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  1. Reaper is a planet in the mod After Kerbin:
  2. I have a modded Ender 3, a modded Ender 5 Plus, a Creality CR6 SE, and a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K (still in the box). The two Enders and the Creality are filament printers, whereas the Phrozen is a resin printer. I haven't been doing much with them lately, but over last fall and part of the winter, I made these: Both the HMS Fearless and the Titanic are 1/700 scale. Except for the gravitic sensor blades on the broadsides, the entire model is 3D printed. The blades are made from the Evergreen styrene you can see in the tool caddy. I also made a 1/350 scale Fearless: The smaller one is 75cm long. The bigger one is 1.5 meters (or about 59 inches). I'm currently in the process of printing a 1/200 scale Fearless, which will end up being a bit over 8 feet long. It's on hold for a bit as I need to set up a model-building area out in the garage. All these printers, as well as the normal plastic model building I've picked up again after not doing it for almost 40 years, tales up a lot of space, and can be messy. The smaller detail parts were a bit messy being printed on a filament printer, even with a 0.2mm nozzle, which is why I bought the Phrozen Mini 4K. Those detail bits will look MUCH better once I start printing them. In case anyone was wondering, the Fearless is from David Weber's Honor Harrington book series (military sci-fi space opera). This is just a heavy cruiser - the superdreadnoughts are a LOT bigger.
  3. Try this one: https://spacedock.info/mod/93/Lithobrake Exploration Technologies Edit: Yes, it's an older mod, but it still works in 1.11.1
  4. According to Steam, I currently have 4.6 hours of playtime. Since 2013. I skimmed the forums before I bought it, so I knew to make a copy of the game elsewhere on my comp and play that copy, so that updates wouldn't screw up my game. Of course, doing that means Steam can't keep track of my hours, so... maybe 2500-3000 hours?
  5. Wow! Two years of opportunity in this thread, and not a single mention of the Freespace games (Descent: Freespace - The Great War, and Freespace 2)? Both available on Steam and/or GoG.
  6. Kopernicus is version-locked. That means you need to use the version of Kopernicus that matches your game version. I'm not sure where or if you can get an older version of Kop. Maybe someone else will post that info.
  7. Unless you have the KNES mod installed. Or MM on April 1st...
  8. I'm currently playing JNSQ (2x upscale of the stock system with a couple new planets and moons added). I've played with GPP in the past (Galileo's Planet Pack - stock-sized system, but all planets and moons have been replaced/renamed). I'm planning soon to make a new install to try out Beyond Home in the next couple weeks. I want to "finish" my current JNSQ game first.
  9. Was more thinking of this: https://www.goodreads.com/series/42076-dahak
  10. As Leatherneck said, copy the KSP folder from your Steam folder and place it anywhere convenient. Leave a pristine copy in your Steam folder - this will always get the updates without affecting your modded KSP folder. Personally, I copy each new version to a folder I call KSPStuff. I then make a copy of THAT copy and use it for my modded games, and rename the folder to, forex: KSP 1.8.1 - JNSQ, or KSP 1.7.0 - GPP. I have approximately 35 distinct copies of KSP on my computer (some modded, some bone stock), every single one completely playable and safe from Steam's auto-update feature.
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