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  1. @Syntax I'm dedicating time to coding improvements in my Ops Tracker. Any chance you have some free time too? I'm still curious as to whether things are made easier by not having to chop off orbits with ecc<1 but that still extend outside of the body's SOI
  2. Drew Kerman

    [1.4.x] Too Many Orbits

    would it be possible to select what orbits of system bodies (not user vessels) you'd like to hide?
  3. Drew Kerman

    [1.4.4] RemoteTech v1.8.12 [2018-07-17]

    not sure why this MM config to add a new ground station isn't working. I read the section in the docs about doing this but could not see my second ground station in the tracking center nor did I get a connection when I dropped a probe over the coordinates. Here is the config @RemoteTechSettings { !GroundStations,* {} GroundStations { STATION { Guid = 5105f5a9-d628-41c6-ad4b-21154e8fc488 Name = Mission Control Latitude = -0.13133150339126601 Longitude = -74.594841003417997 Height = 75 Body = 1 MarkColor = 0.996078014,0,0,1 Antennas { ANTENNA { Omni = 75000000 Dish = 0 CosAngle = 1 UpgradeableOmni = 4E+06;3.0E+07;7.5E+07 UpgradeableDish = UpgradeableCosAngle = } } } STATION { Guid = 05f12d95-9b68-edf5-7892-27fab7e0f37b Name = South Pole Latitude = -73.10302734375 Longitude = -56.42578125 Height = 75 Body = 1 MarkColor = 1,0.8,0,0.7 Antennas { ANTENNA { Omni = 75000000 Dish = 0 CosAngle = 1 UpgradeableOmni = 4E+06;3.0E+07;7.5E+07 UpgradeableDish = UpgradeableCosAngle = } } } } } I first had the MarkColor the same but even when I switched them to different colors I didn't see the station after restarting. KSC still shows up fine tho. I also checked the MM cache file and the config looks just like it should. Running KSP1.4.5 w/MH and RT1.8.12
  4. small update, since I said I was going to check out the pre-release this week. That's likely not going to happen. Having too much success adding new features to my KSA Ops Tracker to get things ready to resume launches by January. I'm going to probably hit trouble and get frustrated at some point as I'm working on more and more complicated new features so I'll check out the pre-release once my momentum breaks and I need a distraction
  5. Ha, yea. I wanted to see if you're still around before I stripped down to stock and did more testing. Since you're busy I'll just get around to it eventually in the next few days. Or ping me if you find time before then and I'll take care of it sooner
  6. he's not really an active maintainer tho - starting a thread IMO shouldn't be a thing unless you're an active developer. It just brings the update trolls to your doorstep. Cartman has just been kind enough to swing by whenever I ping him
  7. hey @cartman if you are able to look into some errors I'm getting in 1.4.5 I will investigate further. Here is the output log. I was able to reproduce twice but not a third time the way I thought was needed to cause it. I will attempt to repro if you (or anyone else) can look into it. Basically seems to lock the camera until you switch a vessel but then refuses to retake control of the camera again when the option is selected
  8. (Originally posted to the website on 9/13) Today we cap off our second year of operations! Sadly we're not quite in as exciting a position as we were at this time last year. I said back then it was too early for any reflection but enough time has passed now that the goals we were aiming for from the beginning are finally starting to look a bit too optimistic. Such is the reality of any difficult endeavor however - you can only plan for the best and work with what you get. We certainly did aim to reach orbit by this point but delays to operations, such as the legal injunction earlier this year and the currently ongoing Monolith activity, did not give us the time we needed to accomplish such a difficult task. Despite the hardships progress is being made, even if it is not as fast as we would have liked. The biggest scientific achievement this year would undoubtedly be the discovery of the radiation belt that exists above the planet. This was made possible mainly through direct observations taken by our Progeny Mk6 rocket on over half a dozen sub-orbital flights. Although we have proven how beneficial going into space can be for the scientific community, staying in space to really begin to get kerbs excited for the future of our civilization is still very much a work in progress. While we remain focused on 2019 as the year the first astronaut will head for the heavens, we've all come to realize just how much work yet lies ahead of us. One major step will soon be taken though, as next week we will announce the final design of our first space capsule! The immediate future is looking pretty shaky thanks to the activities of the Monolith but we don't expect it to hold us back in the long term. This next year aims to hold as many exciting events and opportunities as the two years prior and lead to many more in the years to come. I continue to be inspired by all the hard work and dedication the Kerbal Space Agency employees have shown, as well as faith. Faith not in some unseen and unknown entity but in the steady progress of success over failure and the ultimate purpose of journeying among the stars for the betterment of all kerbalkind. - Drew Kerman Founder & Operations Director Desk Notes (Out of Character Behind the Scenes stuff)
  9. indeed! Thanks for dropping by. the NovaPunch K2-X is currently powering our first orbital-class booster! Has yet to make orbit after two attempts but we are getting close!
  10. depends on how realistic it is to use the Thrust slider. Honestly not sure, but I would imagine even simple cold-gas RCS thrusters could adjust their ouput
  11. From the latest dev log. Not sure if it affects anything but figured I'd give a heads up just in case
  12. Drew Kerman

    [Request] Odometer?

    Look up Persistent Trails
  13. Drew Kerman

    Weather thats not FAR

    Yea I remember that mod. I still don’t get why they wanted to try to simulate weather in real time *inside* KSP. Nothing you do in the game can affect weather, so why even bother simulate it in the game? It would be great for a student looking for a school project or someone interested in atmospherics could build a weather model as an external program that could generate weather data to import into the game. The game doesn’t have to process anything it just needs to generate the proper conditions. Still intensive but way less than also simulating them in real time.