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  1. Yes, I can make it that the story-progression is specific to a save. For the moment it is not. That is, you can progress the story in any save. I will give it some thought, and then see how that can be done easily.
  2. Yes, sorry about that. I have not figured out how to get it active in other environments such as VAB. Once I figured it out, the mod will be active there as well.
  3. Hi 5thHorseman. OK, thanks for the feedback. I will put togethr a litle tutorial for everyone wanting to use this to create their own stories. I will post that in the next 2-3 days.
  4. Thanks. If you have a story to tell, I will soon post a type of guide to using the mod to create your own story.
  5. Hi Space Caded. The mod allows many stories simultaniously, so, one thing I want to do is have a "story" that can help others write and implement stories using the mod. Will post once I have that in place.
  6. Thanks. I tried to make it so that other people with a story can easily script it using the mod. That way we can all write our own stories.
  7. Thanks. I modified the Curse lincence. Some growing pains... a lot of firsts for me with this mod.
  8. Yeah, I first wrote the framework, then added the story. So, the engine has a story, but, it is quite generic. You add images (2 types, maps and story), key the maps, and add a text file with your story following the same format that I used to create the Jeb story. YOu can split it into chapters. But all that is for modders wanting to do their own thing. FOr now players can just play through the current story.
  9. Tx for noting. Some growth pains. First mod, frst thread, lots of firsts for me. I correded this, should both be ANCSA3.0 License now.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. I have added the source to the zip on Curse.
  11. yeah, sorry about that. I did update the description. Hope this helps.
  12. Kerbal Adventure is a mod that tells a story, the story of how an astronaut was lost, the missions to find him, and the story revolving around a discovery, a discovery that may change the direction of the Science team's work, of how the Director of KSCs spends his nights, and ... well, you will have to play to see. Mod on Curse: Source: included in the zip Jebidiah is missing. Somewhere, perhaps in the mountains, perhaps somewhere at sea. The idea with the mod is to create a story, for now a short one. But the plan is to expant the story over the next few months. I suspect the best way to play this mod is in sandbox mode (for now). The mod is based on a set of missions. Each one advances the story. The first two chapters are finished, but the story will continue past these two initial chapters of about 15 or so missions. The mod presents 3 windows, one for the chapters (left below), one with a map, description of the current story, the target coordiantes and the present coordinates. The map will also show the goal (green circle on the impage (far right top) and the curent location on the map (not shown in this screenshot). The third window pops up when the particular goal has been reached. The map window can be hidden by using the "map" button on the main story window. The target positon also indicates R (radius, closeness to target) and H heigh above (and below) target that is acceptable. On some flight missions the target alt may be 90km, with a H=20km. That means that any height vrom 70 to 110km will be acceptable. This is a fun mod. The goals will slowly increase in complexity as the story progresses. The first two chapters happen around Kerbin. Enjoy..