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  1. Well, I'm the new dev Probus mentioned. We are now working on reorganizing the project file into multiple files, for ease of use. I'm also working on integrating a couple smaller mods I'll talk about later.
  2. So yeah, I'm the other modder. \o/ We have started working on reorganizing the file into seperate files based on tech branch, ie: rocketry, aviation, etc. I've also begun integrating a few smaller mods unto the tree.
  3. Unfortunately, almost no modder is going to put in the effort to make a variant mod part for an obsolete version of KSP. The latest version of KSP is 1.0.2, which can be bought on the steam store or if a copy of ksp is not already owned. Please accept this gracious gift of a pony instead.
  4. This trailer got released yesterday. From various reference pics, I've come to the conclusion that the Hermes, is in fact, solar powered. This is a bit disappointed, but the trailer was fantastic. Loved the part where he said 'I'm going to science the .... out of it."
  5. Best: Skyrim, KSP, Space Engineers, and XCOM: EU/EW Worst: Spore, Cod: Ghosts (Don't ask why I got it), Cities XXL ((Got it mixed up with Cities: Skylines)Thank god for Steam's new return policy, 1hr and 55mins put into it.)
  6. Ok, thanks! I had about half the planets done, but my old laptop broke and I forgot to push to github. I'll PM you some details.
  7. Well, crap, just as soon as I begin working on my alternis remake. Perrhaapps annn alliaanncee caaann bee foorrgeeedd.
  8. Huh, very interesting chapter, I'll be keeping an eye on this series. You dun gotz a subscriber
  9. I'm just wondering, is this mod updated for 1.0/1.0.2? I want to use this mod, but was cautious because of the bug reports.
  10. 9/10 used to have you on my computer.
  11. I must admit, that image was not mine. I had seen it a long time ago on a previous argument thread, and it kept a special place in my heart. I would mention the wonderful person who made that image, but alas, I cannot find them. Oh well
  12. Ah, the joys of another mechjeb debate. Here is an infographic someone made to highlight the issue. Infographic. (Some minor salty language) EDIT: Fixed image Mod Edit: Funny image, but can't inline stuff here with bad language. Changed to a link.