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  1. Ah, ok then, Well, glad I only need to go this way then He's too busy playing with his space ships, who can blame him?
  2. I've already written a JS file to convert True-Mean based on KSPTOT matlab code. It's hard-coded cause I just needed it for when I was building the geogebra dynamic system models, but I could make it into an interactive version with maybe ecc anomaly as well (haven't looked at that): var ecc = 0.352002569278094; var truA = 326.959975419144 * .017453292519943295; if (ecc < 1.0) { var EA = (Math.atan2(Math.sqrt(1-(Math.pow(ecc,2)))*Math.sin(truA), ecc+Math.cos(truA))); if (truA < 2*Math.PI) { EA = Math.abs(EA - (2*Math.PI) * Math.floor(EA / (2*Math.PI))); } mean = EA - ecc*Math.sin(EA); mean = Math.abs(mean - (2*Math.PI) * Math.floor(mean / (2*Math.PI))); } else { ////////////////////////////// // computeHyperAFromTrueAnom() ////////////////////////////// var num = Math.tan(truA/2); var denom = Math.pow((ecc+1)/(ecc-1),(1/2)); var HA = 2*Math.atanh(num/denom); mean = ecc*Math.sinh(HA)-HA; } console.log(mean); It's not really that bad. Check out the KSPTOT source code, the functions are all well-named based on their purpose, this code was taken from computeMeanFromTrueAnom But yea - all the helper functions are already there in KSPTOT so shouldn't be hard for Arrowstar to add this I don't think
  3. I came up with a similar idea for the Rendezvous Maneuver Sequencer that was implemented and works well, this is probably more complex tho. I might have an answer for you in a week or so @Arrowstar I have another wonky possible edge case in an asteroid orbit - mat file. Just try coasting to Next SOI or Periapsis. There's a warning that the trajectory intercepts Kerbin (which it does in the game as well) but I can't get it to show. Also tried bumping the log entries up to 100,000 Also, this didn't really affect me adversely but when I went to close KSPTOT it popped up the message from Mission Architect saying I had unsaved data so curious what that was I clicked "No" when it asked me to continue and everything exited anyways. So to reproduce open KSPTOT, open MA, do something to dirty the save state, close KSPTOT, say yes, close MA, then no, cancel close.
  4. whoop whoop Progeny Mk5 press release
  5. [Mod edit: Quotes from deleted post snipped] Don't do this. You've already wrongly assumed the log file wouldn't be helpful now you're assuming to know what in the log file will be helpful (or not helpful, depending how you look at it I guess). Modders know exactly what to look for in log files to help them figure things out. They can search for things. Don't ever "clean up" a log file.
  6. given how notoriously hard it is to land a U-2 on land I never would have ever thought this had been tried on an aircraft carrier, holy crap
  7. I thought China just recently blocked or cracked down on VPN usage too. Does his user image show up for anyone? I'm thinking he has more problems than just KSP...
  8. Operations Summary – Week of 8/7/17 Progeny Mk4 Program Completed With the fifth launch this past week we are closing out the Mk4 program and directing all of our attention on the Mk5. Although ultimately unsuccessful, the final launch still provided us with valuable data that will be useful to the Mk5 program. After review of data collected during the brief 17s mission it’s been determined the primary cause of failure was the low TWR, which was unable to keep the rocket pointed downrange as lift at the nose brought it about to 87° pitch west, carrying it up over KSC. After the 1st stage was expended, the entire rocket was blown up via the Flight Termination System command sent by the Range Safety Officer after confirming the rocket’s course with Guidance and receiving the order to terminate from Flight Director Lanalye, who had a brief consultation with Operations Director Drew Kerman. Running out the first stage reduced the size of the explosion and limited debris raining down towards spectators, but it also allowed us to see how fast the rocket would be accelerated – it stayed below 40kPa. How this data will be applied to the Mk5 program is still under review, the Progenitor team expects to release a report next week. We can say at this time that the first Mk5 launch will not occur until early September, however we do plan to launch all 5 initial rockets in a cadence similar to the last two Mk4s. Have a look also at a video comparison of the three last Mk4 launches that allow you to see how TWR affects the rocket at launch. Deuce Rebuild Complete, Trials to Resume Next Week The Deuce has finished its reconstruction in the Horizontal Assembly Building, sporting its new tail design. C7 engineers have also tweaked down the control inputs for the elevators and ailerons so not only will the aircraft be more stable but control should be more subtle as well. Commander Valentina will put the aircraft through its paces on the ground similar to its first ground trials next Monday while Captain Jebediah plans to be busy with a scheduled Civvie mission that was delayed multiple times this week due to weather. Assuming all goes well after a day or so of data analysis & mechanical checkouts from the ground trials Jeb will once again take the aircraft up to see if flight performance meets engineer expectations. If this is the case, further flights by both Jeb and Val will continue to push the aircraft’s limits to attempt to identify and address any remaining design flaws. KerBalloon Mission Marathons See Success Both missions run this week on Monday and Wednesday by the KerBalloon team, including Specialists Bill and Bob, were 12+ hour affairs that saw combined use of land and sea assets due to the launch locations being so close to the water. Prevailing winds out of the west would usually guarantee a sea recovery after the launch, so a Maritime Service Vessel should have been all that was needed for both missions, however we still don’t fully understand upper-atmosphere air currents and the chance that the balloons could drift back over land had to be accounted for which is why Utility Task Vehicles launched the balloons. As usual, with these contracts completed the KerBalloon program is already evaluating several new proposals for next week. ATN Database Update The weekly update for the Asteroid Tracking Network database is available here, containing 857 asteroids, 15 updates and no new alerts issued. Celestial Snapshot of the Week Although it didn’t turn out to be lucky, it was still nice to capture an eclipse with a rocket on the launch pad for the first time. Moho and then Sarnus are visible above the sun, with Eve down near the horizon. From the Desk of Drew Kerman (Out of Character Behind the Scenes stuff)
  9. works great thx! Will let you know if anything explodes while going about my business...
  10. or being able to do it in the game, which is why it was asked for, not so much as a "cheat" but just a practical way of figuring out what works
  11. @SpannerMonkey(smce) do you think this would mess with any ship stuff, yours or otherwise?
  12. I still want that damn water tower pad light to go off during the day...
  13. it's a shame @Deimos Rast left, he was a cfg wizard getting these older packs up to snuff for recent versions.
  14. wings?? No no nonononono. See here. Buuut if you're really set on wings then search this thread for @linuxgurugamer's documentation... which isn't in the OP?? @pellinor can you please link that in the OP Checked my mod install log and I have the link, so here you go:
  15. Also if you want it to be in motion then you can use PhysicsRangeExtender as well if it would be too far away otherwise