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  1. Does anyone happen to know if there is a gui out there for editing tech trees in CTT without having to jump into the text files?
  2. Does anyone happen to know if the 1.4.1 version is compatible with 1.4.4?
  3. I just have to say that this is one of the most impressive vessels I've seen in KSP. Utterly fantastic work.
  4. My station around Minmus. I still haven't completed the tech tree (so many modded nodes) so the station has a lot of bootstrapping going on
  5. Space Station Discovery, the first station of my 1.3 career playthrough. The solar array isn't the original, as I didn't have gigantors available when I launched the station.
  6. Could someone direct me to a list of the commands for CTT? I remember there being more than just @ for adding. (Though that was quite awhile ago)
  7. You just got ride of all the extra weight. Very forward thinking of you!
  8. It is moments like that that make me grateful KSP doesn't model G-Force damage on kerbals
  9. That's actually pretty awesome Super risky (kerbally?) too!
  10. Just make your own. Making a patch for CTT really isn't very difficult, especially if you're just moving parts around the nodes.
  11. What the most impressive/lucky/awe-inspiring ways your Kerbals have pulls victory from the jaws of defeat? One of mine was a harrowing re-entry with a beleaguered SSTO in a modded save awhile back. At the time there was an issue with Infernal Robotics that would cause FUN! to happen if you attached a docking port to a I.R. part. An issue I was unaware of. WARNING: Wall of text incoming! In my blissful ignorance I put a docking port on the end of a segmented, actuated arm in the cargobay of my SSTO, the Charon, and launched her on a taxi mission to my LKO science station to rotate my scientists. Jeb was at the wheel, so what could go wrong? The ascent, rendezvous, and docking went off without a hitch. The new scientist boarded the station, and Bob settled into the Charon to take some R&R before his deployment on the soon-to-be-launched manned Duna mission. The undocking went as planned as well; it wasn't until I tried to retract the docking arm and found that it was frozen in place that I realized something had gone amiss. The cargobay doors proved similarly unresponsive. Now this was my "no quickload no respawn" career save, so I had to live with the mechanical failure. Worse, I had Deadly Re-entry and FAR installed, so even though vanilla heat mechanics weren't a thing, death due to bad re-entry was a very real threat. Still, only the docking arm was new; the Charon's airframe was a design I had flown and landed probably fifty times at that point. I was confident I could bring her down safely. I burned for reentry and dropped to into the atmosphere. The Charon's aerodynamic profile was seriously compromised thanks to the docking port; the first hints of drag immediately tried to pull her off vector. Still confident, I tried to compensate, only to instantly and completely lose control. Everything I did only seemed to make it worse. Strain on the Charon's frame was increasing. I tried to reign her in hard, and instead flipped her clean over in the opposite direction. With the spaceplan wrongside up, a combination Deadly Reentry and FAR disassembly began their work. Parts started coming off like waterdroplets on a windshield. Every battery, antenna, mechjeb component, and parachute was scoured from the cargobay and upper hull. Finally the docking arm and the outer winglets were sheared/burned off, with part of the debris taking one of the tailfins as it went. The end appeared nigh. Without the drag from the arm, the plane became a bit more conventionally aerodynamic and righted herself before Deadly Re-entry could live up to it's name. Less fortunately, the chaotic descent had dumped more speed than expected. Where the original flight plan had put the Charon above the KSC, she was now falling into the mountains to the West. As a final nail in an already well secured coffin, the plane had traded the crazy rolling of re-entry for a rotating pancake drop. It was more genteel, but no less lethal. The worst part was that the control surfaces appeared to be functioning, but the plane itself wasn't responding as expected. I was bewildered. Jeb and Bob were going to die a scant few kilometers from home, and there was nothing I could do about it. Then I looked closely and the Charon's wingtips and the full extent of what the Infernal Robotics bug had done to me was made clear. The bug hadn't just frozen every actuator on the ship, it had inverted every control surface as well. (While leaving the reaction wheels alone.) With this newfound understanding (and after some desperate attempts to click spinning parts in order to disable the reaction wheels) I slammed the Charon into a nosedive. The spinning began to slow, but I still lacked the airspeed to maintain flight. The plane dropped below the peaks of the mountains, still mostly in free-fall. Ground clutter had just become visible when the Charon was finally able to pull up her nose and gain horizontal momentum. I even managed to limp my way over to the KSC and landed on the runway, though the Charon was burned, bruised, missing more than few parts, and decidedly worse for wear. I had to take a break after that one, my hands were shaking. So yeah, that's my closest call. What have your Kerbals barely survived?
  12. I forgot I had disabled the safeties on a DT Vista engine from KSP Interstellar (for those who have never played Interstellar, the DT Vista is a fusion engine that produces extremely nasty radiation for anyone not inside the ship within 2km). I thought I was engaging my maneuvering thrusters to move out of radiation range, but instead switched on the Vista and sterilized my LKO station. (The twelve deceased occupants were remembered with honor) Another was when the orbiter I was piloting spontaneously decided to develop phantom force rotation. . . while my Kerbal was on EVA. Even time acceleration couldn't stop the rotation long enough for him to get back aboard. The final attempt saw my kerbal struck by one of the landing legs while trying to grab the ladder and *poof*.
  13. Is there a tutorial or something out there for the USI reactors? The interface is very attractive, but it doesn't have any tooltips and I can't find any documentation for how to actually use these things. Nevermind, I'm using this with Near Future Electrical, which is giving me grief because I'm an idiot who doesn't properly attach radiators.
  14. My dream of an Ork space program can finally be realized! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHH!
  15. Is active MPL research a mod? I tried googling it but came up blank. As for the research rate, yes. I know it seems shockingly high compared to stock, but there is a reason. I've balanced the mod to have much higher return rates, but with comparatively low data-to-science rates. For example, without the mod, the MPL will give you five science for every one data but it will take well over a year to process, which basically means your primary limit to science return is time. With DSD installed, you only get two or three science per data at best, but you will be able to process the majority of your data in weeks or even days in most cases. This adjustment shifts the limit on science return over to the production of data itself; you'll need more experiments to create more data, because you'll exhaust your existing data more quickly with less return. (Granted, you could always just have more labs and convert the same experiments multiple times, but that's super cheesey, and I'm not balancing my mod around cheese ) As for the "low consumption rate" you mentioned, remember that the data-to-science ratio doesn't change or scale in any way. (I.E., in stock, 1 data will always produce 5 science) What changes is how long that conversion requires, which in the end gives us our science-per-day. Still, if you think the rates should be adjusted, you can make a module manager patch with your own rates very easily. The part names for the labs are Large_Crewed_Lab, DSD1, and DSD2. @PART[Large_Crewed_Lab]:AFTER[DSD] { @MODULE[ModuleScienceConverter] { @researchTime = 5 //Stock = 7 Scales the time research takes exponentially (larger numbers equal longer research) @scienceMultiplier = 2 //Stock = 5 The data-to-science return ratio @scientistBonus = .4266 //Stock = .25 The star multiplier for scientist skill } } Adjust the values how you like, save that in a new text file, put it in gamedata, and name it something like DSDconfig.cfg (If you're curious how the science-per-day is calculated, I have a post on the WIP thread that details the formula.) Also, if you come up with some rates you really like, let me know! The mod is stable, but I'm always open to balance suggestions and testing Hope that helps you out!
  16. I've found that the more I the play the game the less I use Mechjeb's functionality beyond info readouts. I still use Execute Maneuver Node religiously, mostly because I'm lazy.
  17. Thanks Mk2 Expansion has a Mk2 Science Lab. Sadly, I'm not aware of any Mk3 labs at the moment. I don't really use Mk3 parts much, but that could be an interesting place to take the mod. I'll have to look into it I'm also planning a 1.25m lab designed for rover use, though we'll see how that goes.
  18. I made a mod! (It's even got custom models )
  19. [table] [tr] [td]I feel that the current stock MPL doesn't really fit anywhere very well at the moment. It processes too slowly to be useful earlier in career mode, and has too little capacity later on. Its science production is too powerful to ignore, but to use it requires constant babysitting. DSD Mobile Labs is designed to address these concerns.[/td] [td="width:128][/td] [/tr] [/table] [table] [tr] [td]Vanilla MPL changes The stock MPL has received a weight reduction and a nerf to its data-to-science conversion rate. To compensate, the peak processing speed has been dramatically increased. New Parts DSD-I MPL The DSD-I is has a better data-to-science conversion ratio than the stock MPL, but converts at a slower rate. It is heavier than the stock MPL as well, and uses quite a bit more electricity. In general it is probably an upgrade to the stock version except in situations where you aren't expecting much more than 500 data and/or have serious weight restrictions. Has facilities for a single scientist. DSD-II MPL The DSD-II maintains its predecessors data to science conversion rate, while significantly enhancing available data storage, science storage, and peak processing rate. The downside is significant weight, and an even greater electrical footprint. Has facilities for a single scientist.[/td] [td] [/td][/tr] [/table] [table] [tr] [td]Dependencies Module Manager - the new parts will work without Module Manager, but the balance changes to the stock MPL will not. Recommended Mods Community Tech Tree - The DSD labs work with the vanilla tree, but they make a lot more sense when used in a deeper tech tree, both in terms of science return and in research node placement. Field Experience - The experience level of a scientist makes a massive difference in the processing rate of a lab (as in, a 1-star scientist works six times faster than a 0-star!) but the vanilla game only awards these important experience stars when kerbals are recovered from a mission. Field Experience corrects this oversight, allow your scientists to increase their level "in the field." Mod Compatibility I am not aware of any incompatibility at the moment, but any more that modifies the stock MPL will probably have some issues. If you encounter any mod incompatibility, please let me know. Downloads & Source Github Kerbal Stuff Error Reporting & Suggestions If you've got any ideas you like to see implemented, bugs you've encountered, or balance changes to suggest, drop by the Work In Progress thread. (When reporting an error or incompatibility, please be as specific as you can, try and replicate the error if possible, and remember that error logs and such are golden. Being specific helps us mod makers efficiently fix the problems, so we can get the fixes out to you faster. ) Mod Packs / Compilations As per the license, I have no problems with mod packs including DSD Mobile Labs. However, if you encounter problems, please contact the mod pack makers first, they are much more likely to understand the mod interaction occurring and be able to help you. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.[/td] [/tr] [/table]
  20. Except that using multiple labs is also highly exploitable, since last time I checked a single experiment can be processed by multiple labs simultaneously. (Unless that changed?)
  21. Huh, looks like I had a basic misunderstanding regarding the function of Scientist stars. Time for testing. . . Edit: After some trial and error, I came up with the following formula for the data-to-science conversion: The science per day from a single lab is equal to the sum of the following equation for each kerbal scientist in the lab. Single scientist contribution: (data stored)(lab's "scientistBonus")(lab's "scienceMultiplier")(54*10^(2-(lab "researchTime")))(1+4(number of scientist stars))*(1+(.1904717*((lab's "scientistBonus")-.25))) = science per day for scientist Wow, totally got that wrong . . . several times too >.< Correct Formula: storedData x scientistBonus x scienceMultiplier x (54 x 10^(2 - researchTime)) x (4 x kerbalExperienceLevel + scientistBonus / .25) = single scientist's contribution to science per day Total "Science per day": science per day = sumâ‚ + sumâ‚‚ + . . . + sumâ‚™ So a lab with 3000 science, one three-star scientist, a scienceMultiplier of 3, a researchTime of 5, and a scientistBonus of .32 will produce: 3000*.32*3*(54*10^(2-5))*(4*3+(.32/.25))) = 2065.3056 science per day :EDIT: Bah, still not right . . . back to testing. :EDIT EDIT: HA, got it! (I think)