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  1. [LOG 12:53:59.281] Log started at 2020-08-04 12:53:59.281 [LOG 12:54:00.392] Checking Cache [LOG 12:54:00.581] SHA generated in 0.186s [LOG 12:54:00.581] SHA = C8-B0-87-4B-B5-CD-E2-74-ED-E7-7D-17-D1-C2-C7-43-7C-73-A4-57-AA-37-B2-1E-48-3F-F7-1D-E5-40-AA-A0 [LOG 12:54:00.596] Changes : Changed : JDTechTree/Tree/JDTechTree.cfg.cfg [LOG 12:54:00.596] Cache SHA = 74-5B-DE-0A-EC-3C-2D-52-2E-84-97-BB-2D-EF-12-76-BE-37-12-B6-95-F7-B6-3E-A1-19-10-32-38-D0-52-28 [LOG 12:54:00.596] useCache = False [LOG 12:54:00.599] Pre patch init [LOG 12:54:00.799] compiling list of loaded mods... Mod DLLs found
  2. I'm having trouble reassigning the Tech Required for the stock command parts. @PART[mk1pod|mk2LanderCabin]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = simpleCommandModules } @PART[probeCoreSphere]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = start } @PART[longAntenna]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree]:FINAL { @TechRequired = survivability } I've tried with the :FINAL tag to no avail. I've also tried this running only Module Manager, Community Tech Tree, and my config mod. I am able to reassign other parts without issue (the Communotron 16 moves to survivability just like expected), but command p
  3. Does anyone happen to know if there is a gui out there for editing tech trees in CTT without having to jump into the text files?
  4. Does anyone happen to know if the 1.4.1 version is compatible with 1.4.4?
  5. I just have to say that this is one of the most impressive vessels I've seen in KSP. Utterly fantastic work.
  6. My station around Minmus. I still haven't completed the tech tree (so many modded nodes) so the station has a lot of bootstrapping going on
  7. Space Station Discovery, the first station of my 1.3 career playthrough. The solar array isn't the original, as I didn't have gigantors available when I launched the station.
  8. Could someone direct me to a list of the commands for CTT? I remember there being more than just @ for adding. (Though that was quite awhile ago)
  9. You just got ride of all the extra weight. Very forward thinking of you!
  10. It is moments like that that make me grateful KSP doesn't model G-Force damage on kerbals
  11. That's actually pretty awesome Super risky (kerbally?) too!
  12. Just make your own. Making a patch for CTT really isn't very difficult, especially if you're just moving parts around the nodes.
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