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  1. 1.8 changed a lot, really a lot, so don't be surprised when it does not work. even finding the correct dlls for compiling is not like before. @Lisiashow about just making a merge request?
  2. Maybe you should post the specs of your Rig with it^^ Welding is not really beneficial with super large objects as the partcount is not really that dramatically reduced. What it will cause is some massive loading times
  3. Is there any public statement from Felipe Falanghe about KSP2, he is the one that gave us the initial amazing piece of joy?
  4. Ah yeah, that is something i will get on to, once i find the time. Nertea's mods are some of my favourites.
  5. That is strange because normally the game should already not allow for anything outside of the ksp Folder.
  6. Yep but that will be done at a weekend with enough time. Update to UbioWeld Continued 2.5.3 Recompiled for KSP 1.4.2 Download version 2.5.3 for KSP 1.4.2
  7. I hope so, but if someone still has that in a log, i will look for a Workaround rather than removing it directly.
  8. Really guys, I still have a job and a life next to KSP. Has someone seen "..Config {0} has {1} FXEmitters and {2} Sound in {3} FxGroups" this in one of the welding logs? it is one of the oldest things in ubiowelding, I didn't see them in any parts so far but i can have overlooked something.
  9. Thanks, that sounds promising, but the known issue, might cause problems.
  10. Incompatible version between fuel/mesh switcher and welding. Now that it is an stock feature, it will be even more complicated.
  11. By >100 active mods, not really because it could be any of them But tracking it down to map view yeah can confirm that, even launching just in map view will cause it, happened to me once.
  12. Oh nice, got the same problem, but thought it might be one of my many other mods that would interfere with something.
  13. I'm using Stock Visual Terrain and Kopernicus including ist dependencies, but right after gamestart I get an Exception: [EXC 11:32:25.293] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Kopernicus.Components.KopernicusStar.LateUpdate () Full Log
  14. Got an Exception in GravityTurn, where it throws an exception about not beeing able to load a Skin. The actual log containing the exception
  15. Simple one flight missions, ferry two VIPS into orbit and back, so was not really a difficult task. started the mission, landed back on Kerbin, took next mission, started..... and each time I got one more button for flight plan, that is a rabbit button, it reproduces too fast^^ But good to hear you already have a solution planned.
  16. Got this after doing 3 missions in a row, without going back to mainmenu, including some rabbit buttons:
  17. Ouh that is an evil exception, I try to access the root object even though the actual object is already the root. Quite possible that it is already fixed with a newer version. Which version do you use?
  18. looks correct, but still it depends on the original part and material; haven't used B9 in long time, so I can not really tell where something is broken.
  19. the meshswitch that I included does deal with the meshes, because most creators change meshes and textures, only texture change within single mesh is rather new to me, and I'm afraid you can not really fix that. And yes normally that could be fixed with a line 'texture = materialname "folder/subfolder/moresubfolder"'.
  20. sure there is the MODEL module, which contains the texture part, you just have to Point that at the correct folder. But does the welded Meshswitch not work correct? you should be able to Keep the preweld selected textures and meshes.
  21. @stupid_chris only reposted download links, he is not the author of the mod.
  22. Wait what, why the new name? Or is this seperate from CommNet Constellations?
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