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  1. Looks simple enough, make a rocket with a heat shield on the capsule, capable of reaching orbit and returning. Maybe a 75km circular orbit, then reduce periapsis to 25 km and detach the rest of the rocket. Set up test conditions. If that's not sufficient (and it really should be), adjust your burn to be more radial-in so as to increase apoapsis while you decrease periapsis.
  2. I doubt the extra fuel tanks are even needed, just refill the current ones. No need to worry about placement of new parts and center of gravity that way.
  3. Make an asteroid miner with lots of fuel, grab an asteroid as extra fuel, and away you go! I completed a contract to take a class E asteroid to Moho once like this. I used multiple NERVs, and adjusted thrust output to correct torque.
  4. If you just barely escape Kerbin's SoI (which means it's going to take a while) you can easily return to the SoI with a small burn, pretty much directly at Kerbin. To reduce your periapsis, aim a bit more retrograde relative to your velocity vector from Kerbin.
  5. Do note that L1, L2 and L3 are unstable. Only L4 and L5 are stable.
  6. A bit late, but the best Moho transfer from Kerbin's going to be at node intersection, aiming for Moho PE. Just meet the orbit, don't worry about meeting the planet first time around. You'll be able to fix your inclination cheaper, further out, and combine it with the ejection burn. Once you're at your PE, bring your AP down so the next orbit is a rendezvous, you'll then need less delta-v on the capture burn.
  7. For that matter, if you flip, just start using body lift to add extra drag. If you're going to be on the low side, pitch up, and if you're high, pitch down.
  8. Starting from an orbit with a period of 30 minutes or so, a "kick" of about 430 m/s will result in an orbit of about 90 minutes. Plan that "kick" 3 orbits before your target departure time. Similar methods can be used so long as you're short of the Mun's orbit, so under about 800 m/s in any combination, past that planning gets more complicated.
  9. I would have suggested using Jool instead of Eve, I accidentally ended up Kerbol-retrograde once due to a Laythe flyby by a probe!
  10. One other thing, if you have a booster you like to use a lot, consider making a subassembly of decoupler, booster, maybe nose cap, possibly separatron if needed.
  11. The lowest-energy transfer is going to be periapsis at Kerbin orbit, and tangent to Duna orbit. If that gets you there a bit early, either adjust trajectory so you go more "outward" from Kerbol initially (will put the periapsis behind the launch point) or add more power and catch Duna on the way back down. If you're a bit late, launch "inward" towards Kerbol (periapsis after launch point, you'll pass it on the way). Both of those will also increase the size of the capture burn.
  12. I made a quad-nuke pusher with dual miners for a trip to Moho once with a class E ... it worked too, but I had to fine-tune the engines to avoid torque, and couldn't go full throttle anyway.
  13. I'd figure it to be a matter of calculating the transfer (periapsis at Kerbin, period 2 Kerbin years, apoapsis as needed to make it happen) then finding an intercept with Duna (and pass in FRONT so as to bring your orbit around Kerbol down) then fine-tuning.
  14. Better to burn immediately to 600 km, but there's no reason to change your usual gravity turn ... just don't stop thrusting to coast to LKO (or angle downwards, whichever you use). A well-done gravity turn will have your periapsis above the surface anyway, and you're already thrusting as sideways as you would usually.
  15. Hover over AN or DN, they're where people usually mess up ... if it's not 0, you're going the wrong way.
  16. Physics is good, but I've seen the occasional SoI transition error. I'd basically hit the SoI and "bounce" and have to spend a LOT of dV to fix my path.
  17. If you really want to test, switch them to rotating in the same direction and see if it makes a difference, then the other direction and check again.
  18. Save file editing would do it, all right ... just back the file up first!
  19. You can always limit the angle off prograde that your rocket will aim for. Until the atmosphere thins enough, MJ will pay good attention to that ... but you'll probably want to start your turn earlier if you do. In fact, an earlier, gentler turn should help all around...
  20. I did a rescue mission below Moho orbit once, at some point you may go looking for the more difficult things...
  21. I wouldn't say you want to start your burn in the ejection direction ... you want to burn (prograde) such that your motion relative to the planet when you leave the SoI is in the same direction as the orbit (or opposite if you were going in-system). Getting the ejection delta-v right then sliding the node around the orbit tends to work pretty well for that, maybe use PreciseNode and watch the effects on your orbit as you change node position and magnitude.
  22. I'd like to point out that you can use a test engine for lifting purposes ... just activate it via right-click menu, and stage it once you're ready to finish it.
  23. Even with all that, losing wings with a 65 km periapsis is a neat trick, sounds more like skin overheat than internal overheat.
  24. You might want to avoid long tanks sticking out sideways. Consider using an adapter then Rockomax to keep the mass closer in, and ramp up thrust gradually.
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