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  1. doudou

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    Hello community! Thank you Squad for these improvements, but why not get inspired by Ven's gorgeous models? it's graphic!
  2. Hello, the textures that were in the folder DIRT have disappeared? In this new version the mun is all gray "ugly" An idea ? see you soon
  3. you did not release this version? if so where is the link? thank you for your work. see you soon
  4. Hello, I noticed a problem with the new decouplers in the 1.4.2 + DLC. In the VAB the decoupler caps surround the engines (any of which) and in flight mode they disappear. an idea ?
  5. Thank you for this mod that goes well on my machine I7 @ 4ghz 980gtx 16 GB. And especially relatively easy to install! good continuation
  6. Ha yes, and could you share it with us?
  7. it works, but there is an incompatibility with the MissingHistory mod. No big beug but for example the engine LV-T45 has an extra carainage.
  8. i tried to put the mod in the state but nothing is loaded in the left pane in the VAB. I'm going to wait for a more official version hoping someone will do it!
  9. hello everyone, this mod works it correctly in 1.4.2 in the state? Or is it necessary to wait for a recompilation? thank you for your reply. See you soon !
  10. doudou

    [1.3.1] Docking Camera KURS Style

    Hello , I confirm I have exactly the same problem. This mod is currently incompatible with DX11. But nothing can resist @linuxgurugamer !
  11. doudou

    [1.3.0] Vens Stock Revamp Revamped 1.10.1

    Not what but Why ?
  12. @Avera9eJoe So yes I will wait in this case ! Looking forward to testing this revolutionary new version ! thank you for your reply.
  13. @Avera9eJoe Hello, an update of kopernicus just released 1.3.0-5 Is it risky to update? Have you modified kopernicus in your Spectra pack?