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  1. Doc Shaftoe

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    No, those are the heads are definitely the ones Proot used for Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val. At least the ones in the picture of the quoted post. We might be talking about two different things. The suits are a modified version of the non-vet IVA suit from KSPRC as well. One of the class color suits maybe?
  2. Doc Shaftoe

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    Those heads look like they're from Proot's KSPRC. I can't remember what the suits are from but they look familiar. Definitely a variation of Proot's KSPRC suits.
  3. Doc Shaftoe

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    My guess is that the alpha channel for the suit texture isn't 100% solid on the helmet. I'd start there and see what I could do.
  4. Doc Shaftoe

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    I've run into that as well. Pretty sure KSP is just freaking out a little if you set your kerbal to use the vintage suit if they've already loaded in with a modern suit. I generally don't mess with suits while kerbals are on-mission for reasons like this. Not a major issue, but something to be mindful of I guess.
  5. The configs you're using are set up so there's no sunset line across the terminator from orbit or in the map view. Check your installed mods for conflicting configs. It sounds like you've got something overriding the scatterer settings so your changes aren't being reflected.
  6. Sweet mother of mercy, that's the best looking Orion I've ever seen. You've done an incredible job benjee10. Thank you for your amazing work.
  7. It's not too hard to set up with a little practice. You'd just need to go in an build a custom config using the effects definitions you want. You'd have to look at the layers you want to use and import them to your SVE config or your custom config. The cloud layers are usually called something like "dust" or "sandstorm" so they shouldn't be too hard to find. After you've got the wording copied over into your new config you'll need to change the texture paths so that they work with SVE's textures or just delete everything but the needed AVP textures.
  8. @sarbian That's all Curse? Well I apologize for nagging you about a non-issue.
  9. I hate to be a bother Sarbian, but it looks like something messed up with your download links. The 2.7.1 link and your curse page all point to the 2.7.0 release. I'm also unable to find 2.7.1 on Curse in the version history tab.
  10. Your work never ceases to amaze Beale.
  11. Are... are you serious?
  12. You probably need an updated Firespitter dll. I'm not sure if they've compiled one for 1.4 yet. Odds are you'll have one soon. Alternately, Pak might just update his parts to use the new stock livery switching tools.
  13. @TheRedTom Try it now. If it still doesn't work I'll upload it elsewhere after I get home from work.