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  1. I assume you had already played on this server? @oofIforgettedtobreathe_xd Did you change something in your client GameData directory? If you delete or change one of your keypair files "privatekey.txt" and "publickey.txt" this will happen. You must ask the server administrator for help to change your server profile to your new keypair. If this server is new for you, this problem should not appear (if your keypair is valid). I then have to guess and would say the nickname is already taken. Actually, I thought one is automatically renamed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. The console window must stay online. You can use it on any server able to run it. use mine if you want. But we use mods. mechjeb and scansat on most crafts. for testing without these mods, keep the simulation distance to other crafts and it'll work without... eld0r.no-ip.org:6703 for career (mostly used) and 6702 for sandbox (for testing blueprints). the blueprints and screenshots are automatically synced. Use DMPUpdater-unstable.exe server location: germany server chat: discord.gg/EAhhVZj (ask anything)
  3. I had a similar problem: when my laptop run out of batterie and I tried reconnecting with my workstation. (of course with the same nickname and same publickey/config files) If they don't change/delete(?) their private-/public-key they are able to connect with the same nickname. Sounds like a instable connection. Make sure they wait for the server timeout - should be 20 seconds (?) - before reconnecting.
  4. Yes, line 53 in unchanged github file from 18.Sep (github link) Ah okay, I will compile a version for our clients myself. Thx for your great work. Can't wait for the first release. Rodonay and I would love to test the hell out of LMP. We are right now setting up our development environments. Regards Eld0r
  5. Just this one: DarkMultiPlayer/Client/Utilities/CompatibilityChecker.cs (github link) I was going to pull the repo and change the same line. Just need to set up my IDE and figure out how to compile... As a workaround while waiting for LunaMultiPlayer and migrating my Server. Eld0r
  6. 1. windows client side IPv6 support! - DMP can use it, but it is not supported in windows KSP clients - linux and mac clients are already able to use ipv6 2. faster loading while switching between buildings / map view - it's not that I don't like the small solar system animation, but sometimes it takes a bit to much time... 3. Objects "on-rail" shouldn't just dissappear while reentry - like the space shuttle booster rokets beside the main tank - so before deleting, check for the following: -- a actiongroup for automatic reentry and return -- or just check for unused parachutes and open them - after checking that, this object - of course - needs a physical simulation!
  7. Hi guys, I avoided this type of missions first, cause I had the same problems as everyone (using the shortcuts). The first time I resolved the problem "my way"... after that I forgot to google about it... So I tried it again with 0.25 and (of course) again had the same problem... It's just to good to put down. This was the way I solved it: - First: Just bring a recovery Vessel nearby - Second: Be confused, cause you are not able to control the Kerbonaut - Third: Save and Quit to edit the savegame - Go to <SteamDirectory>\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\saves\<SavegameName>\ - Open persistent.sfs with Notepad++. - Search for "VESSEL" or use the Kerbal name (e.g. "Allison Kerman") (...) VESSEL { (...) name = Allison Kerman type = EVA (...) ref = [COLOR="#0000FF"]<CopyFromRecoveryVessel>[/COLOR] ctrl = True [COLOR="#FF0000"](probably this enables the control by switching [with shortcuts], even though it is sth. like a "discovert unknown object" and not "owned")[/COLOR] (...) PART [COLOR="#0000FF"](edited to be a "part" of recovery vessel; probably not needed)[/COLOR] { name = kerbalEVA uid = [COLOR="#0000FF"]<KeepUntouched>[/COLOR] mid = [COLOR="#0000FF"]<CopyFromRecoveryVessel[U]Part[/U]>[/COLOR] launchID = [COLOR="#0000FF"]<CopyFromRecoveryVessel[U]Part[/U]>[/COLOR] (...) sqor = 0 (Dont know - just copied) sidx = 0 (Dont know - just copied) (...) } (...)[COLOR="#FF0000"] DISCOVERY (probably this solved the problem, but I don't try it without the other changes) { state = -1 lastObservedTime = 0 lifetime = Infinity refTime = Infinity size = 2 }[/COLOR] (...) } (...) Now I can control the Kerbal directly from Tracking Station. I'll try the shortcuts next time Regards Eld0r