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  1. Yes, this is what I'm beginning to realise. I tend to build the smallest, most efficient rockets that I can (not very Kerbal of me, I know) so that's why I'm finding these contracts unreasonable.
  2. The problem I have isn't the pay, like you say it's normally 2x everything else offered. The problem is that I used to enjoy the station contracts, now it seems that 90% of the ones I get offered are literally impossible for me to complete based on the tech tree I have at the moment.
  3. It's not impossible, but yeah, docking on the surface isn't particularly easy and requires a bit of planning. Would be nice if there was some way of making it easier, a hitching system that allows for a bit more leeway maybe? Getting back to the thread, personally I think fuel requirements that are about half what they are currently would probably be a better idea.
  4. To answer my own question, it's because KSC has a stronger transmitter and a more sensitive receiver, so it can transmit farther. The HG-5s are limited to something like 5,000Mm, Mun is at 11.5Mm
  5. I have two identical satellites, with solar panels, batteries and 2 x HG5 antennas. One is in a KEO and is in view of KSC, the other is in a half muna stationary. For some weird reason, my KEO sat doesn't seem to be relaying through to my MEO sat. The Muna sat gets connection when KSC is in view, but doesn't seem to be able to connect to my KEO sat?
  6. Does anyone else find the fuel requirements for some of the station contracts a little, well, excessive?
  7. Just wanted to say 'thanks' for the in-game dV map, been wanting something like this for so long. Seems to work fine with 1.2 as well :-)
  8. I appreciate your idea, but right now the bug reporting system is in a bit of a mess, trying to add another way to report bugs will just compound this. AFAIK the 'official' method to report a bug is to post in the technical support forums, which is less than ideal but better than nothing. There is a public facing bug tracker but it's in such a mess that it's just being pretty much ignored by the devs. There is a current effort to try and clean up the public tracker but I think that has stalled. How many times has KSP crashed for me? I have no idea in total, but as a light player I've had 8 crashes in v1.1.3 which isn't that terrible compared to previous releases.
  9. I believe the contracts look at the situation variable. If you look at the KER readouts in my screenshots you can see it change from splashed down to landed and complete the contract.
  10. So I resisted the urge to just ALT-F12 that contract away and created a Jet boat-with-wings thingy to go grab that pesky asteroid and drag it back to shore:
  11. Yeah by that measure I suppose none of the Apollo missions landed back on Earth because they splashed down Currently in the process of making a Jetboat to go drag it back to land. Screw you game, imma gunna complete the contract even if you have silly rules.
  12. Make sure you 'land' it on land, apparently 'splashed down on Kerbin' is not the same as 'Landed on Kerbin'. :\
  13. KOS is more like BASIC running on a 8-bit computer, it's extremely limited in comparison, but it's barrier for entry is much lower. Because krpc allows you to extract and input data to and from the game from other languages and hardware platforms, it's possibilities are nearly limitless. Say you want to hook up a smoke machine to a Raspberry Pi that fires when using your engines in KSP, you can do that with KRPC. Say you had a 6 degree of motion freedom platform ripped from a plane flight simulator, you could hook it into KSP with KRPC. Say you had a load of old nixie tubes and wanted to build a hardware readout panel, with speed, apoapsis etc, you can do that with KRPC. Say you wanted to hook up an emulator of the Apollo computer and you wanted to fly your craft in KSP using it, you can do that with KRPC. KOS is great at what it does, but this is in another league as to what you can achieve with it. You can access the RemoteTech API, so you can write your code to follow the RT rules if you so wish.
  14. Someone on these forums mentioned it and it made sense to me. If you look at their past releases it's over several different platforms, including mobile. Hell they've even been credited with motion capture on a single game, which makes zero sense to me, unless they farmed out the work to a motion capture studio. From their own LinkedIn page they have anywhere between 11-50 employees. So it appears that there's progress, but either they want to squash as many bugs as possible OR they still haven't managed to fix the savefile corruption.
  15. It might be worth testing it on a completely un-modded install. If it still does it on that then I would file a bug report. Have you changed any of the key configuration? Like added a joystick or whatever?
  16. FTE don't have any coders themselves, it's all farmed out to contractors in the first place. My guess is that they are currently locked into a war of words with Squad demanding payment to get this bug fixed. "What do you mean, we should do it for free? You tested the code and signed off on it, if you want us to fix the bug you'll have to pay us". Also who's to say that the contractors who originally worked on the port haven't already moved onto another project, delaying things further. I mean, what did you expect from the guy who brought the world 'Johnny Turbo' ffs:
  17. One of the things that's put me off recommending the console version (apart from the saving bug) is the lack of mod support. I have no idea how I would play the game without KAC or KER.
  18. I understand that this is a frustrating issue for you, but I'm not trying to sound condescending. I'm just making sure that all the bases are covered. I've had desktop keyboards default to non-function keys on boot so was just making sure it was something you had checked. Does the F12 key work if you go to this website?
  19. Insinuating that someone doesn't have a valid point of view and is only commenting to stir the pot isn't really a productive thing to say. Just tends to pour fuel onto the flames. Assuming of course that what you're after is an apology /s ;-) This confuses me, as you just said this: Your tone could be considered argumentative as well, you know. If this thread winds you up and you aren't getting anything positive from it, then my advice would be to simply ignore it. I'm not sure why you feel this way. At least for the time being it keeps the grievances about the console versions into a single thread rather than spilling into multiple threads, dev notes etc
  20. I don't know about Squad patching PC bugs quickly. Case in point is the problem with Kerbals sliding up ladders all by themselves. That's been present for, oh I dunno, probably 3 years? They've literally only just found a fix. I know it's not on the same scale, but again, just saying there is a reason why the PC guys aren't exactly surprised at the slow progress of the console fix. Hence why a lot of them seem very complacent towards what must be an absolute PITA for you. I agree with you that PC players have never had a bug as bad as the console versions, or at least one as severe as the current console bug that shouldn't have been there in the first place and *still* has no fix after ~6 weeks.
  21. I'm pretty much the polar opposite of that. When I first started playing I would spend quite a bit more time building, tweaking designs, looking up tutorials and tips, checking dv/TWR figures. Now that I've got a handle on all that I spend much more time flying than I do building. Before I would ruthlessly optimise my craft as much as possible, now I'm just like 'Meh, moar boosters' and I'm more likely to use less 'efficient' parts just because they look cool and fit the spacecraft design better.
  22. Oh my word, these two things have annoyed me since forever. Does this mean kerbals will no longer get randomly catapulted when exiting a module?
  23. The keyboard doesn't have some kind of 'FN lock' button?
  24. I too have had saves get corrupted (not in a while though) and had to start from scratch. More recently, I've had stations get afflicted with an 'unable to undock' bug, rendering them useless. I've also had a craft just disappear from a stable orbit around Duna with the current PC version. What I'm trying to say (badly) is that unfortunately, things like this have sort of become a 'way of life' when playing KSP. I've actually got to the point where I try and 'roleplay' this incidents in my head and equate them to random catastrophes that can occur to a real space program. As I've said in my earlier posts, I think one of things that is so jarring to the recent console players is that the PC players seem to just shrug and go 'oh well, it's Squad' whenever they have large chunks of their time and enjoyment ruined due to a stupid bug. I know saying this does diddly squat to help you, but I'm pointing out that PC players have had their fair share of incredibly annoying bugs. So we do understand, kinda. We've just slipped into some kind of weird Stockholm syndrome. Well, tbh I do like the way they have weekly updates, at least it makes me feel like *something* is happening, which is I think one of the reasons why console players feel so hard done by at the moment. AFAIK there hasn't been anything in the weekly devnotes about the problems with the console versions. Hell, I got annoyed when Steam users got an update a week or so before the Store users, I can imagine what it's like to be a console player and to to see new things being added to the PC version when they haven't even got a working build for consoles yet.
  25. In the editor, press '4' then select the top most command module.