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  1. Do you have struts from the boosters to the inner stack? I don't see auto-strut doing the best job for this, but a pair of struts on each side would fix any off-angle thrust there. Also, I'd add another control point with the correct orientation and use that to fly the rocket.
  2. Kryxal

    Any tips for going interplanetary?

    I'd call that too little delta-v for the mission. It's enough for Duna orbit and return, but you'll be well short if you land. I'd budget around 3500 m/s for the mission for a good margin, and that's going to mean aerobraking to a landing (or at least capturing on the first pass).
  3. Kryxal

    Single launch Commnet

    My personal preference is for eccentric orbits for multiple commsats (probably inclined as well), it means you're spending a lot of your orbit in roughly the same place.
  4. Kryxal

    Powering Space Stations.

    In this case, I'd say specifically north and south. Around any other body, that ends up being sun-relative normal and antinormal (give or take the inclination of the body's orbit).
  5. Kryxal

    Orbital Drift Compensation

    The critical altitude is 23 km, and destruction happens when the vessel goes that low, not when the PE does.
  6. Kryxal

    Cannot get an antenna working for Minimus

    For later use, though, upgrading your tracking station boosts the effective range of all antennae to KSC. Maximum range between two points depends on the signal strength at both ends.
  7. Kryxal

    Beginner - Flea Contract?

    One other thing, I wouldn't use a manned pod for this ... being so high with so little ground speed, you're going to come straight down. If you can't do that, take extra fuel with you, and do a braking burn once you're lower.
  8. Kryxal

    Controls suddenly locked

    Since you're docking, instead of running out of electricity, are you running out of monoprop?
  9. Unfortunately for you, the transfer windows line up poorly for this. The return window for Duna is actually earlier than the outbound window, and the next window isn't for a while. Anyway, you should be able to manage on about 7 km/s for to-orbit and back from LKO. Look for an arrival about day 90/360, depending on your day length, from the 1/1 start.
  10. Very nice catch, there ... I had a thought about this sort of thing, though. I wonder if somebody could make a mod that would allow you to take a more "focused" look at contracts than that little drop-down. Something like the Final Frontier or Scansat large windows would be nice, bonus points if you can select a specific contract and have the points broken down in evaluation. Might turn it into a checklist for matching orbits, or for requirements with multiple conditions...
  11. Kryxal

    Oh Dang I Forgot To...

    Removing crew from a rescue ship's a big one ... I tend not to worry about lights, though, I just wait it out in orbit till I can see what I'm doing.
  12. Kryxal

    Plane keeps veering

    If your CoG really is where that says, you should probably move your back wheels forward ... for the takeoff rotation, unless you're managing a neutral-pitch climb, you'll need to pivot on your wheels to get your nose up.
  13. The "match this orbit" type of contract tends to be easier to do by looking at the map instead of going by the numbers given. Still, seeing the map view (with focus on Minmus) should help.
  14. Kryxal

    Help with docking on console

    Probably the biggest tip is practice, practice, practice ... the first time is quite the accomplishment, once you've done it a dozen times it starts to become routine. Anyway, probably the easy way to do it the first time is stop completely maybe 500m out, then align the ports (vessel-switching helps here if you can reasonably rotate the target) and start your approach at about 5 m/s. Once you get in close, keep your time to target at about 20-30 seconds until you're at about .5 m/s, and be sure to maintain alignment on the ports. One of my favorite "tricks" is to have the docking approach along the normal orbital axis, since any drift between ships will be on that axis and won't pull you off-target.
  15. Granted, but without the fixed reference to work off of, the numbers just don't help you do anything. "Match the displayed orbit" is far easier to understand and work with, unless you have additional tools.