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  1. Kryxal

    Black thing

    I look at that picture and hear the music from 2001 in my head, for some reason...
  2. Kryxal

    Optimum altitude to jettison fairings?

    No, I meant that NOT shedding the mass helps keep your apoapsis up. Given equal force, the lighter object will be more affected by that force, so the more mass you're coasting with the better.
  3. Kryxal

    Massive Duna Ship help

    An easy way to save delta-v without breaking your rocket is to do a higher-altitude aerobrake, probably engine-assisted, and capture to an eccentric orbit. After that, take a few passes to carefully lower your apoapsis, you'll have time.
  4. Kryxal

    Optimum altitude to jettison fairings?

    Yes, fairings reduce drag but increase mass, and BOTH of these help keep your apoapsis up when coasting to it.
  5. Kryxal

    Reversing orbital direction?

    I'd probably run the rescue by first dropping your PE on the low, prograde orbit but keep your AP high up instead of bringing it down ... arrange it so next time around they have a close pass. This allows you to EVA that Kerbal and catch up with your rescue craft, well within the EVA pack's budget. After that, raise your AP if need be, then at AP do your plane-change (or reversal) and set up another close pass.
  6. Kryxal

    Equatorial Orbits Of Minmus

    Even transferring such that you land on the equator from a zero-inclination orbit wouldn't help much ... the orbital plane may be the same, but it's going to be moving in the z axis relative to Kerbin.
  7. This sounds almost like a contract, or a set of contracts, such that your "end" condition is all contracts completed.
  8. Kryxal

    How to make an orbit equatorial

    I think the only real way to go fully equatorial without a reference would be using your heading to judge. In a circular orbit, you'll be at a heading of 090 for prograde 1/4 orbit from AN and DN, and furthest from that heading at AN and DN.
  9. Kryxal

    Tylo Landing Tips?

    This sounds safe, your TWR means you can always have a good 85% of your delta-v directed to changing horizontal velocity. I'd even say it might be more than you need, and the throttle's going to be tricky on landing. If you have 3+ engines, consider setting a toggle to turn some off for a "landing mode" For that matter, since you're using nukes, how's ground clearance?
  10. In the more general case, you need PE in atmosphere (if such exists) or subsurface, and I think you need a real apoapsis (so not on a hyperbolic trajectory) above any atmosphere.
  11. Kryxal

    A better Mun landing approach

    I usually use service bays because they make for a nice standard subassembly ... probe core of choice, 1-2 batteries, and MJ/KER nicely protected and ready to go on any rocket you make.
  12. Are you using orbit retrograde or SVEL-? The second (on the Surface tab) is what you want once you're well suborbital, and as long as you keep a couple of m/s on the craft should lead to a clean landing. Alternatively, you can align to UP once you're almost stopped horizontally. By the way, see about bringing up the time to suicide burn, and don't let it go under 20 seconds for the initial part of the burn, and pitch up if it's dropping too much because you're scrubbing horizontal speed. Once you're near-vertical, you can let it get a lot closer to 0.
  13. Kryxal

    Plane Runway problem

    Right-click on the engine, see how much force it's exerting ... and make sure the exhaust isn't hitting some other part of the plane, because that tends to eat ALL the thrust. By the way, pictures of the actual plane?
  14. Kryxal

    Delta V and Boosters

    Check the KER version, was released at the start of May 2015, so just after 1.0 was released. Old aero, old parts, I think.
  15. Kryxal

    Jet cannot hit Mach 1

    Every single shot there, that plane looks to be climbing ... tried getting a bit of height then a shallow dive? You're solidly transonic and still going up, get maybe another 60-100 m/s and it's off to the races...