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  1. did you restart the game after welding? the log shows that extraplanetorylaunchpads is throwing an exception. and the tanks seem to contain empty internals but that does not cause any problems, it is removed in my current branch. it lacks the partfiles of the weldments to see further. Logs should be of the welding process
  2. There is only a rather minor improvement in performance, actually loading time can increase massively with bigger weldments. And KJR can not stick two tanks together to act like one
  3. No problem, you are welcome. Navi looks a bit like, "And you want what????", cute one.
  4. I do not unterstand what you mean.
  5. Nice one^^ What did you use to create the saucer section? When you create a post, the insert other media button will give the option to add Images but they have to be uploaded at another page, just like you did.
  6. Because as a single welded part it is less likely to break, welding is more of a structural cheat^^
  7. That is quite simple, just use Hangar Extender.
  8. That is due to the underlying technology of unity. just because it is welded into a single part is does not mean it is really just one single massive object. with welding we just removed one level in the object tree. Since Unity5 welding is more for aesthetics than for performance. with the update of PhysiX it changed a lot. Offtopic: did you ever flip an 24th century Akira class on the back?
  9. Why is this topic not sticky? Here are some really great simple improvements.
  10. [1.3.x] OrbitFinder

    Who has never looked for a certain orbit, when wanting to install some stellites? Pausing the game -> going into the Internet searhcing ksp data -> looking for planetary body and then looking for a certain orbit or worse caluclate the orbit itself. OrbitFinder will provide a simple tool in flight and in trackingstation where you can search for an Orbit based on period or semimajoraxis. Options to change the distance measurement between kilometer and meter, timing can be set by minutes or hours. Download: Github Source: Github Changelog: Legal stuff:
  11. Only by changing the placement of the parts. there is no default mechanic in welding for such problems.
  12. Nope, there is no such thing. Girka2k, was attempting a new GUI and module handling for weldments where such an option would be possible, but he left and was not seen again.
  13. Sorry nope currently not possible. you have to edit the weldment afterwards.
  14. The problem is just that some of my constructions start with something at 2 to 2.7 as TWR. Hmm so then the answer is, just get your rocket correct^^ Thanks for reply.
  15. @AndyMt Would it be possible to include somekind of TWR limiter like in ConstantTWR? Both mods are incompatibel with each other, but GravityTurn is pushing at start with maximum thrust which is not always the best in my eyes.