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  1. Have you seen this? Not trying to discourage you but you're new to the forums I'm assuming you're new to the community in general and may not have come across it yet. You may be aiming for something different but if it already does what you plan to do the author is always open to suggestions and contributions
  2. @Arrowstar no rush on this because I actually got really close on my first try and then was able to do some manual tweakage through the Adjust Variables dialog to put it close enough to where I want. So it's all set to go but for future reference I'd like to know why this LVD case file was so unwilling to optimize. I plugged in a set of Lat/Lng coordinate constraints I was hoping it would move closer towards (wasn't expecting to nail it) but the first try it lasted 400s and ran through 1 iteration before quitting then I adjusted the scale to reduce the jacobian heat map <1 and it quit after
  3. wat. WHAT?!? Fuuuuuuu this mod community is beyond awesome
  4. Alt+F11 brings up the settings. Switch over to ocean settings and use more wind or wave magnitude (be sure to click the rebuild ocean button). Whitecaps don't show up on relatively calm seas that are depicted by default
  5. yea but you shouldn't expect everyone else to either
  6. I don't think he was asking DMagic to fix it for him, but just a general "help me"
  7. @Well - wouldn't mind using the launchpad as a base for a mobile unit but problem is since I assemble in the HAB it won't fit out the door with the rocket standing up on it Other option is to have the platform be static and roll out the rocket but can't come up with a good mounting method. Easiest solution would just to be able to have the option to remove the vertical service tower monolith and I can just build my own to hold the rocket horizontal and then lift to vertical like Electron does
  8. Best of luck on the new endeavor! Look forward to the tweet updates
  9. This past week the Ascension Mk2 finally had its first complete mission success in deploying the Kerbin II probe to a stable orbit! On-orbit operations are now underway for our first space mission that will last for more than a few days - it could in fact last the remainder of the year. This is an exciting new phase of KSA operations that will become more prominent in 2021 with the Ascension Mk3 starting to loft serious long-term orbital missions around Kerbin and outwards towards our moons and even interplanetary targets. Click the launch photo to read our latest Ops Summary with m
  10. @Arrowstar I am getting an error for an "unknown task" when attempting to optimize this MAT file. It's all setup, just try to run the optimizer to trigger the error.
  11. follows mouse. I didn't think to try it with either/or but I didn't notice any change in behavior with the stock menu app when I chose it initially
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