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  1. This only seems to confirm my belief that the public bug tracker is useless to both developers and end users alike. I understand that the team is already aware of this, so fingers crossed the situation improves in the future.
  2. A set of release notes dedicated to QA testing and no mention whatsoever of the mess that is the bug tracker?
  3. I think you kinda missed my point. Surely you should be adding these bugs into the bug tracker when they are found? Also, even if it is fixed in the next version, it makes sense to add them in there so other people can see "Oh, it's an existing bug with version x.x". Whenever I notice odd behaviour, one of the things I do before posting in the forums about it is to check the bug tracker to see if it's been noticed.
  4. Ah of course, it's so thin I forget it's there sometimes lol. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the effects of atmospheric drag are minuscule compared to the losses of going straight up to orbital height then gaining horizontal speed takeaway I took from this was, it doesn't matter that much how early you start your gravity turn on Duna/Laythe/Kerbin (Eve I wouldn't be so sure of).
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but every single orbit possible will cross over the equator at some point, so unless I am going for a specific biome, I land on the equator, makes taking off again that bit easier. Also, on any body without an atmosphere you want to start going sideways as soon as possible, not just Duna/Mun.
  6. @Claw Apologies if this question has been asked before, but how come I couldn't find the helmet light bug on the bug tracker? Wouldn't it be a good idea to add confirmed bugs that you've made fixes for into
  7. Not really. As I said before, the bug reporting system is an absolute mess at the moment, so much so that the devs have finally thrown their hands up and said (effectively) that they are just going to mark all the bugs in the current tracker before a 'certain date' as 'solved' unless people actively pursue them to get it fixed. The bug tracker is a useless way of getting squad to notice problems, as even a cursory glance will show you that very little developers actually look at it. Here's an example, look through the list of 33 the reported Xbox bugs and see if you can find a single instance of a developer acknowledging a *single* bug:✓&set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=o&f[]=cf_8&op[cf_8]=%3D&v[cf_8][]=XBoxOne&f[]=&c[]=tracker&c[]=priority&c[]=status&c[]=cf_7&c[]=cf_8&c[]=subject&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=updated_on&c[]=done_ratio&c[]=fixed_version&group_by= In a way, this announcement is a very good thing as it highlights the fact that the current bug reporting system is not working and desperately needs fixing. We can both agree on one thing here, which is the current state of bug tracking is poor and needs improvement. I see very little in the way of whining in the bug reports, tbh. Most of the 'whining' goes on in a more publicly accessible place, like this forum or Reddit. You are trying to blame the users of KSP for something the developers should have sorted out a long time ago, namely the bug tracking process.
  8. Maybe. As evidence they've purportedly brought in an outside Q&A company, it's threads like these that make Squad sit up and notice that something needs to be done. As I said before, all the 'old timers' will just sit back and shake their heads as bugs are practically a way of KSP life. Certainly helped me decide not to recommend it to my console owning friends. Funny, you are railing against people who are repeating their same point over and over because of their frustration, yet here you are doing the exact same thing? Because it takes so long to get anything pushed through, this just makes it even worse for me. They would have known it would take a long time for code to be accepted, yet they decided to submit broken code anyway?
  9. I'm a KSP PC player (since 2013ish) and I bought the game when it was pre v1.0, so I wasn't expecting a 'complete' game by any stretch of the imagination, but like a lot of people I was hooked on it, putting hundreds of hours of gameplay into it and understandably getting incredibly frustrated when bugs stopped me from enjoying the game I loved. One of the major problems I see with the KSP community is that we've spent so long putting up with the inevitable bugs we've become almost blind to it. As other posters have pointed out, it's almost a KSP mantra to say 'Put the pitchforks away, SQUAD will fix it eventually', because we've all got so used to bugs being present for extended periods of time or bugs that plainly should have been caught in testing. I think one of the problems is that currently, bug tracking is incredibly haphazard and has seemed to be implemented 'organically' rather than done right in the first place. Right now, as far as I understand, to report a bug you must do so through the forums, which boggles my mind. I can't see any complicated piece of software being debugged properly by having to go through forum reports. To make matters worse I believe I read recently there's upwards of *10* different bug reporting systems and the public facing one is in such a mess that 90% of the reports are just being auto-closed. Whilst I applaud their recent efforts to get on top of the bug reporting system, it sadly doesn't surprise me in ANYWAY WHATSOEVER that the console ports were released with a game breaking bug so bad that save files are being corrupted. If this were any other game, my mind would be boggled to know that it managed to pass through the hands of 3 different Q&A teams without picking up this bug, but seeing as it's SQUAD, like I said, it's not that surprising. I nearly recommended this game to an Xbox owning friend, but sadly I'll be telling them not to bother. I'd like to be able to tell them "Wait until it gets patched, then get it" but I fear that the patch is going to be a long time coming and will probably introduce other problems as well.
  10. I've had exactly the same happen recently, and like you it was around Duna. I do all my sciencing, including a little jaunt to the surface and back up again. Put it in a nice parking orbit, set a reminder for the transfer window and went off and did something else. Transfer window arrived, I went to go find the ship and *poof* it's vanished. Unfortunately I couldn't find an old save to recreate it so unfortunately I've lost ol' Bill Kerman :\ I'm 99% there was nothing that was going to affect the orbit (ie wasn't close to Ike or anything) but I just shrugged and guessed that I must have left it a bit too close to Ikes orbit. Having read your post it makes me wonder if it isn't a bug of some kind though. Anyone else had a craft mysteriously disappear whilst in orbit of Duna?
  11. Although I'm not 100% sure what you are asking, you can always use a maneuver node to show you how long a burn time is. There's a few caveats, mind. The node time doesn't take into account multi-stage burns and also sometimes you'll need to throttle up for a short while to get the burn time. EDIT: Or are you asking how long a suicide burn will take?
  12. Version is (x64) Could someone please link to whatever bugtracker I should be using? (I read somewhere that there's upwards of *10* different bug trackers) It's not what I would consider a heavily modded install, KER, KAC, MJ2. EDIT: It appears that this is a known bug with a fix available, see here: I had a look and couldn't see anything in the bug tracker (which is odd, you'd think Claw would add in the bugs that have hotfixes, so created one here). I'd ask if you have been affected by the bug to add in your info (version/platform etc)
  13. Just noticed this and I'm not sure if it's down to PEBKAC, but Kerbals no longer have lights in their helmets? Pressing L doesn't do anything and clicking the 'Light' icon on the top toolbar does nothing either. Was the feature removed?
  14. Yeah 1.0.5 still works and surprisingly playable, all things considered (Intel Core 2 @ 1.66GHz). Really shows how CPU bound KSP is. FaraTheKing, Mrtinb96, DorkyMalone I would suggest you start a new thread as it seems your problems are more related to OSC. Also you might want to post the logs in the crash folder so others can help you.
  15. Bit hard to replace the graphics card in a laptop. TBH I'm gutted, was really looking forward to playing the new version and I have no spare cash available to be going off to buy a new laptop :\
  16. Yeah TBH I've been expecting this to happen for a while. From what I gather it's possible to run software shaders, but I understand that running a 10yr old graphics card meant it was going to stop working at some point.
  17. I guess it's related to my graphics card, as 1.0.5 would just about work with the odd black texture here and there, but with the new release it crashes instantly, which is a bummer :\ Graphics card is an integrated Intel 945GM on Windows 7 EDIT: Found this info here
  18. Anyone suffering from this bug, can you please add your comments/savefiles to the bug tracker:
  19. Nope, v1.0.2, downloaded from the KSP Store. Are the tutorials/scenarios moddable so we can create our own ones?
  20. I just had a quick look at the tutorials/scenarios and couldn't find the craft you mean?
  21. Nice to see some reviews from people new to the game, I think the destructoid one covers everything pretty well. The IGN one seems to focus too much on "Trial and error is fun" which I hope the devs don't take to heart too much, as it might be justification for them to not include certain aspects of play that seasoned players can't play without (*cough* dV figures *cough*). Well done Squad!
  22. KSP always had problems when at high warp near atmospheres, although usually it skips past them rather than dropping you deep in the atmosphere. KAC is invaluable for making sure you don't zoom past periapsis.
  23. I think the main problem is that it has bugs, it wouldn't let me click the next button until I had created a new blank manuever node, even though I had already created one and burned until my closest approach was under 1km. The other problem is that in my opinion, it asks you to match velocities way to early, rather than 60km distance you should start matching at something like <10km.