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  1. Hi all! I've just found Kerbalism recently and loving it absolutely! It was working perfectly in 1.5.1, but now as I have installed 1.6.0 (vanilla) then added mods through CKAN (so no copying of old files etc.), Kerbalism does not really work. I have KSP 1.6.0 on Linux, Kerbalism, ModuleManager 3.1.2, CommunityResourcePack 1.0.0, DeepFreeze, PlanetaryBaseSystem 1.6.6 etc. There are no GUI elements of Kerbalism at all (editor, in flight, settings menu (should there be?)). There are no consumable resources in the capsules (CommunityResourcePack error?). Any idea where to start looking? ---> Found Kerbalism 2.1.1 now ---> Works
  2. Many thanks, I'll test immediately! Yesterday I got a bit confused watching a video (https://youtu.be/-2Ad7suNi_Q?t=3543), then I realized that he uses ScienceAlert too.
  3. Great replacement of [x] Science!, however missing the feature of the status window listing all/available science :) I'm not sure if the bug is caused by this mod, but might have something to do with it. Sometimes if there is a science alert (brings out of warp, deployed manually) before a maneuver node, then at the burn there is no countdown to zero, but the remaining dV is frozen.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the mod, I absolutely love it! --- My kind feature request :) --- Have you been thinking about an extension to gather science from orbit as well? What I have in mind is a probe with stable, mostly polar orbit (differentiate high and low using e.g., either Pe or Ap) and certain science tools on it. It is similarly (or even more) boring to run several orbits, stop at each and every biome and send home the stuff. Even though I use [x] Science to jump out from warp this is just too repetitive. It would be great to send home reports from all biomes with normal transmit penalties and considering the reusability of the instrument with one click. For the sake of simplicity, disregard electric capacity etc.
  5. Thanks! Deleting and reinstalling did not help somehow. But when I started the game without 2.5x, it cleared something. So when I downloaded again and started the game with it, the game started to work.
  6. Hi, I've updated ModuleManager to the latest and it seems that it cannot handle some of the patches either from Kopernicus or from Sigma Dimensions: [LOG 14:14:29.881] [ModuleManager] :FOR[SIGDIM2] pass [LOG 14:14:29.882] [ModuleManager] Applying update Sigma/Dimensions/Configs/ReDimension/applySettings/@Kopernicus to Kopernicus/Config/System/Kopernicus [LOG 14:14:29.882] [ModuleManager] Applying update Sigma/Dimensions/Configs/ReDimension/atmoScale/@Kopernicus to Kopernicus/Config/System/Kopernicus [LOG 14:14:30.035] [ModuleManager] Applying update Sigma/Dimensions/Configs/ReDimension/lightScale/@Kopernicus to Kopernicus/Config/System/Kopernicus [LOG 14:14:30.069] [ModuleManager] Applying update Sigma/Dimensions/Configs/ReDimension/newCacheFiles/@Kopernicus to Kopernicus/Config/System/Kopernicus [WRN 14:14:30.103] [ModuleManager] Cannot find key name in Body [ERR 14:14:30.104] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key cacheFile = #Kopernicus/Cache/$name$.bin .... [LOG 14:14:33.100] [ModuleManager] Done patching [WRN 14:14:33.107] [ModuleManager] Errors in patch prevents the creation of the cache [LOG 14:14:33.110] [ModuleManager] ModuleManager: 9664 patches applied, found <color=orange>1 error</color> 1 error related to GameData/Sigma/Dimensions/Configs/ReDimension/newCacheFiles.cfg Logs, mod list etc: https://home.hvt.bme.hu/~kubi/ksp/ModuleMgr_Kopernicus_Sigma_20171205_1424.tgz In this log, Galileo is still 1.5.3 as it is on CKAN, but I tried with 1.5.88 too... Any quick advice?
  7. Yes. isDeadMenu=(1_DeadKraken OR 1_IceHenge) AND 2 AND 3 AND 4
  8. Just by removing the 2.5x scale mod, but keeping Sigma Dimensions the menu works again. So I need all: Galileo Planet Pack with GameData/GPP/GPP_KSC++/Anomalies/DeadKraken.cfg and IceHenge.cfg Sigma Dimensions Rescale 2.5x Kerbal-Konstruct In case any of these is missing, the main menu works fine.
  9. Confirmed. I have opened a thread with the same issue yesterday. Logs: https://home.hvt.bme.hu/~kubi/ksp/KSP_DeadMenu_GPP_KSC++.tgz The other thread:
  10. So, now Kerbel-Konstructs kills the menu. In the link below you can find the same game install with lots of mods. The only difference is Kerbal-Konstructs. https://home.hvt.bme.hu/~kubi/ksp/KSP_DeadMenu_20171104_0830.tgz I tried multiple times installing and removing with CKAN. Whenever it is installed, the menu is dead, but when removed, the menu works again. Might be of course some sort of issue with memory limit, however I have 8 GB RAM and not 4GB of swap just in case... I will try with a much more small mod set and report back soon. ----- EDIT ------- Here, I found something From Citizen 247: ------- Confirmed. Generating logs... ------ https://home.hvt.bme.hu/~kubi/ksp/KSP_DeadMenu_GPP_KSC++.tgz ------ Locating the files... GameData/GPP/GPP_KSC++/Anomalies/DeadKraken.cfg and IceHenge.cfg are the two errorneous files. ------- So I need all: Galileo Planet Pack with GameData/GPP/GPP_KSC++/Anomalies/DeadKraken.cfg and IceHenge.cfg Sigma Dimensions Rescale 2.5x Kerbal-Konstruct In case any of these is missing, the main menu works fine.
  11. Hi, I have started from a clean install. Now I have two installs: one that works with a re-scaled Galileo and one that does not. The latter one has more mods (62 vs 54), but installing mods one by one to see where it breaks. Another thing that I suspect is the order of installation/run. The one that does not work has been used for some days without re-scaling, then I installed 2.5x. Maybe something is cached and not cleaned up properly for re-scale...
  12. Hi, Collected all the files here: https://home.hvt.bme.hu/~kubi/ksp/FilesToDebug.tgz
  13. Hi, I'm not sure what causes my problem, but I suspect Sigma Dimensions / Kopernicus / Galileo Planet Pack or their combinations killing my main menu. It is impossible to click on any of the menu items, while other menus (scatterer or loading screen configurator) on the same main screen work fine. I have a fresh install of KSP 1.3.1, but I have seen exactly the same with 1.3.0 some months ago. Now, I have Galileo Plantet Pack installed (via ckan), in KSP 1.3.0 I have tried RSS and Galieo as well. KSP 1.3.1 Vanilla - works fine KSP 1.3.1 + rescale 2.5 (Kopernicus rel-1.3.1-2, ModularFlightIntegrator, Module Manager 2.8.1, Rescale x2.5, Sigma Dimensions 0.9.5) - works fine KSP 1.3.1 + Galileo (galileo pack 1.5.3, no rescale, no sigma) - works fine KSP 1.3.1 + Galileo (galileo pack 1.5.3, no rescale, sigma installed) - works fine KSP 1.3.1 + Galileo rescaled (galileo, rescale x2.5, sigma installed) - dead menu KSP 1.3.0 RSS with real scale (cannot remember mods and versions) - dead menu Config: KSP 1.3.1 64bit, Debian Linux (testing), i7, 8GB RAM, nvidia 1050ti (earlier 560ti) I have searched through the forum topics of the main mods above, but no similar case. I have not seen any relevant error message in the logs either.