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  1. Kerminal definitely caught my eye, and is impressive to say the least, and a level below where I've been looking to work (and by that I mean working at that low a level would be over my head!) I had decided to use python, and from there, an existing MUD framework to supply a lot of the UI (or at least a framework for it), along with the built-in web interface. using krpc is as easy as using the existing python client and integrating the calls as interpreted MUD commands and extending from there! the existing code may be a bit bloated for what it needs to do in KSP, but otherwise useless bits could be shed off, and it seems to be under active development. I'd like to get into data visualization and logging, saving/loading of scripts/configs, calculators and helpers, external visualization, controlling multiple ships, remote tech integration, interfaces for popular mods like KAS and infernal robotics, a voice interface - but mostly heading towards a human language interface to a learning AI... The idea has evolved a bit over time, but essentially it's to use kRPC to turn the python MUD into an AI for your ship, and when I say python MUD, I do have to remind myself of its built-in websockets and web GUI, otherwise I lose the interest of all those not interested in the CLI
  2. in python? care to share? maybe there should be a repository somewhere of scripts, even if just an additional wiki page with some gist links... YAY! I've been playing with integrating kRPC into a python program to serve as an OS for a ship/multiple ships, with both a web and CLI, scripting tools, multiple user login and other features (like some smoothie charts from websockets backed by krpc calls ala/to augment/to replace telemachus), but I'm running into an issue with the protobuf decoding using windows server + linux host. Wanted to speak up to make sure you saw there was definitely interest in continued development Now that I've posted this, I need to go start a new thread in the add-on dev forum...
  3. but we can't capture the player's keyboard unless the plugin opens a window in unity and focuses on the input area, right? maybe we could initiate the process but hide the window? a click on a prop or alt-key initiates capture mode by doing whatever the irc and notes etc plugins do, but hide the floaty UI from the user until X- even if we can just set the window upper left to the screen bottom right. then pipe input to/output from the plugin? vessel view is amazing and was out of my reach but Id love to play with a terminal interface to the ship... BTW this plugin has made KSP more insane than I thought it could be. oh! I was wondering about creating some standard size button/prop packs; maybe usimg the existing squares where monitors go and making it possible for tthe player to choose say 2 monitors and a mechjeb button panel, instead of 3 monitors. panels could be made for plugins and sets of popular plugins without having to do lots of redesign for each space. if you don't have a plugin, or any others, or just want to, you can still choose all RPMs. I find myself missing some of the random ALCOR props and displays in other CMs. this would also make it easy to intefrate new plugins and easily swap plugins in existing IVAs. maybe even animated button panels that could slide or rotate into place where monitors are, in flight? I figured if I'm not crazy and this sounds like a good idea, smaller rextangular panels could be made for plugins with only a few buttons, or eventually to call custom kos/krpc/whatever commands and scripts
  4. I'm wondering if this is the same issue VV has with Infernal Robotics - I can take some pics but it's basically the same- pieces of a few of the parts don't render, though it updates the view with the pieces that are visible perfectly. The default refresh rate is set (I assume) low enough not to lag everything down, but I think I'd like it higher when using it to monitor the movements of robotics parts. Maybe I can work in a toggle when you're controlling a part vs the main view. I second that request, 'cause I'm trying to build an RPM plugin for Infernal Robotics and overlaying text over this display would work better than trying to integrate robotics controls into your existing pages. BTW, iirc the way to do it (says Mihara) is with ModuleManager, the same way the default props are replaced; instead you're replacing individual pages. This way VV can be installed in GameData and replace the page definitions if it's installed, and deleting the entire directory (basically uninstalling VisualViewer) doesn't leave you with anything missing. I'm working on using modulemanager so I can create some plugins and add interfaces to both the 'stock' RPM monitors, the ALCOR monitors (though I guess I should leave that to Mihara) and the KSI MFDs without overwriting anything and allowing for easy uninstall if it borks.