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  1. Just a quick question: Does this function properly on 1.3.1? If not, how difficult would a backport be? I'm running quite a few mods that aren't updated yet but can't use my joystick properly without this mod.
  2. I don't see the point of this besides having to add on one more battery or one more solar panel. Overall I feel like it'd be more annoying than an enjoyable feature. For probes we already have a running EC cost, and manned modules don't need the comms deployed anyway.
  3. I like the current textures, but have no opposition to orange 3.75's. I'd prefer it be an option than a change, though.
  4. Is everything perfectly symmetrical? Also, it's flipping, not just spinning, right? If everything is symmetrical I'm not sure I can help any further. Maybe a screen of the craft with the CoM/CoL/CoT markers on
  5. Hm. How is it flipping? Forward, backward, sideways? If it's sideways, you might have a symmetry problem. Forwards or backwards, center of thrust is still off most likely. Also, do you have a tail rotor?
  6. Is your center of thrust in line with your CoM? If not that'll be creating a lot of torque. Unless you have more than a couple stubby wings, CoL shouldn't matter much. If you do have wings, for a heli it should be above and maybe a bit behind the CoM.
  7. So, I've installed lots of mods. Always have been a heavy modder, probably always will be. However, I've run into a bit of an annoying (If not game-breaking) problem. I'm unsure what triggers it, but certain craft I build refuse to load into the editors (VAB/SPH). Upon trying to load a vessel into the editor, be it from a flight revert or loading from within the editor or even just going into the building while such a craft is currently being edited, the game hangs. It doesn't crash, because there is no output.log. There's no crash folder at all. I left it open for half an hour to see if it was just REALLY slow, but it didn't help. Each and every time I have to kill KSP with task manager and then never load the vessel again, at least not in an editor. It works just fine if I load from the launchpad or runway. I'd imagine it would be due to a mod affecting the editor in some way, or something like FAR. Any ideas what type of mod or specific mod might cause this? List o' mods: Any help would be appreciated. As stated, there are no logs to look at, since the process doesn't actually crash, just hangs.
  8. I believe that's maximum, not minimum, takeoff speed.
  9. Okay, using B9 VGIs I no longer flame out at extreme AoA, but I am now unable to actually pull 90 degree AoA save at ~50m/s which is well below stall speed already. In related news, Without afterburners, my RK-57 'Widow' is capable of reaching Mach 2, if only just. It passes Mach 1 at 2.5km at only 1/3 throttle as well, but I didn't actually test maximum non-afterburning speed below 5km. With afterburners, it limps to just about Mach 2.9, which is above flameout speed when not afterburning. However, this was with a rather huge amount of fuel, as you can see in the first screen it has a whopping 3,200km range on the fuel load at 7 minutes in. I believe the PAK-FA has a range of 1,500km with a combat load (Or is projected to), so it is a bit excessive. It can easily pull the necessary Gs as well, though I again did not capture those. My favorite part of the design is that it can near-instantly recover from even massive stalls, including a flatspin at 50m/s induced by an overly aggressive snap roll. Just need to knock the kinks out and get it supermaneuverable, then the airframe is complete and I can get to weapons. Thankfully a small shift in wing area can probably give me the mostly neutral stability I need. EDIT: Well it has >1.0 TWR. And absolutely silly amounts of post stall maneuvering. If I weren't so twitchy with the throttle I could've landed it on its tail! Still no cobras unfortunately. EDIT2: Well I'll be damned. Due to a botched takeoff (Me yanking on the stick too hard), I lost an engine. I was still able to surpass Mach 1 and be stable with only the left engine and SAS. I also managed to land, with a dramatic and unintentional handbrake turn. It also seems that it cannot do the Cobra because it has too much wing, as it seems to be unable to surpass 70 degree AoA without miniscule speeds. At such low speed it's basically able to helicopter across the terrain. EDIT3: Aha! Finally got a Cobra. Well, I think it was. Did require some very low speeds, but I did do a controlled rise above 90 AoA and back. Also did some somersaults. I believe I have demonstrable supermaneuverability. EDIT4: Well, it can invert its orientation near-instantly at low speeds, and very quickly at high speeds. Easily capable of Gs, can be broken up at above M0.9 with a max-pitch control applied without leading into it. Supermaneuverable, not sure how to screenshot that however. Adding supermaneuverability reduced supercruise to Mach 1.9 and top speed with afterburners to Mach 2.85-ish. Speeds shown here, links only for brevity: Supercruise: With Afterburners (Maximum Speed): Does BDArmory work in 1.1.3? At least, enough to put the weapons on? EDIT5: Well it would seem scooting the intakes back about a meter HALVED my wave-drag area. Unfortunately it means the intake's model clips into the engine... Aside from looking weird, is that a problem? EDIT6: Alright some new pics for proof. Supercruise is back to Mach 2, have a pic of sustained tailslide for proof of supermaneuverability, supercruise below 5km, and >1TWR.
  10. Hello! I'm currently trying to make a craft for this challenge, but having a large amount of trouble with supermaneuverability. No matter what I do with the intakes, one of my engines flames out at about 80 degrees AoA. I even tried making belly intakes just for Kerbs and giggles, and I couldn't keep up with the jets' air hunger. I can't post a craft file at the moment but any tips on maximizing maneuverability? Mine is actually ever so slightly unstable at some speeds, and just about controllable with just SAS.
  11. Just wondering, is there any way to fire multiple weapons at the same time? For example, I made an FW190, which has both 20mm cannons and 13mm machine guns, and I would like to fire both at once. If there isn't, I'd like that feature to be added!
  12. I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so it's here, as it's not related to KSP, but the forums. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to use the new text editor in this new forum. I keep getting these indents that I have no idea how to control, remove, edit, add, or otherwise change. It's annoying me to no end, and I simply don't know what to do.
  13. And, finally, the first part of chapter four! I know it's not much, but I've had a lot of stuff to do lately, so I hope it's enough for now!