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  1. Your probable issue is that GT 1.7.6 is for KSP 1.3.x, not 1.4.x. GT will probably not be updated until sometime after the KSP 1.4.1 update drops in a couple days. Don't ask "when" in the GT thread, though. It'll get updated when it gets updated. Edit: Oh, and welcome to the KSP forums!
  2. Add me to the "not mad" list. Partly because it's expected with this game, but mostly because I can't play right now anyway. Broke the tip of my left ring finger in such a way that it required surgery to fix, and to have my entire left hand and wrist immobilized. And only a week after I started playing Elite: Dangerous
  3. MaxxQ

    Your Favorite Anime

    Meh... just remembered one that I didn't have on my previous list: Girls und Panzer
  4. MaxxQ

    Your Favorite Anime

    Too many to pick a favorite (In no particular order): Death Note (stopped watching the live action Netflix production 30 minutes in. Just couldn't deal with it. The Japanese live action is better) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (original FMA was good as well, but I prefer when an anime follows the manga) Everything Ghost in the Shell (and yes, I liked the live action Scarlett Johansen film as well) Gantz (yes, I know it dies off - no pun intended - during the second half, but then, the manga tanked about 2/3 of the way through as well, although I did finish it. Completist, here - except live action Death Note) Elfen Lied Escaflowne Serial Experiments: Lain Grave of the Fireflies Eureka Seven Hellsing Ultimate TriGun Cowboy Bebop Beck (Mongolian Chop Squad) Appleseed Appleseed Ex Machina Akira (this and the original GitS movie are probably tied for overall favorites) Anything from Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli Vexille FLCL (aka: Fooly Cooly) Witchblade Space Brothers Incomplete anime (as in still ongoing, as well as the manga. At least, I think they're still ongoing): Chihayafuru Baby Steps
  5. Yeah... I'm running 16GB of DDR3 and GPP with EVE and scatterer, and hi-res clouds. Runs smoothly for me. My comp is actually a fairly old build, about three-four years old, but was set up with 3D rendering in mind. Frankly, I'm surprised it still runs KSP well enough, not to mention newer games like Witcher 3 and others at high/maxxed settings. Then again, I'm not a framerate junkie, and anything above 20 FPS is fine with me.
  6. And of course, if you could afford it, buying parts packs from both Centuri and Estes gave you the best of both worlds. Mix and match tube brands for those scale scratch-builds that wouldn't scale properly with either one or the other. Too bad Centuri isn't around anymore, although some of their stuff lives on through Estes (the "new" Estes Saturn V used Centuri's vacuformed body wraps and injection-molded CM/LES, IIRC). Centuri had some great designs, like the X-24 Bug (an actual lifting-body design that glided back), and (I can't recall the name) a "space shuttle" where both the booster and shuttle glided back. Centuri's Little Joe II was MUCH nicer than the Estes version, although the Estes version was more fun/challenging to build, since you had to build the LES tower from wood dowels. It inspired me, once I got into High Power Rocketry, to make this (using wood dowels to make the tower ): Unfortunately, it never flew, and is gone now. Note the small Pershing 1A on the table, between the two trophies. I won first (LJII) and third (Pershing) place for both of these at an RC aircraft show that also had categories for rocketry. Both were scratch-built. Also in the same post, note the Delta II. The booster tubes were Estes BT-50s slit lengthwise and enlarged slightly to get the right scale (went the other way for the payload section/fairing - started with three inch tubing and reduced it slightly for the correct scale - 1:36.5). The main pic, the upper right pic, and the center launch pic are from the second prototype. The lower right image is the first, and if you look carefully, you can see that only the main motor (a D12-5), and four of the nine A10-0Ts lit. The four boosters that lit were on one side only, but because I also had the ten degree outboard cant of the motors, the rocket still flew straight up, although it crabbed slightly, as one would expect. Had the main motor been a D12-3, it would have survived the flight intact, but the longer delay caused it to lawn dart, requiring a rebuild. The fins were clear plastic and covered with masking tape for later painting (National Association of Rocketry scale competition rules ignore clear fins on scale models of rockets that don't have fins). Never did finish the model completely, but the second flight (the one with all ten motors firing) was successful in all aspects - boosters separated nicely, six A10-0T boosters came off first, then the remaining three A10-2T boosters came off two seconds later. The rest of the rocket continued nicely to about 700 feet (altimeter in the "payload" bay), and recovered on a 36" nylon parachute. On-topic: @BARCLONE's right - this mod DOES give the feel of Estes and Centuri model rockets, especially their scale kits, as well as KSP in general.
  7. As was answered in the GPP thread, [x]Science works fine with GPP. I've used it in KSP versions 1.2.2 and 1.3.0. I'd say it works fine in 1.3.1 as well, especially now that GPP is now updated for 1.3.1.
  8. DMagic Orbital Science also works well with GPP. I've been using it, as well as xScience, since 1.2.2 in GPP.
  9. MaxxQ

    Kopernicus problem

    An additional step should be added between 1 and 2 in Gordon's list: Run KSP once without any mods. Just getting to the space center screen should be enough, but I usually will hit all the buildings as well, just to make sure. What this does is give KSP the chance to create settings and such needed for the mods to have something to work with. It's one of the first steps for installing Kopernicus with Galileo's Planet Pack (which eliminates the entire stock system and adds a new one). Anyway, that might or might not help, but it's something to try, and only takes a few minutes since you'll have no mods installed as yet.
  10. Assuming you're using the latest version of the game - 1.3.0 or 1.3.1 - have you enabled Physics Ease-In (I think that's what it's called in the settings)? Maybe Gravity Ease-In? Basically, instead of just loading the craft and physics kicks in all at once, it gradually brings in the physics. This is to help with heavy vehicles, such as your spaceplane. You can see it best when launching a heavy rocket from the pad, as the ship will appear to "sag" into the pad after a few seconds after the scene loads. It's made a bit worse with regards to spaceplanes, or other heavy aircraft, because the landing gear actually touches the surface (on a pad, the launch clamps prevent that, provided you have the rocket held off the surface when you build it in the VAB). It also doesn't help that there was some tweaking done to the landing gear a few versions ago (it was a Unity issue that Squad couldn't really work around much) that had this sort of thing happening all the time, and it still causes some issues today, even though it's been "fixed". Anyway, try checking that setting in the options screen from the main menu. If it's not that, then I'm sure others will poke their heads in here and offer some other advice.
  11. MaxxQ

    Something wrong with my OP

    Okay, well... ummm, I guess the thread is... done?
  12. MaxxQ

    Something wrong with my OP

    Not sure what's up, but I can see every instance of the gif in this thread with no issues. It's @Azimech's V-8 catamaran (I saw it before when it was first posted, so recognized it right away). I can even pause it, and get the original link, as well as see the iframe settings. Edit: If it makes any difference, I'm using Chrome, and had to clear my cache a week or so ago to be able to post in the forums using Chrome. For a couple days until the issue was figured out, I had to use Edge to be able to post
  13. MaxxQ

    [1.3.1] Orbus Planet Overhaul [v0.2]

    No problem. Happens often, it seems. I'm always seeing "thread moved to xxxx" posts around here.
  14. MaxxQ

    [1.3.1] Orbus Planet Overhaul [v0.2]

    I may be wrong, but I think this is in the wrong forum. Since you are still developing this mod, and there's nothing to actually download, I believe it belongs in Add-On Development, and not Add-On Releases. Simple mistake that can be fixed by messaging a Moderator. The mod itself sounds interesting, though. Good luck.
  15. Eventually, I would assume. There's always a bit of a delay between when a new KSP version comes out, and mods are updated to work with the new version. Sometimes, it's just a few hours. Sometimes, it's a few days or weeks. Occasionally, it'll be months. Just be patient.