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  1. I'd use the planner-sat approach too, but would probably go a bit further, and on launch try to match the plane of the plotted maneuver's ejection from whichever planet. If you can't match the plane because of low inclination, just launch 90 or 270 degrees before the node so as to at least match the node's position.
  2. The Ultimate Challenge

    The good thing about hitting Eeloo first is, you can use it as setup to get down to Moho and probably save fuel overall. I don't think there's going to be much compromise ... and thinking about it, Jool first might be better. Given all the moons there, you're going to have to CAPTURE, and that's going to be easiest to set up coming direct from Kerbin.
  3. Gravity losses are bigger than they might otherwise be because the general rule is to start with a lower TWR (engines cost, fuel and boosters not so much). Gravity losses are also increased because aerodynamic forces won't let you execute a low-altitude takeoff as you might on the Mun. Not only would drag be too high, but a rocket not facing into prograde is just asking for trouble...
  4. Can't get Duna encounter

    When you're looking to adjust a maneuver node while looking at a planet, it's probably easier to TAB through the various focus targets till you're looking where you want ... clicking stuff tends to close that node you're working with.
  5. Can't get Duna encounter

    From the looks of that, adding a bit of delta-v to your maneuver node or making the burn a tiny bit earlier (and therefore angled more solar-radial-out) will likely get you a better encounter. Something like PreciseNode would be perfect for making these changes.
  6. cooling convert-o-tron

    Let it overheat, as it gets hotter it processes less and generates less heat, it will balance at 50%.
  7. If the drills are overheated, though, they WILL use the core cooling capacity.
  8. From that screenshot, I'd say the red indicates Canyons and bled over far too much area...
  9. Set Kerbin as target?

    It could be useful to be able to target a body while in the SoI if you're doing a flyby and want to plot an economical burn for another flyby.
  10. Proper intercept angles for moons

    Granted, but it's probably better to go directly to your target altitude than to go to the trouble of a free-return trajectory in a usual game ... unless you place those sorts of restrictions on yourself.
  11. Proper intercept angles for moons

    A Free Return Trajectory in the prograde direction is really more time and delta-v than you need to spend ... but it's a neat trick!
  12. I've seen various crew components holding nearly 100 different things from time to time, so if there's a limit, it's not small.
  13. I accidentally did this once back in 0.23.5, went on a close Laythe flyby for science and ended up retrograde ... but bi-elliptic is simpler if you have the time.
  14. Aligning The AGU With A Target's CoM?

    I'll use 4 engines, with radially-attached stacks. This means I can adjust their thrusts individually for fine-tuning. If I can get it right, then throttle's easy.
  15. I might be a good idea to decouple your booster far earlier, and do a larger burn lower down to shorten the orbital period if you plan to deorbit it before doing the ejection burn. For that matter, you could use a larger booster if you have the extra delta-v to abort your system exit.