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  1. Kryxal's post in Least delta-V to get out of Kerbin's SOI? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it's the only practical thing in Kerbin orbit to give a delta-v boost.  You might be able to shave a few m/s off by using a double assist, but it's not really worth the bother and it's already difficult enough to know where you'll head.
  2. Kryxal's post in Calculate Satellite Constellation Launch Interval was marked as the answer   
    Kerbin's orbital period is 426 (6-hour) days.  What you need is the time between identical alignments:
    (x / 184) - (x / 426) = 1
    x = (426*184) / (426-184) = 324 (approx.)
    1/4 of that is 81 days.
  3. Kryxal's post in Communication break down. It's always the same. was marked as the answer   
    That doesn't look like a relay antenna ... is that the 88-88?  You need the HG-5 or RA-(something)
  4. Kryxal's post in I docked myself good this time... was marked as the answer   
    Hyperedit should do it ... make a replacement with the right ports, put it in the same orbit, transfer over what you need, delete the other.
  5. Kryxal's post in How to get into keostationary orbit? was marked as the answer   
    This should be fairly easy:
    1: Get into a circular orbit at 871 km.
    2: When over the required spot, burn to increase apoapsis to your final target.  This orbit should have a period of 216 minutes.
    3: Wait till you've made 2 full orbits and are approaching apoapsis for the 3rd ... you should be right on top of your target point.  If you're trailing a bit, leave periapsis a bit low and wait an orbit, if you're leading burn a bit extra and wait an orbit.
  6. Kryxal's post in Eeloo, Dres and Moho was marked as the answer   
    The difference is fairly large, you'll spend more escaping to intersect Moho's PE, but will more than make up for that with the capture burn.  That's how I usually work a trip to Moho, though I usually use an Eve slingshot on the way back.
  7. Kryxal's post in No connection to relay was marked as the answer   
    That wouldn't stop the link from showing up on the map, though ... is the antenna extended?  Your internal antenna likely has the reach for Kerbin but not the RA-2 except at very close range.
    For that matter, what sort of signal strength to Kerbin are you getting?
  8. Kryxal's post in Quick stupid question about excess ore was marked as the answer   
    I wouldn't bother to dump it till you're on reentry, instead process it and replace fuel.  A powered landing never hurts...
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