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  1. Thank you for taking care of the patch! Your SSME is the best in the game so I'm glad it'll get more use with SOCK.
  2. Yes it is! It's just the prettiest KSP you'll ever see. At least until Blackrack's volumetric clouds are out in the wild...
  3. The SOCK-scaled Cotopaxi patch has an issue with Module Manager and an unresolved bracket on line 31. I realize it's not an actively supported patch , but it breaks the different engine configs for both Cotopaxis if it's used. You can still get the different mounts though. EDIT: The unresolved brackets are on lines 33-49. The spaces in the @SUBTYPE names are causing the problems. MM recommended replacing the spaces with a ? and that fixes the problem.
  4. Underwater scatters and ice shelves... I didn't even know I wanted those in KSP! Calling your work impressive would be a serious understatement. Mind blowing more like!
  5. @YourAgony SOCK already includes a Spacelab. There's no IVA, but as far as I'm aware, it's a functional laboratory.
  6. Well it's a shame that the real Orion isn't going to space today, but thanks to your hard work @benjee10, that won't stop the rest of us!
  7. I don't know if Benjee's ever going to do a shuttle C, but there's a SOCK-compatible shuttle-C part mod on Spacedock right now courtesy of @rogerwang86.
  8. Benjee's mods work fine in 1.12.+ As for Kerbalism, they tend to handle their mod support internally. You're probably better off asking if anyone has configs for the PE parts in the Kerbalism thread.
  9. I believe the RCS pods will need custom waterfall plumes, but if you use the RL-10s from BDB they'll have their own waterfall configs.
  10. The mod includes a plugin to define specific IVA suits, so the EMU suits use the ACES suit for IVAs. It's simple enough to set up in the configs.
  11. It looks phenomenal for such an unknown and mysterious space vehicle.
  12. SWE was just updated, but a compatibility patch for Waterfall 0.9.0 has been available for a few days.
  13. In the reDIRECT thread, Benjee said the reworked Orion would be a standalone mod. A public alpha is already available on his Github too. He did the same thing with his Planetary Technologies mod.
  14. Pink textures mostly. I've been using TU for a few years, but I'll have to try the new version of shabby.
  15. SRBWE hasn't been updated for Waterfall's latest release yet. That's where the always-on effects comes from. Give it a couple of days, I'm sure Adiri Kochi will hammer out an update in no time at all.
  16. Man that looks gorgeous. I haven't been able to get Shaddy to work though, so it's the stock shaders for me! At least until Shaddy becomes more reliable.
  17. Aww, it's adorable! Now my Soyuz can carry everything it needs for school!
  18. Oooooooooh I see them now. Huh, can't believe I didn't notice them before. Yeah I'm not sure about that. Benjee loves his subvariants though so who knows?
  19. The RCS nozzles and solar panels look like they're still going to be separate parts, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  20. As far as I know it's fully compatible. I'm running them together and haven't had any problems.
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