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  1. If you really want to test, switch them to rotating in the same direction and see if it makes a difference, then the other direction and check again.
  2. Save file editing would do it, all right ... just back the file up first!
  3. You can always limit the angle off prograde that your rocket will aim for. Until the atmosphere thins enough, MJ will pay good attention to that ... but you'll probably want to start your turn earlier if you do. In fact, an earlier, gentler turn should help all around...
  4. I did a rescue mission below Moho orbit once, at some point you may go looking for the more difficult things...
  5. I wouldn't say you want to start your burn in the ejection direction ... you want to burn (prograde) such that your motion relative to the planet when you leave the SoI is in the same direction as the orbit (or opposite if you were going in-system). Getting the ejection delta-v right then sliding the node around the orbit tends to work pretty well for that, maybe use PreciseNode and watch the effects on your orbit as you change node position and magnitude.
  6. I'd like to point out that you can use a test engine for lifting purposes ... just activate it via right-click menu, and stage it once you're ready to finish it.
  7. Even with all that, losing wings with a 65 km periapsis is a neat trick, sounds more like skin overheat than internal overheat.
  8. You might want to avoid long tanks sticking out sideways. Consider using an adapter then Rockomax to keep the mass closer in, and ramp up thrust gradually.
  9. No idea, can't see the contract or what you're doing.
  10. Since tourists can't EVA, just consider it a work-around for the lack if you ever need to transfer them. Likewise, you'd probably have refueling lines instead of a big claw...
  11. You're solving a triangle for which you have SSA (side side angle), S1=174.5, S2=2300, A=desired inclination Now take 180 - C and you have your launch inclination.
  12. I had (have?) a craft that tended to do the same thing, but I was able to get by with body lift. It was a bit better balanced than the Mk1 with a science jr, though.
  13. Just put a service bay on one of the smaller fuel tanks or structural fuselage (whatever you CAN attach radially), it should work well enough though it's not ideal.
  14. Consider using steerable winglets on the boosters and moving the first liquid stage off the initial part. You may need a more aggressive gravity turn than advised above, I can't tell your TWR initially. If you're passing 45 degrees at 10-12 km up, you're probably good.