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  1. Are there any working telescope mods that anyone knows of? I know Tarsier used to have one that was OK but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work, or at least the forums post about it seems dated. I'd like to build a Kubble, or James Kebb telescope that actually functions (for asteroids, planets, moons). Even having a ground based one would be cool. Thanks for any help!
  2. Thanks @Snark! I last played before full release so nose cones just made things look pretty in that atmosphere. There's a ton of useful advice that makes a lot of sense here and I appreciate it. I'm excited to see what I can build now!
  3. That did it. I added wings, dropped the Kickbacks to 60% and it was smooth sailing from there. I watch mechjeb do it first, than was able to follow suit manually. Thank you @Rocket In My Pocket, @klesh, @wumpus, and @Cpt Kerbalkrunch. All of you guys gave some great info I appreciate each of your input.
  4. I appreciate the replies @Jas0n and @The Aziz!!! I'm cool with all of that. I even tried mechjeb and he couldn't help but flip also. What about aerodynamics? Wings, weight /aerodynamics / thrust distribution? It is unnervingly frustrating that I can't get a simple rocket that I used to fly all the time, and even mechjeb can't put it into orbit, so I'm really hoping to get help. Here is my simple stupid rocket:
  5. Hey all! It's been a long while. Maybe since v 1.0? Probably since asteroids were introduced. I used to play the ever living crap out of Kerbal and now it feels like I don't even know which end of the rocket I should point mostly up. It seems the atmosphere is holy crap unforgiving and I can't even make orbit which is insanely frustrating since I used to do it blind folded...well...not really... Did they make it so making a rocket is just as hard as making a space plane? What am I missing? Hoping some vets will know where I'm coming from and send some tips my way. I tried watching some vids and they just say to keep pointing prograde, but my rockets don't seem to want to. This is career mode BTW. Basic rocket stuff to work with.
  6. I couldn't stay up late but I still tried to capture a few. Most were to faint and the surrounding light pollution really made them hard to see. However when I was testing my camera focus and randomly pointed my camera in a general direction I got this one:
  7. I'd like to nip the whole ET life thing in the but so I vote: Enceladus - DLR has created something called the ICE MOLE which can burrow through the moons frozen crust. A few days of burrowing and boom alien space whales. You can see video's on VIMEO about it if you speak Deutsch. RTG powered lander + 1-2 billion = micro life
  8. Thanks for the responses guys. I removed the docking port, re-dropped the rover in as a sub-assembly without the docking port, than just added the docking ports to my lander and was able to attach the rover:
  9. I have a small rover I made using the stock rover body. My plan was to attach it to the bottom of my lander using a mini-docking port. However, I created my rover in the SPH, an made it a sub assembly. I then created the lander, put a docking port on the bottom and grabbed by rover out of the sub assembly where the mini-docking port doesn't have a green connector orb, just has one on the bottom of the rover for some reason. I don't mind using KAS, or making something with a drawbridge/garage door opener, I just don't know how to do those kind of things.
  10. I was driving towards the launch pad from the air strip testing a new rover. When I got a couple meters away from the pad my rover seemed to run into an invisible flag or something spinning it out and crashing it. It was weird, and that's all I got.
  11. I'm trying to build a super carrier with the new monstrous B9 parts...should keep me busy for the next few weeks.
  12. Jasel

    Space Engine

    It seems cool, but without "challenges" it seems to be a very, very, good looking Eye of the Solar System. I think I would label this "game" as Space Pron. Especially with that sound track.
  13. Jasel

    Space Engine

    Anybody hear or play this game yet?
  14. Just some quick beginner tips I learned from the Scott Manley School of Exploding Rockets: -You should start your turn when all of these are hit: 10K, with 15K app, going at 200m/s -Look up Kerbins terminal velocities...should be a wiki page with them on it. Try not to go over too much. You can adjust the amount of thrust on your solid rockets by right clicking them. Essentially, don't go above 230 (i think) until 10K -Your turn should should be 45 degrees MechJeb There might be some issues with the rockets you're using vs the amount of fuel you are trying to push up into space soooo - -If your going to use MechJeb for anything, use it to view your DeltaV. How you use it is personal preference and how you feel it helps, or over-helps. That is your stance and no one elses. (I feel since all manned flights into space are computer controlled, it's ok to use MechJeb; that said I still started out doing everything manual just so I learned). -Lastly - Use MECHJEB FOR DELTAV
  15. Never fail an aerobrake again: http://alterbaron.github.io/ksp_aerocalc/
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