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  1. Excited for building bigger ships!
  2. Seeing the same logspam in VAB version Tried and this logspam doesnt appear.
  3. Thanks for developing this @garwel! Health + TAC Life Support + KCT has really changed the game into an experience that demands planning and contingencies!
  4. That is new TAA anti aliasing from the latest scaterrer release. Check that thread for how to disable it.
  5. Wouldn't this blow away all of AVP's environmental effects on all bodies? I think the flickering is just with city lights on Kerbin, so you can just delete (or rename) this file: GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\AVP_Configs\Stock\CityLights.cfg
  6. Its a bit confusing - surface scatter (rocks) that comes with stock KSP has it's own collision settings you can enable/disable in the options. This is independent from Parallax, though surface scatters are not recommended with Parallax installed as far as I know. Parallax terrain collisions that previously allowed the craft to interact with the newly "bumpy" ground textures have been disabled in the latest Parallax version, and sometimes that does result in crafts sinking below the surface or floating above the surface.
  7. @RyGuy_McFly If you mean "no terrain deformation" to mean things like rovers sinking into the ground like in the above screenshot - that's due to terrain collision having been disabled in the latest version due to bugs. For now its just nice textures. If you're referring to the mushroom things as the "scatter in the OP images" - those are all work in progress and has not been released yet, but look really neat in the last few of Gameslinx' update posts!
  8. Looks like you're missing some files: [ERR 20:31:48.606] Unable to open archive file: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/KSP_x64_Data/../GameData/Parallax/Shaders/Wireframe-windows.unity3d [ERR 20:31:48.606] Failed to read data for the AssetBundle 'Wireframe-windows.unity3d'. Delete the Parallax folder and try to do a clean install again?
  9. Added some radiation shielding to the SSPX crew tubes - figured that as part of stations/ships they would be shielded, and would help contribute to the rad shielding for the craft. // 1.25m rigid parts (PAS) // --------------------- @PART[sspx-tube-125-3,sspx-adapter-125-25-2,sspx-hub-125-1]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 0.5 } } @PART[sspx-tube-125-2]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 1 } } @PART[sspx-tube-125-1]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 2 } } // 1.875m rigid parts (PMA) // ------------------ @PART[sspx-tube-1875-3,sspx-adapter-1875-125-2]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 0.75 } } @PART[sspx-tube-1875-2]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 1.5 } } @PART[sspx-tube-1875-1]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 3 } } // 2.5m rigid parts (PPD) // ------------------ @PART[sspx-tube-25-3,sspx-adapter-25-375-1,sspx-adapter-25-1875-1]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 1 } } @PART[sspx-tube-25-2,sspx-hub-25-1]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 2 } } @PART[sspx-tube-25-1]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 4 } } // 3.75m rigid parts (PXL) // ------------------ @PART[sspx-tube-375-3,sspx-adapter-375-5-1]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 1.25 } } @PART[sspx-tube-375-2]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 2.5 } } @PART[sspx-tube-375-1]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:AFTER[KerbalHealth] { RESOURCE { name = RadiationShielding amount = 0 maxAmount = 5 } }
  10. Works fine here. As usual - upload your logs if you need help troubleshooting.
  11. BTW if you know what needs to be done, the readme file is in the github code repository - you can submit a pull request with the changes you propose should be added so that Nertea can just accept it if it's good.
  12. Weird, I don't seem to have the CoD marker as I'm trying to balance chutes. Is there a certain set of parameters or conditions that need to exist for it to show up? Is it locked behind some research tech node like some of MJ's functions? I have FAR installed - does that disable it?
  13. Awesome! Ran into weird issues when re-enabling the mod via the in-game settings, like menu buttons failing to work, not being able to enter the VAB, toolbar button not showing up. Had to edit the save to flip mod enabled to true and reload the game for it to work as expected.
  14. working fine on 1.12x for me. Maybe dependencies/mod conflicts?
  15. My liberal use of janitors closet is up to 220 pruned parts I'm estimating roughly 200-400mb of textures that I'm probably loading for nothing. No biggie - overall definitely appreciate this mod and your support, it really opens up a lot of flexibility and customization of the game.
  16. Yeah, totally wild and uninformed assumption so I may just be talking out of my butt - but if its possible to see that a "texture.dds" is (or has been) loaded in memory, but is not referenced by any of the "model.mu" that were loaded in memory, even spitting out a list like that could help manually go through and delete/rename the unused textures.
  17. Wow yeah - its such a huge difference too, time gets cut by more than half. Looked at my space station and crew is about 115 days when craft is loaded, and 50 days when in background. Looking at detail differences, looks like Microgravity, Connection, and Confinement are calculated differently. Loaded: Background:
  18. Ah gotcha - I knew about the collisions being disabled, but didn't expect the difference between legacy terrain and parallax to be so pronounced.
  19. Seeing an issue when driving a rover over the surface with the rover either sinking into, or floating over the terrain: Screenshots taken ~10 seconds apart as I was driving in a straight line. Log here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3wbjo3pzn0dt3r9/KSP.log?dl=0
  20. The mod works fine in 12.x with the fix from the previous page applied
  21. Hi - without KPBS installed, Aquaculture farm outputs Fertilizer that is not used anywhere, while greenhouses consume Minerals to convert waste into food. If the intent here was to support a closed system with aqua/greenhouses, there seems to be a resource mismatch.
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