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  1. so the first two seem pretty straightforward. Is atmospheric temperature just the outside air temp that I can pull from a thermometer part? I'm going to need some hand-holding in which values to use and how to get the drag coefficient. Tho maybe someone on the kOS reddit can help I will ask there now too
  2. I've had a quick look and I'm 99% sure its this. You're using the default Cd the entire time and flying through the entire lower atmosphere which requires drag calculation updates every 1km to be more accurate. Also not sure if your surface area is accurate but you can determine that with this wiki article if you didn't already. (hey @Arrowstar I've just noticed there's no prominent link to the wiki on the first post). Drag updates is a wiki article I haven't done yet because I'm still trying to determine a best practice for it. I think I have the basics down tho so I'll work on getting that written up today
  3. This is interesting because I don't know what Kerbalism was trying to achieve here by getting in the way of NF
  4. and first static fire was today! FAQ: flame bucket smoke is an SRB clipped into it horizontally. Physics enabled on SmokeScreen smoke doesn't produce as well-defined a stream of "steam" coming out the bucket mouth. It's pretty well-lit for night time but there's also nearly a full Mun out. The engine is from KW Rocketry which doesn't have emissive textures, the "heat glow" of the bell was added in post
  5. Got an issue for you in this LVD case file. The program gets hung up (not frozen just doesn't complete the process) when I try to delete the 4th sequential event. Doesn't matter if I try to delete it outright or if I try to delete the other sequential events after it from the latest backwards
  6. That's what I was afraid of. Ah well, just have to resort to ye old method of "try and see!" the issue as I've seen it so far is that I can still select the atmosphere toggle, the curve is just a flat line. So you wouldn't have to code the workaround to know by default what planets should have an atmosphere, all you need is to code that determines "this planet has an atmosphere enabled but it has no pressure" and throw a warning based on that. Here's the MAT file with the problem, in case it will help. No. I have yet to catch it in the act. Both times it's happened I haven't realized it right away. No idea what it could be caused by. Consider my above suggestion a debugging method to help me catch it
  7. Is it possible for the GA to output movement torque in newtons? Can the simulation tell how much force is required for the rocket to move as it does? So I have it on a linear pitch movement and would like to know how much force is being applied to make that turn-over rate. This would be very useful in knowing if my RCS thrusters are adequate - I can use RCS Build Aid mod to see the amount of torque produced along all the axis of the vehicle Also, I had to redo a LVD case file because I realized way late into it that Kerbin was missing an atmosphere again Can a warning be added to detect this? I was able to select the atmosphere option in the Celestial Body Catalog and it just shows up as a flat line. So it can tell that Kerbin is supposed to have an atmosphere, and if that's the case then it should assume that a curve would be present. If not, it should raise a warning.
  8. what would be the LVD equivalent of "hold prograde"? I'm done with my lifter burn at 45km and just want to coast out of the atmosphere and start up my vacuum engine in space. Not really as efficient I know because I lose speed on the coast but I'm not concerned about that. Mission profile has its reasons, dammit MECO comes at -3° AoA and I'm not sure how to set things up to zero out and hold 0° AoA for the remainder of the time in the atmosphere. Also, I'm assuming getting to and holding 0° AoA is the same as holding prograde - pretty sure that's right tho Aaaaand 10min of playing around later I realized I could switch the steering model - set it to Body Fixed Aero Angles Steering. Didn't notice any diff between that and Inertial Aero
  9. yea that would work, allowing for manual re-ordering Also new suggestion: These two warnings are showing up because I disabled thrust modeling when an engine is throttled up and also drag modeling when in atmosphere for pre-launch events while still on the pad. Perhaps these could be ignored if the launch clamp is active?
  10. additional suggestion: have the Optimizer automatically order constraints by the sequential event they are assigned to when you add them?
  11. Minor issue, not sure if it's a bug or working as inteded - when I plot out engine activation in the GA the engine stays active even after the stage does not: Is it done this way on purpose for some reason and if we want to see an engine shutdown we have to add the event ourselves? I know LVD ignores any engines attached to a disabled stage so I'm not concerned it's still calculating thrust on it. I just thought it would show it deactivated with an inactive stage when plotted as well