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  1. It was something else I think. I spent 2 hours and did a ALT+F4 on the old install. Must have been an old file or something. Works now.
  2. Both are the latest version, sill getting the magically disappearing OMS engine. Any oher ideas?
  3. I just found this (I know what rock were you under) an dit is awesome looking. But I can use it (sadface) I saw above where the OMS has a new model, the one in the current download disappears when you attach it to anything and that part is now locked and can't be recycled. Is there a quick fix for this, or will I have to wait for the new one to be released. If that is the case, is there a good substitute in KSP? I'm kinda on a FAM kick and trying to recreate the Shuttle/Skylab thingy. On the other side I am tearing my hair out trying to recreate the LSAM and Jtown...
  4. Can't get this to run on due to dependency on B9 Part Switch not working with this version. Any way to remove the dependency?
  5. Is B9 getting updated to Cant use one of the other mods without it. And I wont run on this version.
  6. My install was a manual one, however there are missing Scout components. wingelet white, winglet black and jet vane are missing in all of the scout rockets... Just FYI.
  7. I'm gonna pour LH2 on this fire by saying this. Things have not really worked well after the .24 version. So if 1.2 is the final major update big deal. This game has been broken badly since .25 came out specifically if you were using most of the real world mods. Even with the current version I cant get a lot of things to work correctly. So if this game dies, I will be really bummed out as it is the only one of its type out there. Why is the only space games have these problems???
  8. Links please? (Nevermind, I found this thing called "SEARCH")
  9. Well since no one else is even attempting to get this to work, I took a shot at it. This is how much I have gotten to work in The heat shield is working too, however it wont connecct to the TMA Adapter right... No time to day to do more today, but I ran into a funny issue... The entire thing is falling straight down... No idea how to fix that! Nor how to get the TMA adapter to link to the service module properly.
  10. I was pulling my hair out trying to get the IACBM docking ports to attach themselves to anything on the backside. Turns out there is a error in the part.cfg file for both. Not sure if this applied to Win x86 or not, I am using the x64 version after implementing the x64 workaraound found here. Anyways to get them to work, go into GameData/FusTek/Station Parts/Parts/IACBM25 open the part.cfg and mod this line to this As far as the parts working in x64 I have not hit any krakens yet.
  11. I just wanted to let you know that while using the 64-bit hack (using the unity 64 exe and mono dll) the only things that don't work right are the launch towers (They break the ship, eg using two on a Titan GLV will cause the Gemini to fall off the top of the rocket) and the parachutes. Since eventually KSP will have to get a 64-bit client I just wanted to report that to you for the gig-bag.
  12. Well I gotta weigh in here. I cant seem to get anything to NOT flip! Hey I love stunt flying just like the next Kerbal, but when Im trying to launch Progress or Soyuz it get really annoying pretty quickly. In .90 - 1.0 it was beautiful, but with the latest 1.0.2 the Soyuz rocket cuts donuts (MMmmm Donuts). OLDD Proton works along with the FASA Apollo stuff, but my poor soyuz fliers just get sick on the tilt-a-whirl! Anyone found a good ascent profile for the old rocket? Oh yea, the N-1? Fugetaboutit!
  13. I know that, I was just reporting that U5 didn't get any better in x64 applications. And until KSP either migrates to a new engine (not likely) or Unity fixes the x64 platform (even less likely) We wont get to play KSP in all its spacey goodness!
  14. BTW I dumped that install and apparently a mod was causing it. Works good now.
  15. I was sitting here in my uncomfortable chair, getting madder and madder at Unity for not fixing the x64 platform, and had a random thought. Can you run more than one instance of KSP? So I cranked two up. One is a United States historical setup, the other is IN SOVIET RUSSIA!(Sarcasm Warning) They worked, I could play both at the same time! Perhaps I found a work around for the lack of a stable x64 Unity engine... Now I just need to get them to talk together. Any Ideas? I am not a programmer/software guy in anyway.
  16. Got a video now, FRAPS has really come along! https://youtu.be/wN1FX9mlENg
  17. Searching around here it appears that SQUAD broke the damn fairings. It seems no multiple part fairings work anymore...
  18. Don't know what log would tell you anything, no errors thrown, the fairings just fall off and the solar panels fall and vanish. I dont have any way to capture video.
  19. OK now all 4 fairings fall off as well as both solar panels. 1.0.2 just sucks at some things...
  20. Just found a possible bug. With 1.0.2 right after getting on the launch pad, the fairings fall off. Anyone else seen this?
  21. No more x64 on Win until Unity get off their butts and fixes the damn thing. U5 didnt solve an damn thing.
  22. ANYONE GOT A MOP!?!?!?! There is about a gallon or drool on my floor! So, when ya think y'all gonna release that beast?
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