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  1. If you are going to do that, you may as well dock manually imo. MJ tends to use quite a lot of monoprop for one reason or another. A very good mod for docking (should be stock) is Navyfish Docking Port Alignment Indicator.
  2. Feel free to use whatever expletives you wish in your personal company, but in a public place like this you are expected to have a little decorum. As an example, I play in public pinball tournaments and it's a struggle for me to contain my frustrations verbally, because I'm so used to using language that would make a sailor blush when I'm playing my machines at home. Yeah I agree, something in the dev notes would have been a double edged sword, some console players would be happy that they'd at least acknowledged the ongoing problems, whereas others would see it as "Saying sorry doesn't help me get my money or my lost saves back". Well, it's nice when the PC players empathise with the console players, but it sucks when they tell them to just shut up about it and 'stop pushing this topic, it's not going to accomplish anything'. The latter tends to just rile them up even more and who can blame them. Yes, I do. I believe it's up to FTE to get the console issues sorted, not Squad. All Squad can do at this point is try to apply pressure to FTE to sort it out. I think at this point, after a month, a lot of them just want Squad to say something similar to KasperVlds post, ie We hear you, we want to fix this for you.
  3. I agree this would be a waste of time but it wasn't really what I was asking about. All I was asking is that when you do find a bug that impacts users (like the aforementioned helmet bug), I feel it would be better for everyone if that was visible on the public tracker. I don't understand why bugs that affect gameplay are 'hidden' from the people playing the game?
  4. Hell, at least that explains the console port. EA sure do know how to screw over console players /ducks
  5. Hmm, I reckon it's more like they went into the shop, complained to a member of staff who just ignored them, so then they went outside to start yelling. At the end of their day, if they want to do that, it's their right to do so and I don't blame them for it. As I said previously, the "Wait they'll fix it" response is a bitter one to swallow, considering it's been over a month and zero acknowledgement through the official channels. If you lost the ability to save your game on PC and had no way of rolling back to an earlier version that worked, would you seriously keep on playing it and 'learn to appreciate it'?
  6. Here's the thing, you are seeing this as a KSP player. It's like spousal abuse, after a while you just sit back and take it because you think that nothing can change what's happening. In my mind it's an absurd attitude to have (which I'm guilty of having too) and only comes about because it's something you love treating you so badly. Again, you are seeing this from a PC players perspective. The console players have had none of that so far. Hell, they probably won't ever get to have the joy of "KSP doesn't do what I want, wait a minute, there's a mod for that! Sweet!". From their perspective, they've paid and downloaded this sweet game that they hear that NASA and Elon Musk are playing. They've faced the huge difficultly curve in getting their first ship into orbit, after many failures, but they still carried on. They find that the last 6 hours or so of 'work' they've put in has disappeared, they understandably get a little angry. Now they've come onto the official forum to try and find out what's going on, and they face complete lack of acknowledgement from Squad and even worse, ridicule from the 'PC master race', who's reactions seem to be along the lines of "What did you expect? It's Squad, bend over and take it". I'm not surprised that some people aren't happy and are refusing to take 'Wait' as a satisfactory answer.
  7. Agreed, it would be pretty stupid for them for be sitting on a patch for no good reason. As speculated in this thread, they could be a whole multitude of reasons why it's taking so long. Personally, I don't agree that patch submission times are a good reason, to me it's much more likely that they are currently locked into a stalemate with FTE at this point. Yes and no. They've been working on KSP for over 5 years at this point, so they should have a fairly decent grasp on how to handle releasing and developing a PC title. My feeling is that they have very little experience with console ports. I'm wondering if they haven't managed to get into a situation with FTE wherein FTE are pointing to the bits in their contract where they provided Squad with a 'complete' game and are asking Squad for more money to work on the patch. WRT to KSP not being their core business now, I feel this extract from a recent interview says a lot;
  8. Here's the thing, they aren't insurance companies, they are gaming companies that approve games for online sale, every single day. From googling around it appears that approval can take anything from overnight to 2 weeks. To blame a 6 week delay in releasing a patch on the approval process is disingenuous imo. It's far more likely that FTE are dragging their heels/expecting payment to submit a fix. Is their main company focus guerrilla marketing any more? Or is it just something they started off doing before KSP became a hit?
  9. I'm beginning to believe that, as most of their arguments seem completely irrational. For example; They had to fight for approval? Are you serious? This is a well established company, with a popular PC title, that doesn't feature any mature content whatsoever and you think they had to twist their arm to let them publish on their platform?
  10. You have to admit that it's going to be quicker for them to approve a bugfix than it is to approve an entire game though, right? EDIT: From this link, which was a response from a Capcom employee regarding approval times, it varies between 2-7 days and can take up to 2 weeks for Sony Europe
  11. More than likely, but considering they picked a company with a less than stellar reputation to handle their ports, they probably picked the company who put in the lowest bid. They probably thought it was a good idea at the time, as it wouldn't take tie up their current devs on platforms that they didn't have much experience with. The reality is somewhat different, however. I agree with you (to an extent). It would have been a great 'advert' for their PC game, even if the console version didn't have feature parity with the PC version. I could imagine a lot of console players getting the game, enjoying it, then getting the PC version as well so they could get the benefit of mods, better FPS/GFX etc. Again, it's kinda backfired on them. I'm not sure where you get this idea that 70% of the time is going to be waiting for patch approval. At the end of the day, this isn't going to be a 'brand new game' or even a content update, which might take a while for Sony/Microsoft approval teams to comb through to make sure it isn't going to introduce illicit/banned content. 99.999% of the code is going to be exactly the same, so it shouldn't take 6 weeks or longer for them to approve it, especially considering it's currently a broken product. What concerns me is that seemingly, none of the Squad team are being assigned to monitor the progress of this, rather they are leaving it up to an external company. Because FTE have already 'delivered' the console ports, there's nothing to spur FTE on to get it fixed up. What compounds this is the fact they already have a 'fix', which is to limit the amount of ships/size of savefile. So in FTEs mind there is no reason for them to spend any reasonable amount of time fixing it, because they can point to the 'workaround'.
  12. Hmm, I just had this exact same problem in v1.1.3. Landed a craft on Minmus at 0.5ms and the heavy duty landing legs just exploded. What's really strange was I tested the craft on Kerbin first, with it fully fuelled (so many times 'heavier' than on Minmus) and it was fine. Are legs just really buggy at the moment or something?
  13. Well, considering the released a set of dev notes this week that failed to mention anything regarding the console releases, barring that they are actively switching one of the devs around the 3 different platforms continuously, rather than assigning them to monitor the progress of the console platforms makes me think they consider it to be a minor issue.
  14. Please try and be civil, boys and girls. The point of this thread (in my mind) is to try and keep the developers aware that there's plenty of people unhappy with the console version. We should be struggling together!
  15. 1476 is Ceres, not pixels: You meant 1416:
  16. Note that this was is based on hand-wavey, pulling numbers out of my a**, it may be that it's worthwhile. My advice is test and find out!
  17. The money you get back is less than the original purchase price of the parts and goes down the further the part is away from the space centre. So what could happen is that the cost of the extra parts needed to recover the SRB actually outweighed the money you would get back from recovering the SRB.
  18. It was definitely longer than a day or two, as I remember having to wait for a couple of weeks for the next release.
  19. Could you post your save file somewhere with a craft ready to go on the launch pad? I'll give it a whirl to see if the SAS turns off during stage sep.
  20. This is veering offtopic now, but It was around 1.0.5, it was only a hotfix for a small issue. Trust me, there was a period where the Steam version was more recent than the Store version (Note the part about " Update: an issue with the website where it would still only offer build 1024 for download has been resolved. ")
  21. It was very recent and it was a small update which was never released on the official Store nor was it available through update in the launcher (which was broken). Instead, they just waited until the next release (which was simultaneous with Store/Steam). It was never intended as 'early access', but it boiled down to anyone who had bought through Steam getting an update whereas people who had bought it direct from had to wait a couple of weeks.
  22. There was, sort of. Steam users got a release earlier than Store users (by a couple of weeks IIRC). Reason given was that it was a small update and didn't warrant the extra bandwidth on the Stores servers.
  23. Just to add one more thing, iirc the money you get from recovering spent SRB stages isn't great. It some cases it might even be less than the cost of the chutes/probes fitted to them.
  24. Do you mean SAS? Normal behaviour is for SAS to remain engaged during stage sep. Do you have any mods installed?