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  1. Yes, it's possible to set up TU compatibility with Restock, but for a more thorough tutorial on that I'd recommend asking in the TU or TURD threads. The long and short of its you that you need to know which meshes you want to be shiny and which meshes you want to be matte, then set that up in a properly formatted config file somewhere in your GameData folder.
  2. Hi Kakub, this mod is designed for the stock suit switcher system. If you want to use Texture Replacer for different Kerbal heads (I do) then you'll want to uncheck the "personalized suits" option in the Texture Replacer menu in the KSC screen.
  3. I don't think the performance issues are going to be tied to rendering what we see on the screen. The slowdown in KSP has always been the under-the-hood calculations for physics and resources. I'm not sure FSR and DLSS will help.
  4. The volumetric clouds do not currently have a public release. Blackrack will update the OP and probably make a pretty major announcement post when they are finally released to the public.
  5. I know it won't be in at release, but I'm more excited to eventually have native KSP multiplayer than anything else!
  6. There isn't really a great way to control stock robotics so I just do it one hinge at a time and move the joints very, very slowly. KAL controllers aren't really all that helpful for robotic arms. They're great for simple moving parts, but arms are a little too complex. I just use them as an easy way to set storage positions for arms. We really need some kind of inverse kinematics controller for stock robotics, but I don't think anyone is working on one or willing to start this close to KSP2's release. Once upon a time there was an inverse kinematics controller mod for Infernal Robotics but I don't know if it's updated for 1.12+ and I know for a fact that it wasn't configured to use any of the habtech robotics parts.
  7. Screenshot tax! Everything looks amazing, and I can't wait to see what you cook up for KSP 2.
  8. Are those homebrewed TU configs? They look incredible! Please tell me you're either playing KSP on a supercomputer or you're running a welding mod because my CPU is screaming just looking at these screenshots...
  9. I'm sorry to hear your drivers borked your workflow! Congrats on getting things sort of figured out again though. Is there anything more satisfying than figuring out and resolving computer problems?
  10. You may have an old version of the shared assets. Try updating directly from github and it should be there.
  11. Duna looks great! The second version is definitely a little too red. A rustier color might look good. Pol looks nice too, I'm loving the Io influence!
  12. If you're so inclined, you can do a little bit of .cfg manipulation to give Habtech 2 the very old and not very pretty Habtech 1 IVAs. All you need to do is download the OG Habtech get rid of everything but the internals then set the Habtech 2 parts to use the correct IVA cfg. That said, all of Benjee's newer mods have excellent IVAs. In fact I'd go so far as to say his IVAs are probably the best looking ones out there at the moment. Given that he's—slowly—reworking the Habtech 2 parts, there's a slim chance that he'll also build newer IVAs. Unless he's already said he won't and I've just missed it. In that case there probably won't ever be new IVAs for Habtech 2. Something else to consider is that KSP 2 is, at this point, just around the corner so a lot of modders (Benjee included) are probably going to wait for the Early Access release before diving into any major projects.
  13. "Still needs work" he says about the best looking Kerbin I've ever seen.
  14. No worries, Parallax 2.0 is a very big leap. Although as long as the planets and biomes have the same names, it'll probably have compatibility out of the box.
  15. In that case, have you given any thought to Parallax 2.0 compatibility? I imagine it probably wouldn't be too difficult to implement the existing terrain scatters even if you are changing the worlds around a bit with Kopernicus. I have no idea what's involved with making brand new scatters though.
  16. It'd be awesome if you could give Sarnus a hexagonal polar storm like Saturn's.
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