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  1. @Arrowstar here is a simpler way compared to my last post to see something is going awry with the propagation in the latest release compared to earlier versions. Download this package. Open Alaba_5-19-20.mat Propagate to next Mun encounter (#39) and note time is Y4 D262 02:31:33 Copy initial orbital data Open Alaba Prediction 3-10-20.mat Advance script to Event 10 (Encounter 39) Paste the copied orbital data into initial state Get UT from end of Event 2 and note time is Y4 D262 02:12:40 I can confirm that in the game 02:12:40 is the actual time of the Mun encounter. Hopefully you can take a look at the MAT data to see what's making a difference here. I cannot recall what KSPTOT version I used to create the prediction file, but it was first created on March 21st this year. I can't say for sure it was using the latest pre-release at the time.
  2. @blackrack still considering making ground scatter objects affected by atmospherics as a performance-affecting option? If not, which was the latest version to do this? Wondering if I can bump my v1.5.1 KSP up a bit for my visual surface shots of Kerbin. Especially from KSP, I like showing trees off in the distance
  3. Check it out yourself if you're not in 1.9 // Generated by Kerbal Konstructs STATIC { pointername = SQUAD_CommNetDish Instances { UUID = 715ee808-b52f-447b-a9f2-7caa2f2f1b68 CelestialBody = Kerbin RelativePosition = 17.8853092,64.4387207,-2152.64966 Orientation = 359.632263,167.331558,182.036484 isScanable = False ModelScale = 0.100000001 VisibilityRange = 25000 Group = KSA_KSCUpgrades } Instances { UUID = 6f3ee295-92b0-45b6-8bc4-3b3e51440adb CelestialBody = Kerbin RelativePosition = 369.124634,-0.738769531,-2387.39673 Orientation = 359.808258,24.9735394,359.871826 isScanable = False ModelScale = 0.100000001 VisibilityRange = 25000 Group = KSA_KSCUpgrades } Instances { UUID = 3eff4359-0d51-4f04-b380-35c98fc28950 CelestialBody = Kerbin RelativePosition = 238.750671,-1.22607422,-2518.02246 Orientation = 359.874268,295.957764,0.206193358 isScanable = False ModelScale = 0.100000001 VisibilityRange = 25000 Group = KSA_KSCUpgrades } }
  4. ever since 1.5.1 if not a bit earlier I've been using them (scaled to 0.1) to place two more dishes at the Lvl0 Tracking Station in the same spots as Lvl1 (the roof dish is removed in post edit)
  5. Unfortunately not completely. Of course it's the one Squad asset I really really need that doesn't work. @Ger_space any ideas? Log file
  6. doesn't matter. Could be in its own file with a .cfg extension if you want. Has to be anywhere within /GameData (except a /PluginData folder) so MM can find it
  7. Untested MM patch, but give it a shot: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[EngineLightEffect]]:FINAL { @lightPower *= 0.5 @lightRange *= 0.5 } This should reduce the effects of all engines by half. Adjust as needed
  8. what is "it"? Surface coordinates of the location?
  9. how many years ahead did you look? Takes a good deal of time to reach these outer worlds. Over the short term everything can appear stable...
  10. organically. Wait, where did that mod come from? Oh no, that one had babies Current number in use ~290. Send help
  11. TBH just make a backup and try to load your save in 1.8.1. KSP has an internal upgrade mechanism for save files. If it can do so, it will not show any red text in the save file slot when you go to load it in 1.8.1 and allow you to load it. If not then yes, copying over the ROSTER node will do the job of moving over all your crew
  12. if by "roster" you mean your crew's FF history (there is actually a ROSTER node in the save file) then just copy the HallOfFameScenarioModule to your new save. Everything FF tracks for achievements is done in there
  13. @Kopernicus:FINAL { @Body[Kerbin] { @Atmosphere { %enabled = true } } } at least, to put it simply. There may be more options check the wiki for full properties listings