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  1. These are great! If you took a crack at Nertea's mods' IVAs it would be a dream come true
  2. Gotcha, thanks for the explanation Since AVP does not have city lights, I'll experiment to see if adding main.dds and the relevant config out of SVE will work without conflicting with other AVP textures.
  3. With TAC-LS and without KPBS the greenhouse inputs are wastewater, waste, minerals, and EC. Outputs are water and food. The math seemed very attractive for long missions where efficient resupply is difficult.
  4. Hmm, I dont use KPBS, but I was under the impression that Minerals + Greenhouse would output more food than if you just sent up equivalent weight in food? Maybe my math was wrong. I guess this is only relevant if you're flying a crew to Eloo or setting up a long term planet base as you said.
  5. Yep - personally I delete the TAC-LS parts because the balance feels off, I'd rather use greenhouses from this mod + universal storage 2 converters for long term supply/mass management. Was just thinking that I never have a need to look into larger cargo parts because the smallest parts have so much capacity. Simple enough to do my own MM patch; was just thinking outloud.
  6. Ah nice - is there a config that needs to be tweaked to make them show up? Will have to take a look when I get home.
  7. Any thoughts of adding city lights texture for the night side of Kerbin? I forget which pack had that, but it looked really cool.
  8. I assume adding heat buildup for crewed parts exposed to the sun would require major (or even unfeasable) changes? What about adding heat buildup to solar panels? I'm just looking for a functional excuse to use more radiators on vessels beyond just for nuclear parts
  9. Balance suggestion - with TACLifeSupport, even the smallest cargo containers have enough life support to last a crew of like 6-8 kerbals for a whole year. When using the containers for this purpose, there is no reason to use any larger ones nor use any resource converters (I personally use Universal Storage II for balance). Maybe cutting capacity of Oxygen/Water/Food down to like 1/4 of current would encourage other design choices?
  10. This is great! I echo the sentiment that over the years and thousands of hours of gameplay, this is the most entertainment I've gotten from any game I've ever purchased, by a long shot. This DLC looks fantastic, and adds more depth to the game (SEP is a must have for all my games). My major hope for the future of KSP is an engine update. Since the strategy with DLCs seems to be focused on adding parts, and the game engine struggles with high part count vessels, performance will soon become a limiting factor. I really really REALLY wish that at some point in the future the engine gets optimized for high part vessels. It kills me that big ships/stations slow to such a crawl, feels like I'm playing a game from the 90s.
  11. Are there any performance/engine improvements? Would love to be able to play with high part-count crafts with reasonable performance.
  12. Is there a way to mitigate artificial radiation from parts on a crewed vessel? For example, if I put a nuclear reactor on a long truss away from the vessel or base, or if I occlude it some way with other parts between the radiation source and the crewed parts of the vessel, would that make any difference? Or is it a flat per-vessel calculation?
  13. Hey, just want to say thank you for all of your mods! They have been staples of my games for years, and bring incredible depth and fun to the game. It's been a blast seeing how your skill has grown over all this time!
  14. Hey just wanted to say thank you for this amazing series of mods. It's been a staple of all my games, and it's been awesome to see how much better each version gets!
  15. So my problem was that the rockets would start to "corkscrew" roll on ascent. @Gordon Dry helpfully pointed out that this is likely due to the PID settings in the attitude controller. The PID (proportional–integral–derivative) controller settings are tunable, but require a level of calculus that exceeds my grasp (and my patience of trial and error fiddling), so I switched to a different default controller that MechJeb supports. You can find it through the "Attitude Adjustment" section of MechJeb, and switching it from the default "MJAttitudeController" to "HybridController". This worked for me beautifully, but of course your mileage may vary depending on your craft designs and/or mods that you have installed. Pic below: Hope this helps!
  16. Welp that fixed it! Thanks for pointing me to the attitude settings. Switching from MJ controller to Hybrid model worked like a charm, and the setting sticks!
  17. I can launch them manually with a pretty great gravity turn consistently. MJ starts the spin gradually oscillating, rocking side to side like it's over correcting, and it just exacerbates from there until it's just corkscrewing and barely tilting over into the g-turn.
  18. I'm seeing weird behavior on ascent guidance with some rockets where MechJeb will just put the ship into a corkscrew roll. Not sure what is contributing to this, adding/removing reaction wheels and fins seems to only marginally help - can someone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot what controls may be at play? I'm on the last dev version for 1.3.1. but I recall having similar issues with past versions, but never got to an answer. Cheers!
  19. Quick mod conflict report for what it's worth: If both ScrapYard (latest dev build) and Janitor's Closet are installed, Janitor's Closet mod+click part dialogs no longer show up. EDIT: Nevermind - after successfully reproducing this for like half an hour, it now magically works and I can no longer repro. *shrug*
  20. Have you tried Kerbal Health? Looking forward to mash these two mods + life support + construction time together for proper deep space crew missions.
  21. @Nertea Looking awesome as always! Would be nice if stations required heat management, so that sticking radiators on em was not just an aesthetic choice, but additional engineering challenge. I think you stopped work on your heat mod, and it sounds like scope creep for this mod. Did heat system modding get any easier in the latest KSP versions?
  22. Wow, your modelling/texture abilities improve with every release. Been playing with your mods for years, still not sure how you are able to top yourself every time Thank you for all the hard work!