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  1. me and my bros bought ours on April 30th so we're prolly last on the list to get ours lol.
  2. I'm a disabled single father of 3, so I'm one of those people who this would be an investment for. Luckily I was a network engineer so I can make my crappy computer go a long way lol, and I bought the game on April 30th 2013 lol, just gotta wait now.
  3. they could have changed 1 small detail that affects all parts who knows
  4. it's the kraken! Lol, try remaking the vehicles now with 1.4.1, they may have changed the parts and the parts may not upgrade if they are already saved as the old version?
  5. they have till end of day imo :-p they could make you wait a week if they wanted.
  6. not there on the ksp store for me yet, bought it april 30th so I missed the free steam key lol, I just get the free key on their store.
  7. @cpx if you aren't running anything in the background you could probably go as high as 16gb for your padding without any risks. in padheap.cfg change the "total" number to 16384
  8. I'm just worried how this will affect mod makers and whether we'll see as many and as varied mods in the future. I dabbled a bit myself. Will it affect old mods or only things made from now on or not at all? Sorry if this was discussed in the previous 28 pages going back to read now. [edit] woke up this morning and apparently got to page 4 before I fell asleep lol... read the last page today, interesting. They really need to do something tho, looks really bad with all the negative reviews today on steam the day the expansion goes on sale... Surprised no one from Take Two has come to say hi on this forum after months.
  9. I think those are clouds, not icebergs, lol. But it's art, so they're both!
  10. There will never be Steam Workshop because they have a userbase that doesn't have a steam copy. Also Curse will always have more/better mods, no community site ever has or will, they have a dedicated paid staff. It's the best option for the foreseeable future.
  11. A parachute with a probe core in it could be an interesting solution. I wonder if it would stop working if the parachute breaks lol.
  12. can't live without this mod, thanks so much! [edit]Darn, still same issue :-(