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  1. well, I still haven't reached orbit and I'm still not actually using this mod in the current form - mainly since I wasn't sure if it was going to be continued or not. My current plan actually was to use the orbital decay modeling Arrowstar implemented and just manually copy the revised orbital parameters into the game as needed. Like, if I have some junk in space I can leave it in space in the game but use KSPTOT to calculate the decay and update the Ops Tracker, then when the debris re-enters I just delete it from the game. Or for an active vessel I only need to update the game vessel when I have reason to switch to it. Still, I would prefer the mod in-game to save me lots of work once more sats start orbiting around places So all I really ask is that any new version of the mod remain compatible with KSPTOT
  2. @kalmor not sure how it applies to what you are planning to rework for starters, but just FYI in addition to the post by Freethinker that Svm420 quoted a few posts above, there was some additional work on a new decay model done by @Arrowstar: (see end of the post for reference)
  3. Drew Kerman

    [1.6.1] kOS v1.1.6.2 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    if you want to include library links on the OP here's mine: https://github.com/KSAMissionCtrl/AFCS I'm not going to make a release thread for it or anything tho, but I am more than happy to share it with anyone that wants additional references for how others are controlling their vessels
  4. nice to see people still interested in this. Hope Papa_Joe finds time to return but if not that someone can pick this up
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    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    ( 0 0 ) | | | | v v
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    RemoteTech math

    here's a nice RT planner that is still available: http://ryohpops.github.io/kspRemoteTechPlanner/
  7. Drew Kerman

    [1.6.1] kOS v1.1.6.2 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    hoooolly moholey, at last! yay! Has anyone tried this on v1.5.1 yet? I'll report back when I get a chance if not
  8. Operations Summary – Week of 1/21/19 Click for Image Gallery Ascension Program’s Pivot Towards Kerbed Flight Sees Success on First Mission This week saw the first launch of an Ascension Mk1 Block I rocket in 2019. The third launch in total, this was also the first flight towards a new mission goal to put kerbals into space on sub-orbital flights rather than attempt to achieve orbit with probes. Well, as a first priority anyways. Ascension was always meant to carry astronauts into space eventually but it was planned to happen later this year rather than sooner. This week’s launch was an important step in allowing us to test new technologies that will be essential in allowing kerbals to operate in space and return safely. The reaction control system, comprised of 10 cold gas thrusters spaced around the payload test weight to control roll, pitch and yaw, had some minor issues at the start but otherwise performed as designed to properly orient the payload along various vectors relative to the trajectory. The heat shield, made of an ablative material to burn away during re-entry and keep the payload relativity cool, survived landing intact thanks to the low-mounted radial chutes flipping the payload over to land nose-first as planned. Most notably on this mission however was our use of the Launch Vehicle Designer, a recent addition to the KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool. Everyone on the Ascension team is eager to compare the actual telemetry data with the projected data that can be exported from the LVD. We already know from the way the launch turned out the rocket was unable to meet the ascent profile it was programmed for, but seeing how the data deviates can still be very useful in helping the developer to improve the software and us to plan future launches. Full details on the RCS, heat shield and LVD usage will come with the flight analysis, expected sometime in early February. This will also as always include information on where the Ascension program will go for its next mission. Dhumla Takes First Steps Towards Flight This week the Dhumla completed an assembly process that has taken over half a year, although this was in part due to the latest Monolith incident. It was finally rolled out of the HAB today and underwent the first two ground trials that will lead to flight hopefully before the end of the month. The first trial consisted of merely ensuring all the engines were assembled into the aircraft properly (they were tested individually prior to installation) and could be controlled properly from the cockpit. During this time data was gathered on engine status such as fuel flow, thrust output, manifold pressure, RPM, exhaust temperature, and hundreds of more parameters. After review of the data the aircraft was cleared for its second trial later in the day which consisted of the crew learning how best to handle it on the ground, taxiing around. Another data review is scheduled for Monday ahead of a third trial that would take the aircraft just short of the point of flight. In additional news from the Genesis program, the Deuce flew a science mission that once again blew away a number of previous records. The aircraft still has yet to turn a profit after its long and costly development but these long-haul missions are what it was built for and the continued success should start to bring more interest and thus contract opportunities. Progenitor Moves Forward with Next Mk6-I Launch This week the flight analysis for last week’s mission was published. We can still only speculate on why the payload could not be recovered but the investigation could find no reason to postpone or alter the follow-up mission that would carry additional material samples into space. The launch has been scheduled for 2/7 @ 17:11 UTC. ATN Database The latest update for the Asteroid Tracking Network database is available here, containing 3,068 asteroids and 1 updated with new observation data. From the Desk of Drew Kerman (Out of Character Behind the Scenes stuff)
  9. I'm not missing anything am I? The S6-V Osprey doesn't have a shroud?
  10. got distracted by starting No Man's Sky with a friend. Great news on the dev system, and thank you for the propellant customization. Look forward to playing with the new release
  11. fraid not. the only contribution I ever made to telemachus was letting them use my plotting code to show orbits on the maps
  12. thx. So in addition to this and the other Create State dialogs, there is also the Other Spacecraft dialog in Mission Architect. For the LVD its just the Edit State window
  13. @CobaltWolf know any of the modelers who would be willing to take this part and remove the collar? It otherwise fits nice on a 0.35m tank and is pretty much the best engine I can find that does:
  14. Drew Kerman

    [1.4.x] NovaPunch Rebalanced - Out of Beta

    \Parts\Engines\NP_LFE_2_5m_BearcatSingle\NP_lfe_25m_BroncoSingle.cfg has no mass defined