they were to save my life. My boss, on the other hand, remembers ALL her dreams, and she's had some crazy ones. For example, in one dream, a co-worker handed her her morning cup of coffee, and there were a bunch of one-eyed, blind cave crickets dancing on the rim of the cup. Before diving in and continuing the dancing. No, she's never seen Joe's Apartment... but she compared the dream to the old Esther Williams movies, with the synchronized swimming "dance" scenes in them.