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  1. It works just fine for me, I'm running V3 with EVE and haven't had any issues with it.
  2. This is driving me nuts and I can't figure it out. Any time I have two command modules in the same ship, regardless of how they're attached (docking ports, KW fairings or directly attached) or whether they're manned, manned and empty, or unmanned, I lose my staging interface and my staging button does nothing. If I toggle physics warp on and off again, I can active my engine manually and control the throttle (although that lags quite a bit), but I still have no staging interface and my staging button does nothing. I tried wiping my gamedata folder, thinking it might be a mod conflict, but that hasn't helped. I swear I've built ships with attached landers and stuff in the past without having this problem. Am I just crazy? Has this always been how KSP functions or is something totally messed up with my install?
  3. For some reason having the centrifuge anywhere in my spacecraft is making me unable to stage. I get no staging interface and spacebar does nothing. If I toggle physics warp on and off again, I get the interface and I can throttle up, but the staging button still does nothing. I've tried controlling from different parts, placing the centrifuge in different places, nothing seems to make a difference. Removing the centrifuge makes everything work as normal. Tried using the tweak .cfg file that was posted earlier in the thread and Starwaster's animation fix above, neither seems to have an effect on this problem. Not sure if the other hab modules would cause the same problem for me, I don't have them installed. I just wanted to use the centrifuge. Anybody else had this issue/know how to fix it?
  4. Sorry if this has been addressed before: I just downloaded this mod, but I'm unable to install it because the .zip for 4.0c on the spaceport appears to be broken somehow. I've tried downloading it twice and haven't been able to open or unzip the archive. Anybody else have this problem/know how to fix it?
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