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  1. This still hasn't been released? Wow. So how much longer is it going to take? Weeks, months or years? p.s 'When it's done' isn't a length of time.
  2. Still a bit confused as to why you'd pull it from the store, may as well leave it up and then let people update when the 'new' version comes out. Only reason I can think of is that they've completely ditched the FTE port, started again from scratch and Xbox/PS4 stores want them to go through the certification process again, as it's not really an 'update' but an entirely different codebase.
  3. I spent ages capturing an asteroid and deorbiting it back to Kerbin to complete a contract, only to fail because landing in the water doesn't count. One the plus side, I did manage to funnel my rage into an epic 2 hour long mission to build a flying boat asteroid grabber thingy, drive out to the asteroid and drag it back to dry land:
  4. Is there a patch available that sets the 'Anomaly detection rate' of the advanced probe cores to 100%?
  5. Considering that the game doesn't perform that great on the vastly more powerful PS4/Xbox One consoles, I can't see KSP being that playable on a switch.
  6. I'm finding it really hard to read on Chrome/Win 10. The text is absolutely tiny and when I zoom in, I lose the ability to read the last two lines of the page. Also, spotted a couple of typos: On page 9, it says 'buy theMission Builder today!' and on page 14 it says 'Available only through these medium' Other than that, really fun read and I hope there's more of them in the future!
  7. Been covered several times already in this thread,but they instituted a cut off date for people who purchased it before sometime in 2013 for free 'everything'. Everyone else gets free updates to the main game and pays for DLC/Expansions.
  8. So, it's contract configurator with a UI? With this: And the soviet parts pack?
  9. Bit late for that But hey, that's how the KSP cookie crumbles. Time to fire off an RA-100 to Jool.
  10. Ah ok, so it's not possible to use an RA-15 to connect to craft in the vicinity then use the 88 88 to push that data back to Kerbin. That kinda sucks :\
  11. I was under the impression that relay antennas work as normal antennas, but can also relay a signal from other craft through it.
  12. So here's the setup: Craft 1 is in orbit around Bop, it has an RA-15 Craft 2 is in orbit around Pol, it has an RA-15 and a 88 88 Craft 1 has no signal, craft 2 has a signal back to Kerbin. Craft 1 has a signal through to Craft 2. Both craft have electricity. I was under the assumption that craft 1 would be able to relay the signal through Craft 2 back to Kerbin? I'm absolutely stumped as to why it's not working.... Like a steering wheel down my trousers, it's driving me nuts! Any ideas?
  13. I haven't tried myself, but I think you might have to move out of physics distance (so 2km or thereabouts) and have a probe/command module on each ship.
  14. Not sure what you mean by this, as once you go interplanetary you can't rely on the 16s as they aren't strong enough to get back to Kerbin (at least on the difficulty settings I have). EDIT: Also, most of the relay ones have a much smaller range than the non-relay ones, so it's a balance between functionality and range. I think considering the small cost of these parts it doesn't really impact gameplay that much at all. If the parts cost 10x as much then the difference between them would matter.
  15. I don't understand why Squad just don't disable the Update button in the launcher until they get around to fixing it?
  16. I guess absence makes the heart grow stronger because I had forgotten how much I rely on KAC after playing for a while without it. Many thanks for this mod, really grateful for it.
  17. Maybe just change the font size rather than all caps, but fully understood. FWIW I have the same docking problem as well.
  18. At a guess, it's getting downvoted because it's clear it's not addressing any of the concerns raised and reeks of damage control
  19. Have you ever had to fix someone elses code? Hell, it can be a pain fixing code you wrote yourself sometimes
  20. Right before release isn't exactly the best time, as there may be bugs that aren't apparent until a full release of the game gets into peoples hands. If the majority of devs who made the changes have left before the bugs surface, then it's an uphill struggle for the guys brought into replace them. IMO, a couple of weeks after the release would have been much better.
  21. [citation needed] To be honest, I remember thinking 'Wow, I haven't seen so many good changes in KSP for a while, I guess it's because of those new devs that were hired'. I guessed that a lot of the friction towards new changes had gone due to a few of the longterm programmers leaving. Now I see that a lot of the new hires are leaving, I'm not sure how to feel. Why does it say I have to confirm I'm 18 before viewing that link?
  22. Hi, I'm having a small issue with one of the 'evacuate station' contracts, which I've outlined here:
  23. I have a strange issue. I have a 'evacuate station' contract, so I've taken the only Kerbal on there and landed them at the Mun. Now the contract won't complete even though the station is unmanned? Running 1.2pre:
  24. This is my point, in the rockets I design, 4,000 units could easily get me to several of Jools moons and back. Makes very little sense to me to have that much sitting on the surface of the Mun. In any case, I don't seem to get so many of these contracts now so either it's been tweaked in a later update or the game has noticed that I don't accept them so has stopped offering them to me. Just had one to put a satellite in a polar orbit of the Sun. Granted, I'm further along in my career now, but still.