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  1. Thank you for your answers!! I´ll download the 1.0.4 KSP, PS: I found a mod called Active Texture Managmen that compress the textures, does it give any performance increase?
  2. Hi guys!, it has been a long time since the last time i played KSP, now i want to play KSP again but i´m a little bit lost, first of all: -I heard that now ksp comes in two variants 32 bits and 64 bits but in the store i can only see KSP 1.0 Ubuntu and KSP 0.9 Ubuntu, wich one is 64 bits? -I don´t have a master race PC so i was wondering if there is any performance mod/tweak to boost ksp fps Sorry for my English, it´s not my first language
  3. Is there any patch for Angara packo so I can use it in realism overhaul?
  4. I dont know why my RCS doesnt work, i have installed rcsFX and set the propellent to hydrazine but it doesnt work!
  5. I ksp comunity, today i'm writting you to suggest something: Action groups delay time, let me explain it, first you go to action groups click in some for example abort and then add an action for example decouple the capsule from the rocket and turn on the escape tower then you click in the delay button and put the number of seconds you want to delay; for example 6 seconds then add another action like decouple from the escape tower and deploy the chutes. Thats the idea, hope you like it.
  6. @randomnessss5555 You're right i will edit it
  7. I have to update it to 0.23.5 and add some mods [EDIT]: Updated
  8. I just resized it by a half and now ksp crashes when i launch it, i resized the three images now images sizes are: EarthColor: 4096x2048 EarthHeight: 4096x2048 EarthNRM: 1024x512 EDIT: Now KSP loads but KSC is in the middle of the sea... Help me!!
  9. Yes but how? can i edit it in GIMP or Paint? What scale? 1/3? 1/2? Check my previous post, i edited it.
  10. ... I have been testing this mod because i had some trouble with it and i installed it a lot of times with different mods to see what was the problem but now i only have it installed and this happens: I don´t know why do this happens, i played with this on 0.23 but now i can´t... i repeat: I ONLY have rss installed. My question is have i installed this mod propertly?
  11. Chuck kerman because he can burn ants with a magnifying glass AT NIGHT
  12. Thank you a lot!!!! I will try if this works, again thank you for the answer
  13. What is this bug: http: If i desinstall RSS it works OK but when i have it installed and go to the Space Center i can only see this black screen, I tried to download RSS again and install it but it doesnt work... Maybe it´s caused by a incompabilty between the mods this is my game folder with the mods: Also i launched the game again and this happens:
  14. I know it is more difficult to launch to highly inclined orbits because you have to fight against earth rotation but: Can a spacecraft orbit the earth in reverse rotation orbit?
  15. I didn´t touch any config, I loaded my ships many times but nothing works i can only use the navball of unmanned spacecraft
  16. Why this happens to me : I´m using realism overhaul, i checked that i haven´t got more than 1 module manager DLLs, it´s a manned spacecraft but i added to it several anntenas...
  17. I didn't do anything, maybe you didn't update the DLL of KER to 0.23.5 link: forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/72062-Test-of-new-KER-deltaV-simulation-code I forgot to update KJR... Now i don't need those struts NOTE: What BTW means?
  18. Hi KSP community, today i want to show you my test-C rocket, it´s my first orbit-able manned rocket, it can carry 3 kerbals to LKO. I made it with reaching the stars engine modification for RealismOverhaul Here I let you some pics: www.imgur.com/a/qQAVP [Download link]: https://www./?x9r3narqg0h7kw9
  19. I'm from Spain, Europe (I don't know why some people think that Spain is a region of Mexico) NOTE: In Spain we listen to flamenco not to mariachis.
  20. I think rockets are easier to design and bulild than spaceplanes, also with rockets you can get in orbit in less time and easier than with a spaceplane (maybe I'm a bad spaceplane designeer)
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