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  1. Yes (with KSP.x86_64, not tested with other methods), thanks! Jeb is standing on a bump!
  2. Hi again, Fresh install, now with 1.2.0. Still does not work, but differently On the loading screen the dependencies are green, and it seems that the log is fine with it too. KSC is white instead of pink now and it seems that there are issues in the log related to it. For example: [LOG 11:26:41.601] [Parallax] Validating /home/kubi/ksp/1.1GameData/Parallax_StockTextures/Kerbin/PluginData/low00.dds [LOG 11:26:41.601] [Parallax] - Texture doesn't exist, skipping: _SurfaceTexture with filepath: Parallax_StockTextures/Kerbin/PluginData/low00.dds It seems that t
  3. Hi, Getting back to KSP after some months trying to use this great new terrain shader for stock. On the loading screen of KSP Parallax complains about dependencies (copy&paste from the log file): Parallax has failed to meet dependency: Kopernicus Parallax has failed to meet dependency: Parallax (Core) Parallax has failed to meet dependency: Parallax (Stock Textures) I have clean & proper (I assume) installation of KSP 1.11.0 (fresh install) on Linux KopernicusBE_1110_Release58.zip Parallax.1.1.1.zip Parallax.-.Stock.Textures.1.1.1
  4. Just saw your work yesterday. After a quick check of the documentation it seems really promising. I'll dig more into it over the weekend. My main use case is playing around with KSP APIs quickly without compiling code.
  5. Thanks for the hard work! I'm checking the changes in the code, but started to feel that I need to put together a dev environment. Can you point me to a howto (PM is OK too).
  6. No problem! This is the beauty of a beta (alpha?) version If you upload the latest to GitHub, I will have a look tomorrow.
  7. Might be. I was only 0.5 to 2 AU in the vanilla Kerbol system (power of set orbit cheat). The table I've linked above shows quite constant 3x difference (with random errors and MechJeb was not there to help setting the craft's direction exactly)
  8. You are welcome. It might be only one of the issues as in rel8 it is still 3x the rate than it should be, not only 2x...
  9. Great news. Reading this before posting to the stable thread would have been saving some digging work I'd get the in-orbit EC calculation straight first, then look into the in-atmo and the temperature efficiency curve. Anyways, some comments to the current dev1101 solar panel file. First code review after 20 years, so might be a total nonsense... Unnecessary iterations You go through all the solar panels and within that you go through all stars to find the home luminosity. It is not needed to do it for each and every solar panel. It would have been better to do it outside
  10. Thanks! I assume that the above is only for the stable branch users as BE seems to be faulty both on rel6 and rel8, but differently In rel8 at the display info is correct, but the charging rate it totally off. In rel6 both are incorrect. KopernicusBE_1101_Release8.zip with Kerbol Origins 0.4.9 and Snarkiverse 1.2 No multiple stars, Kerbin orbit and the Sun are unchanged. Launched a tiny probe to Kerbin orbit with two OX-STAT solar panels (opposite side of the craft): #1 Sun exposure 1.00, Energy flow 0.358, Direct sunlight, Tracking body: The Sun (auto).
  11. Thanks! ... but still not good The System.cfg files are different now (-5.ori 8911 ->-5.new 8359 bytes). However, in -4 there was an extra file, Kopernicus/Plugins/Kopernicus.pdb (2907648 bytes) that is missing from -5. Not sure if it is the issue though.
  12. Something got totally messed up with my 1.9.1 install. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AeSytzclHST2eVSCCPjZV8YXPfsbKK7C?usp=sharing Thought that it is Trajectories that I've installed, but not. Tried 1.9.1-5 first today, rolled back to 1.9.1-4 (logs are about -4). There were some fresh updates through CKAN (science alert, clickthrougblocker and planetary base systems), but none of those should interfere. ----- edit ---- Or, it might be that -5 messed up something. Tried with a clean install. First -5, it was faulty. Then -4, it is fine now. But needed
  13. Hi, I'm on 1.10 ans Kopernicus 1.10 pre from R-T-B. Many mods too. The only issue I saw is that the non-retractable 1x6 solar panel does not break coming back to Kerbin from orbit.
  14. Hi, First of all, thanks! Especially for the orbit editor I have moved around stock planets, tweaked a bit their mass too. Lots of fun without Kopernicus... I have found a bug, I think. I've tried the latest stable as well as the beta It seems that when Hyperedit calculates the orbit and speed, it does not always consider the updates of the parent body. ---------------- Test ----------------- Dres Orbiting Sol "near" Kerbin GeeASL is increased by a lot (from 0.115g in vanilla to 0.7g) Minmus Orbiting Dres at around 16Mm Craft X Creat
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