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  1. Kryxal

    Stranded short on fuel

    Better to use RCS early than late, if you have any available ... it's lower ISP.
  2. Kryxal

    Mun and Mimnus Tour?

    I'm setting up a Mun to Minmus transfer right now ... order was dictated by wanting to land on the Mun, and it being a good place to drop a stage to avoid clutter. I'm looking at an ejection burn of about 210 m/s, and a plane change of 40 m/s, with Minmus being 60 degrees in front of the Mun on ejection. Given that ejection is 3 hours after the burn, not quite 90 degrees in front seems like a pretty good call...
  3. I'm running version 1.5.1, with KER, Mechjeb, Final Frontier, and KAC installed, and a tourist disappeared on me, by the name of Lola Kerman. I think I've found the cause, but don't know if this has been fixed in the current version. I have a finished contract with Lola Kerman as well, and chances are that the two were running concurrently, so two Lolas became one. From persistent.sfs Active contract:
  4. Kryxal

    Remote Control?

    For Minmus, you could just put an inline antenna on your craft ... maybe two, for balance purposes.
  5. If you do that, it might be worth running the center engine alongside the boosters and adding extra fuel on top of the boosters. Cross-feed on the decouplers and instant drop-tanks!
  6. It's too bad there are no inline engines with about half the thrust of the Reliant ... I wonder if using Thuds instead and closing off the now-empty back node would be a good idea? Then again, if you're managing a good gravity turn, maybe just leave well enough alone, but fuel is cheap, engines are expensive...
  7. Kryxal

    Slowing down at DRES

    If you're unable to capture cleanly with a "usual" orbital insertion burn, just start early and probably angle somewhat radial-out ... Dres is small, so Oberth isn't going to be a big deal. Although why you're going to Dres in the first place, I don't know, it's a boring place.
  8. Back off some before rotating, you'll appreciate the extra space if a corner would otherwise clip you. Maneuvers in close proximity to a station are a pain if you have to go around, but you may not have a choice if the station doesn't turn well.
  9. One thing that would make this a whole lot easier is an "overhead" shot, from above Kerbin's pole so that the orbit is better-displayed. As-is, you're not close enough and need to catch up more, beyond that's difficult to say.
  10. I'd probably launch direct to required AP and a pair of 4-hour orbits for the first sat, direct to AP and a single 4-hour orbit then circularize for 2nd, and direct to AP and circularize for the 3rd. On second thought, circularizing and changing your AP to that required for stationary/synchronous at a fixed point will probably work better.
  11. It's with respect to the orbit of Dres. Transfer Window Planner (online version): Olex's interactive interplanetary guide and calculator: For your purposes, you want to look at Olex's page, and the ejection angle. I think I was actually wrong above, and the calculator is specifying that you burn 88 degrees before reaching the "retrograde" position relative to the Kerbol-Dres pair, from a prograde orbit. Then again, in this instance that's not going to be all that far off a retrograde burn. Just plug in Dres and Kerbin on that page and it will give you a (rough) solution that will help you visualize things.
  12. You're not going to be able to keep your pilot in the capsule. If either of the others is a pilot as well, put your pilot in the crew cabin, transfer over the non-pilot, put that one in the crew cabin, transfer over the pilot. This will, however, mean you only have stability-mode SAS. If you want to land with your original pilot in control, EVA that pilot (and let go), then bring the other two into the crew cabin, then return the intended pilot.
  13. 88 degrees retrograde means you'll want to eject almost directly retrograde, with (I believe) a slight "upward" component, so your apoapsis comes a bit after ejection. Probably the easiest way to do this is, match the magnitude of the ejection burn, then slide your node around first to eject retrograde, then to adjust the apoapsis and periapsis as called for. Add a second node for fine-tuning halfway there before executing the first burn, and if you're not seeing a fairly close approach, play with it a bit to see what's going wrong.
  14. Actually, for level 3, orbit Mun, land on Minmus, leave Kerbin's SoI is enough. 2+3+5.75+6=16.75
  15. Kryxal

    Mun Landing Issue

    Making your adjustments on the fly involves bringing the thrust up with SAS active and seeing which way it ends up trying to turn to counter the imbalance. That's a great deal easier with a longer burn.