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  1. So they effectively put more junk in orbit, sigh. Kind of disappointed really, due to the fact that they have the rocket technology that would much better suited to a country that can actually build satellites. I would even be less disappointed if it was a sputnik bleeper, nope just dead; a waste. In other news I found some VERY interesting photos. 1. the satellite Nothing much to say here. 2. 3rd stage Solid? 3. Engines VERNIERS? This I was not expecting. Well I knew there were verniers but last time they were tiny things that made tiny adjustments, these have completely replaced the jet vanes.
  2. Update Stage 1 and 2 were confirmed successful. Fairing was also successfully separated. Update Satellite was successfully put in orbit.
  3. Christ, I just woke up to this, I could hear the dramatic chipmunk sound effect in my head... Update Anyway yes, North Korea have launched a rocket. As we can see in the few pictures we have it is an Unha class vehicle. http://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2016/feb/07/north-korea-announces-long-range-rocket-launch-video No news on if successful yet.
  4. Update NADA have filed a notification to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that it would launch K-4 (an earth observation satellite) between Feb 8-25. Tanker trucks have begun delivering fuel to the fuel/oxidiser tanks at the launch complex. As well as this there is activity at the horizontal processing building. It's possible they will launch within the next two weeks. Everyone go into high alert mode!
  5. Well no launch happened, however a member of ISA was on TV and discussed the actual plans they have going forward (not just some internet guy this time). The current plan is to launch a test flight of Simorgh in two months followed by the launch of the Tolou satellite in the autumn period (august-september) if successful. As well as that after the test flight the phase 1 of the Imam Khomeini launch centre will be complete, this includes the construction and operation of the facilities there currently, and they will move onto phase 2 which includes the construction of a new launch complex for polar orbiting satellites.
  6. welp here we go... Good point, maybe I hoping for less questionable things under new leadership. Either way we shouldn't discuss this here.
  7. Well hello guys. Not going to lie, I completely forgot about this thread (despite the fact I was technically the 'head' of it...) I guess the reason I left was because a large amount of nothing happened between the last update and now. However there were other reasons such as the North doing multiple questionable things which greatly turned me off supporting this thread. However if I go by this with the opinion of neutral-negative and have more of a "guard watch" approach rather then supportive interest then I suppose I can keep giving updates. Update Anyway with that out of the way I suppose its time to talk about what's happening over there in the hermit kingdom. As you may have heard there is a moderate number of vehicles in the area. So far they have been operating by removing snow and what I assume is maintenance; while many are claiming this must be them preparing for a launch, from what I have seen I honestly believe it's just winter maintenance. So far there has been no evidence that what is occurring is launch preparations. Now what is interesting however is the construction they have finished in the engine test area. As you can see they have constructed a rail transporter like the one on the launch pad. A very odd addition, it's possible it contains cranes inside in order to lift heavier things. That's all for now, as I said I doubt anything will be happening soon so for now I will wait.
  8. Yes, this was my original opinion too. It's likely that the person I talked was a bit "over-excited" about the possibility of a Simorgh launch. LOL, unfortunately though it's likely that the coverage will be the same.
  9. Hello everyone, long time no see. I've absent due to work for how long again, 4 months.... errrr. Anyway back to the main topic. There is a possibility that the Simorgh will have its first flight within the next two weeks. So far the entire rocket has been tested last year meaning that they are waiting for the right time to launch it. Considering that the 2nd of February holds special value to the Iranians (national space day) and the fact that they like to launch things on that day it can be assumed it will be launched then. As well as this I have been told that they are indeed going to do this launch however there is considerable fear that it may generate large backlash. As well as this it is only a test, there will not be a functional satellite instead being a dummy. So we will see what occurs, whether it succeeds, fails or outright doesn't happen (If so I will eat my shoe). I wish the Iranians luck.
  10. Sorry to those who cannot see the pics. Try the NSF site directly; [url]http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=8447.msg1448543#new[/url]
  11. [quote name='RainDreamer']What are the red thingies circled in yellow at the bottom of the SRBs? Clamps?[/QUOTE] No, I'm not entirely sure what they are...
  12. ITS HAPPENING!!! [IMG]http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/xindex.php,qaction=dlattach,3Btopic=8447.0,3Battach=1080451,3Bimage.pagespeed.ic.lgVRSNcOT7.webp[/IMG] [IMG]http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/xindex.php,qaction=dlattach,3Btopic=8447.0,3Battach=1080453,3Bimage.pagespeed.ic.194Jx2jvUX.webp[/IMG] [IMG]http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/xindex.php,qaction=dlattach,3Btopic=8447.0,3Battach=1080461,3Bimage.pagespeed.ic.27wPnalzgP.webp[/IMG] [IMG]http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/xindex.php,qaction=dlattach,3Btopic=8447.0,3Battach=1080457,3Bimage.pagespeed.ic.Pisq9hlIAs.webp[/IMG] Actually its just a test :wink: Also hi, its been a while. Up until this point though I didn't have anything worthy to post.
  13. They've been planning this for a while now, good to see the plan going into action. While i'm not sure if it can be done for $10 billion (Although you have to remember that conversion wise that will go for a lot more in China then America), however they definitely have technical side of it covered. This is the country that's building the FAST telescope, over 30 new nuclear reactors, many high speed rail lines, super computers like Tianhe-2 and of course their space program; so I have no doubt that they have technical capabilities.
  14. It's just a patent troll, please don't take it seriously. Also please don't make threads on future patent trolls.
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