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  1. can someone help plz it keeps crashing on me after each flight when it tries to load the space center here is the out log o yea i tried reinstalling and still happens i even deleted the tanks from the parts mod for more room.
  2. can someone help me figure out why my games stared crashing after a fresh new install it worked fine for about an hour but then stared crashing here is the log
  3. very nice looking planes you got there
  4. i tried that too and when i launch all i see is black with blue and white i took out tweakscale and its all working again
  5. ok so i download the new RO and all thte other stuff and i added TweakScale now when i go to launch a new ship it looks like am inside earth i can go to map and switch to a new ship but i can seem to launch any new ones.
  6. um were could i go to download the BobCat SovietEngines mod i deleted my folder and did not mean too thanks for the help
  7. ok i do not know how i did it lol but i was going for the moon totally missed it and it all most made it to mars orbit here pics
  8. ok i try that um am trying to get that mars probe from RPL try to get a pic the rocket that might help.
  9. could it be with one of the mods i use with RSS could that be it for i put it on a install with out RSS and the other mods that comes with it and they all show then I do not know i would have loved to use these
  10. yea i thought that too i looked on all pages i go and look again to make sure o n my career mod save i unlocked ll the engines and they do no show up there when the game loads it say 1 hidden how do i see what that is.