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  1. Today I've tried to make submarine. But after failing couple of times, I've decided to ride it all the way to the bottom of an ocean.
  2. Today I'm running at 3 FPS while managing my Mun base. And also I've made Atlantis.
  3. Today I've found some fir-trees underwater
  4. Omg, that Elite: Dangerous styled system view. Looks amazing, good work there.
  5. I've tried to re-create SOC Seagull in KSP Too bad CoM ant CoT was not alighned properly and it had tendency to pitch down all the time. And another advice... Don't ever try to splash down your seaplane at 100 m/s
  6. I was too lasy to do 3 separate launches to put ScanSats to Mun, Kerbin and Minmus. So i put all tree satelites into one rocket. Realism style!
  7. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought thomething like this was already encountered, so description were pretty short. First things first, my GameData folder looks like this: http://imgur.com/a/hfFMt TextureReplacer is used for KSPRC to work, but since I've got all that nice planet textures from your mod, it changes only stock parts appearance. At least, it should do so. Planets dissapears only after you get close enough to them, and only solution is to restart a game. For example, if you had a ship landed on Mun and after the game loads you switch to it via tracking station - Mun will be where it should be. But if you will start a new mission and fly there from Kerbin, there are all chanses for it to become transparent. Fun thing is that all various terrain details lire rocks are still there. And you still can land on the planet/moon. Game version is 1.1.3. Do you need some logs from the game, or something like that? Also, there is strong probability that the problem is not with your mod, but with me being dumb. I'm sorry if it is so.
  8. Welp, that bug is driving me insane. Maybe it is not connected with SVT, but with Kopernicus/TextureReplacer/etc., but I've had it only with that mod. Disappearing planet textures. It happened with Mun once, and with Minmus twice. Sometimes it doesn't go away entirely, but becomes somewhat transparent. http://imgur.com/a/iywU0 Thank you in advance
  9. Legends say that those who fly up the mountain never return. Valeria decided find the source of that problem. Why don't they come back? Well, the answer is simple. Because trying to land on the tallest mountain on Kerbin in helicopter is a pretty dumb idea. Air is really thin up there, you know.
  10. Found the cause of my problem. Just as I thought, it was me being dumb. I forgot to install Community Resource Pack. Whoops.
  11. @ShotgunNinja it is .cfg, I've tripple chcecked it and removed all other profiles from directory just to be sure. There are only Realism.cfg and _readme now. Nothing has changed, it is still running like with Default profile enabled.
  12. Well, I've just discovered that I can't change profiles. I wanted to switch to Realism one. Renamed .cfg-file, removed Default prerset because I failed to rename it to ""cfg-disabled somehow and... Nothing has changed. Parts with water and oxygen are emty, and crew is pretty much OK with this. Either I'm dumb and doing something wrong, or I encountered a bug. Help me, please. Screeenshots are here: http://imgur.com/a/vy4uE
  13. I'm terrible at buiding planes. Especially since I use only FAR atmospheric model. But for the first time I build something that didn't crashed on the runway. Yay me! Big, slow and foolproof - just what I need. Turn rate of this WW1-inspired aircraft is terrible, but still I had amazing time with it. But hey, I still can't do proper landing.
  14. I would love to have that mod, but... How much memory does it consume? I mean, with my modded install KSP consumer up to 6gb of memory already. And I'm afraid that I'll fail to even launch KSP with that mod.
  15. After almost a year break, I'm back in KSP. And right now I'm collecting all possible science at the Minmus. And now: is that me, or it ractually looks like a small space bus?
  16. LOL Never thought about using KAS that way. This is best.
  17. Maybe. Look at the mission time btw. T + -01: -34: -17. My ship just traveled in time.
  18. Caught NaN-kraken. And KCT thought that this is simulation btw. But goddamit, I built that thing and launched into interplanetary space without any cheats and simulations!
  19. I've added some, two or three. It had do be more, but I didn't watched numbers carefully when I launched engine section ad ended up with 0,8 and 0,9 TWR on my middle and upper stages. And than - splashed it down. Hard. And ended up with these numbers: 11 days before constructing new engine section, 6 days before transfer window is closing and 4500 delta-V. Hopefully, Eve mission that is gonna be launched 23 days later will go better. It will be eqiped with extra-light Gilly lander, so TWR and dV balancing will be easier.
  20. Well, I've built and launched my Duna mission ship. Can you see spare docking port? It was intended for engine section. But it was too heavy to launch using 2,5m parts. 3,75 are not unlocked just yet. But lander with lab docked have 4500 dV, so it will be enough. Probably. I had no time to build and launch another version of engine section because of Kerbal Construct Time and transfer window closing shortly. Let's hope that this is gonna work...
  21. Can you see something here? I'm docking. And swearing.
  22. FAR, KER, KW Rocketry, Better Atmospheres, Deadly Reentry, TAC-LS, KAC and KAS. Also, KSP Interstellar. And I very like to see on my install also Transfer Window Planner and Kerbal Construction Time.
  23. Honestly, I can't remember. But I do believe that I saw video on YouTube. Build, Fly, Dream trailer, some russian guides, mr. Manley's videos - and I'm addicted.
  24. I read guides, I've done everything be the video, I have perfect 6 h 0 min 0,00003 sec period orbit, but... ...but still fu..d up my comms network
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