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  1. https://xkcd.com/1210/ ux4ugEnwVW4Ekfexk4x8 Cnspa1kcRO5fD3CIaH7n 7vlyvgRsbWhz3t1jHMfU PVeKEMgzJiBc2etmlzxx 2NHf8eZowLuvGf9TKkb3 eiuyfGHl4nWI0dkDKF0d q0SycOvLMBIeZ9ZbNG7j 9Enkt4q6slXyuoRywFFf KfqFeXlQJx7GSe1yy8ub sP5UJ6BQkyCHNNxzLYDt nlgzW1uu2T3wIfJj2PwO Fj7BOQjsr1j0xmvsqzOH oJwbfjulxTnZiwZCV22n wMeEdzQD4ZZIgyvI2uWJ zYYCeewIWFYzAMfshGlb By0bhA2WyIP1pyZQgKJ3 dE6bmyfkLuvgRuKGBqgv FobRfYGym2xHdB6nrJyk DLMmn5ZAZrThi8e1GxpO 3mFCCKpDmyUzUhEizGpR
  2. This: http://www.astronautix.com/s/sprintabm.html "Phased-array radars and high-speed computer processing allowed the warhead to be tracked, steering commands for the Sprint to be calculated, and uplinked to the missile via a radio connection of the frequency and power to be received through the ionized missile exhaust and plasma sheath surrounding the missile."
  3. Why would anyone use sodium metabisulfite as a rocket fuel? It seems like a really bad choice to me.
  4. A special song for your special day.
  5. Once you've worked with diazomethane (or even TMS-diazomethane), hydrazine seems tame.
  6. I wonder what the chromatic aberration is like on a lens such as this.
  7. Why even bother with lift? Couldn't you just angle your ship downwards and let engine thrust push you towards Kerbin? This way, you could fly high enough to not need to worry about heating (until landing, of course). Or is using "reverse lift" required for the challenge? If it is, how will that be enforced?
  8. My guess is that: -They would be materialist pacifist xenophiles. -They would use the warp drive FTL method, which is actually a stabilized variant of the Kraken drive. -Their government type would certainly be "Science Directorate." -They would have the "Natural Engineers" trait, but I'm not sure what others.
  9. You're confusing force with energy. Conservation of momentum is the relevant principle here.
  10. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8qdyho5vhmozq0/KSS.sfs?dl=0 I also added the remaining fuel and oxidizer that wasn't needed for the deorbit burn (about 500 units). I've tested the heat shield module with up to 40 tons, and as long as the vessel behind it has enough control authority to keep it pointing forwards, it can handle a reasonable Jool aerocapture. It doesn't have any propulsion (including RCS) and can't generate electricity (although it can store 4000), so make sure you're on the right trajectory for the descent probe to descend into the atmosphere when you undock it. I suggest doing this at your apoapsis after aerocapture/braking.
  11. I need to go to sleep now, so if KAL9000 gets done, then someone else can go, as long as they get done before 1300 UTC tomorrow.
  12. KAL 9000 claimed the save file, and his mission is in progress. When he's done, he'll post the save file, and I'll add my module. Then I'll post the file and you can have a turn.
  13. I have the save, and I'm adding an aerocapture module for the Jool ship. After aerocapture is done, it can detach and be an atmospheric descent probe. Total parts 8 + 1 docking port Sr.
  14. Hydrochloric acid is pretty tame as far as acids go. I've occasionally spilled some 12 M HCl on my skin; as long as it's washed off within a few seconds, it's fine. Getting it in your eyes, or breathing the fumes, are the real problems. Many other acids (hydrofluoric, trifluoroacetic, concentrated nitric or sulfuric, etc.) will cause burns pretty much instantaneously.
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