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  1. Kryxal

    No thrust!

    Unfortunately, it's all-or-nothing.
  2. Kryxal

    Tips for launching to intercept?

    If you miss your rendezvous, it's better to be too early than too late. If you're going to be early, you can just raise your apoapsis and catch the station on the way back down, if it's not too far off.
  3. If you think about it, it makes sense ... after all, it's not like the heat shield is a balloon, it's probably filled with an ablative foam made on the spot.
  4. Specific impulse is basically impulse per unit of propellant, and has different units depending if you're using mass or weight (mass * force of gravity on earth). Using weight yields a number in seconds, using mass yields a number in N * s / kg.
  5. Kryxal

    Stock game communications range It seems they're very similar, and based on constructive interference, which makes them highly directional (though steerable electronically through phase shifting).
  6. I just did a lookup on KSP delta-v maps: So maybe 160 m/s.
  7. Kryxal

    Stock game communications range

    Another potential answer is to delay your arrival at your destination ... a burn which combines radial and prograde/retrograde will adjust that without overly affecting your arrival point if you do it right. Just be sure to plan out Kerbin's position and facing at your arrival, and you only need to change it by maybe 2 hours.
  8. Kryxal

    Most efficient way to turn back

    The VERY first thing to do is alter your orbit so you don't plow into Ike the next time around ... a small burn at AP should do that, or you can break orbit to head for Duna. You're probably going to be best off thinking through how you want to do things, because getting to either a high Duna orbit or a low eccentric one shouldn't be too difficult, but they can interact badly with return windows if you're not careful.
  9. Microsoft sometimes seems to work this way: 1: Show the user only what they need to see 2: In Microsoft's opinion, the user doesn't need to see much of anything
  10. Kryxal

    Matching Altitude and Speed

    They're either reasonable for launching or landing, or they're not ... you're best off to pick and choose. If you really want to do one of the high altitude, low speed ones, you're best off just using LFO engines with TWR above 1, and do it the hard way.
  11. I'd like an overhead view in addition, but as-is I'm thinking you need to make a fairly large plane change. To a large extent, it's easier to match orbits just by looking.
  12. I wonder if it's just blocked from ground stations by terrain...
  13. Kryxal

    Transporting a rover to the mun

    Have you tried shifting your focus to Kerbin?
  14. Kryxal

    Monoprop Oberth Assist: Good idea?

    As a rule, you burn the fuel with the lowest efficiency first, because that way you're not hauling the extra mass anymore. It's what makes solid boosters good off the pad, but bad for upper stages, they're cheap but heavy for what they can do. Also, if you really want to get extra thrust to deliver more fuel, the place to look is going to be your transfer burn out of Kerbin orbit, where you CAN effectively use low-ISP, high-TWR engines for an initial kick. Once you're done with them, you stage them away and go the rest of the way on your nukes.
  15. Kryxal

    Satelite contract doesn't work

    Did they fix the bit where a relay antenna didn't count for it?