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  1. On Minmus, you usually have enough torque to be able to manage a liftoff of some sort regardless. Spin it so the other legs will kick the engine up, extend and retract the legs, and follow the motion as it comes back down.
  2. There's also this: you're launching the mission with a L2 tracking station, but are you planning not to do much until the mission arrives? By the time it gets to Eve, you can easily have a L3 station by doing other missions for income.
  3. SAS and torque are not the same thing. SAS works via either reaction wheel torque or RCS, true, but you can get torque without SAS.
  4. Also note, ore from anywhere should now complete that contract.
  5. Probably the easiest way to do a straight flyby would be to plan an orbit that would take 2 years and do a long-range fly-by of Duna, probably on the way back down from apoapsis. It would require a correction burn, but if you're only in Duna's SoI for an hour or two, it should be fairly minor.
  6. If it's a twin-engine design it could actually be both issues (asymmetric engine flameout leading to a spin on the ground). A picture would probably be a good idea.
  7. Worst case, put them in the same, highly-eccentric orbit, but have them about half an orbit apart. That should give good coverage for mostly everything in equatorial orbits
  8. I don't know if a Kerbal would be able to open the port manually, but at the least you could use a Klaw to jump-start it. If it's not going to be much trouble, I'd probably go for a redo.
  9. Near Minmus AN and DN, getting near-equatorial is easy enough, but doing it at whatever point you need to eject is the real trick.
  10. I'd say pull the science out, go ahead and lose the materials bay, just land the pod. It can survive just fine from a Mun return if you're not going too low, just point retrograde once the bay explodes.
  11. If you plan to do much of this sort of thing, I'd put a sat in a nice equatorial orbit of Kerbin so you can use it to pre-plan burns. Target the sat, plan Mun ejection to drop your PE on top of the node, maybe do an orbit or two for time, and match your outbound trajectory to what the node would give.
  12. The thing I don't like about trying to complete a lot of tourist contracts right at the start is that it's too easy to design a ship that looks like a telephone pole. If you don't have lifting surfaces, that's a good way to plow into the ground at speed.
  13. It increases your velocity at apoapsis, but that's a good thing ... Kerbin's going to be catching up to you, and going faster means it's not blowing by you as fast.
  14. I'd consider using Eve slingshots, but overall I think there's going to be a lot of brute force involved any way you do it.
  15. I think it would actually work from any vessel, but you need to focus view on the celestial body the contract calls for the satellite to orbit.