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  1. I don't mean to denigrate v1.0, although rereading my post I do realise it came over that way. I think v1.0 is awesome! What I do think though is that with v1.0 a lot of new players will be trying KSP for the first time and considering the difficulty curve, a lot of these players will be looking at the tutorials for hints and ideas on how to build their craft. With this in mind the tutorials should be a shining example of what a 'good' craft should be. I feel that this craft is a very poor example of an asteroid grabber and looks to me that the tutorials weren't played through properly after the addition of heat generation.
  2. Following on from my thread here In my opinion, the craft you are given for the asteroid redirect tutorial has several poor design choices. The challenge is design a craft that is better suited for the tutorial. Use stock parts. It should be easily piloted by someone new to KSP, so a reasonable amount of reaction wheels and RCS would be a good thing. It should set a 'fair' level of difficultly for the tutorial. It must be possible to complete the tutorial with the craft within a reasonable timeframe! (No ultrahigh dV Xenon craft)
  3. I mean, 8 LV-Ns attached to T-100 fuel tanks? And only 4 of them are activated, when you could easily just get rid of 4 of them and have a puller rather than a pusher? Two FL-R1 RCS tanks, one of them on a stage that's designed to be discarded? A useless probe core on a stage that's going to be jettisoned? Tanks full of oxidiser that can't be used? (Thanks Mr Speed) As it is the first burn you have to do is over 5 minutes and because the LV-Ns are attached to tiny, tiny fuel tanks they easily overheat and explode. Is this a joke?
  4. I thought I would have a go at the tutorial and found another bug (ish). Even though I've got my approach down to less than 1km it doesn't let me press the 'next' button: EDIT: The solution was to create an empty manuever node? Weird. IMO it's not a very good tutorial. For one it gives you quite an unwieldy craft to pilot, it tells you to start matching velocities at 60km away(!) then come to a dead stop at 10km(!!!). Personally, I would start matching velocities at a much closer distance, something like 10-5km and zero relative speed when you are under 2km. I think because it's telling you to slow down quite early, this is what's causing you to miss the target. EDIT2: And another bug! To advance the tutorial, you don't actually need to dock at all, just switch to the other craft using the [] keys. It certainly needs some work.
  5. That's a fair point, but in the case of the "Explore Minmus" contract I believe it will disappear if you just do a flyby of Minmus. This means even if you haven't orbited, landed or placed a flag the contract disappears, even though you haven't done all of these things. Not everybody likes to repeat the same contracts over and over whilst waiting for one they want to do to randomly appear. Yes, you can just reject contracts but in my opinion it would be nice if the game had some sort of linear progression with regard to the Explore Mun/Minmus contracts. In my mind, the Explore Mun/Minmus contracts should start appearing as soon as you reach a successful orbit. I'm in the same boat, I don't really want to launch anything to other planets because I don't want the contracts to disappear. I stand by my original point in that the contracts *should not* appear when you've already completed *all* their objectives, but right now just entering into the SOI of another planet seems enough to make the Explore contract for it to never appear.
  6. Can you right click the solar panel and provide a screenshot of the information?
  7. are you sure they are actually scientists? Have a look in the administration/crew hire building at KSC to make sure. They should be under the "assigned" tab.
  8. I'm interested to see a review from someone totally new to the game and not someone who's been playing it for years already.
  9. Apologies if this question has been asked before, I only flicked through a few pages of this thread; I'm massively lazy and can't be bothered working out where I've been or what I've done, would it be possible to have a downloadable version (either as a mod or standalone) that automatically generates the ribbon based on a save file?
  10. There's a mega-thread somewhere that I can't for the life of me find, that explains it all. For now, here's a link tot he Wiki page: In essence, to mine ore and convert it into the different types of fuel you'll need: A drill and an ore tank to mine the ore. An ISRU converter (possibly on a separate craft) to convert the fuel. It's not possible to convert the ore straight into fuel without having an ore tank, so a craft with a drill and an ISRU wouldn't work, you'd need to add an ore tank. EDIT: You don't necessarily need a trained engineer, but it will increase the mining efficiency. Personally I just have a robot do the mining EDIT2: This thread explains it better:
  11. I've always had this, in fact in space I have to orientate my view to a particular bit of sky so my framerate doesn't drop through the floor. Another trick I've found is to switch to map view and zoom all the way out, which makes my framerate suddenly increase for some bizarre reason.
  12. Err, you do realise you don't actually have to fill up the space station with kerbals, just have room for X amount of kerbals? Personally I think the money you get for the tourism contracts is a little too low if it's anywhere past Minmus. Also the wording for some of the Sun contracts. It says "Flyby the Sun" which sounds like a sundive to me, when in reality all you have to do is leave the SOI of Kerbin.
  13. Shouldn't the title be "un-nerfed" rather than "re-nerfed", which would imply that they need nerfing more? Personally I like the way the other engines are slightly more important rather than "Leaving Kerbin system? LV-N!" as it was before. I've never used the poodle so much as I have with v1.0.2. My main gripe is that they introduced a heat system without giving us any parts who's purpose is to dissipate that heat (aka radiators) nor (at first) did they give us any way to monitor the heat produced. Gimme some radiators and cylindrical tanks that are liquid fuel only and I'd be a happy camper again.
  14. It's now turned on by default (in v1.0.1 I think?)
  15. I've found a curious bug, where all the resources in an asteroid will instantly disappear the second you start mining them. Note the time difference in these two pictures, according to the game I mined 8 tonnes of ore in 12 seconds with a craft that only has 600 ore capacity: (Ignore the black asteroid texture, it's a problem with my graphics card (i945GM) that's been present ever since asteroids were introduced) I've noticed this when mining a planet for ore as well, it manifests itself as your ore tanks jumping instantly to full.
  16. The trick is to set the parachutes to open at a very low altitude, otherwise they don't land before you end up outside of 22km
  17. You realise you posted this in the "Support - Unmodded Installs" section, right?
  18. Yup, just confirmed it on my install. Good spot! Someones got an off-by-one error in there somewhere.
  19. I think it's a regional thing, as I can still access it but for other people the link responds with:
  20. The game 'pauses' the transmission and doesn't finish sending it until you switch back to the craft in question.
  21. Build a craft with a manned MPL, a load of science experiments and bind them to an action key. Get into orbit and when you pass into a new biome, repeatedly hit the action key you assigned them to. You'll find that you get multiple experiments back for each biome (works especially well with the gravity scanner). Normally this wouldn't be a problem, as the science goes down when you transmit return them. But it works just great for filling the MPL up with data :-) For example, I have 4 experiments on my craft, if I hit the key quick enough I can get back 16 experiments back. I have an inkling it has something to do with the amount of time it takes for a mystery goo/materials bay to open and report back the science. EDIT: It seems the MPL allows you to store more than one copy of a experiment/biome combo in the same place, unlike other pods. So a really easy way to fill up the MPL to 500 data is to put one of the kerbals on EVA on the lab ladder, do an EVA report, store it, then do another, store it etc etc.
  22. Very easy to replicate this one, process an experiment in the mobile processing lab, pause the game and it'll carry on processing it. Not sure how this could be exploited but it's a bug nonetheless. It'll drain the batteries but because the game is paused, your solar panels/nukes won't charge them back up again.
  23. I've got a very nice lab running in orbit around Minmus and I've been busy feeding it science experiments to work on. I've run into a problem, where I'd like to remove the experiments that I've processed in the lab (and thus are no longer useful to it) to return to Kerbin. The issue is that I cannot do this without removing *all* the experiments, which I don't what to do as I'd like to leave the unprocessed experiments in there. Any ideas? Is there a mod that can help me with this?
  24. I started another thread about this, but just wanted to add my voice to the others and say it's a little perverse to add heat effects and not give us a dedicated part to deal with the heat.