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  1. also while this issue has kept me from playing around further with LVD for my next launch, I also don't need LVD to actually plan the launch - it's a ballistic sounding rocket and I'm just going to be firing it off and seeing where it goes. But I will also want to model it in LVD for comparison sake.
  2. well that bug seemed like a showstopper to me. The whole simulation just locked up and never resolved to the state I was trying to progress towards. Did you see something different? Crap I just realized I never described the actual problem I was seeing
  3. Drew Kerman

    [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    never go full retard - but always post full logs
  4. as usual, I excel at breaking things But everything I was doing was correct right? All set then! Look forward to the next release so I can continue the ascent design. In the meantime I have enough to keep me busy on the kOS side as I rework my flight computer to handle persistent state between the kOS power being turned off then on or the craft being reloaded after switching to another vessel or coming from the tracking station while in flight
  5. I'm not asking him to change his mind, I was just saying I figured it would have been more analog. If he wants to do more modern, that's fine. Like I said I don't need functionality - I can place props easily enough the real challenge with IVA works is making them do things
  6. actually I was hoping for more analog gauges in line with the rest of your work I do, however I don't actually fly and operate in IVA much. Right now it just serves as better immersion when taking photos. Main issue is I have a LOT of data readout windows open as I screen record for later reference, so not much screen estate to see or operate IVA controls
  7. Got a few UX tweak suggestions for LVD: Ship overview box in the Edit Launch Vehicle doesn't scroll with the mouse wheel Can double-clicking on a selection in the Initial Launch Vehicle Stage States toggle the check box? Also, found a bug. LVD file, log file & rocket image. Just try to add a new sequential event for 3 seconds duration, no actions needed. And just to make sure I'm going about this right - I have the SRBs set to various max throttles. The radial boosters are capped at 83.5% and the core booster is 46%. So if I set the throttle model to 100% this means the four lower boosters will fire at their max 83.5% and 46% correct? And the large lower booster set to 46% has a thrust curve, so I can use the Tank Mass event termination to say when it's down to 75.4% of capacity I would change the throttle model to back off to match this curve: thrustCurve { key = 1 0.46 key = 0.754 0.46 key = 0 0.1 } I have telemetry data from a previous launch I can use to set the linear throttle decay
  8. that would get my vote for next project as well, since I'm using it for my new aircraft and would gladly feature some IVA photos. Will also be using your Mk1 interior eventually but will start with just the stock instruments and build up to yours over some iterations
  9. Drew Kerman

    [1.4.1+] Kerbal Animation Suite Continued

    are there some serious issues or is it just a low low priority because it's not a popular mod? I'm really looking forwards to taking lots more pics of my kerbals without that neck ring in v1.6, as well as redoing all my crew photos, which have them in poses made with this mod. Actually come to think of it the modeling changes may have messed with the rigging this mod was based on eh?
  10. but if there was it would now be three days later
  11. Drew Kerman

    [1.4.1] kOS v1.1.5.2 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    I think that's this issue: https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KOS/issues/2328
  12. Drew Kerman

    [1.4.1] kOS v1.1.5.2 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    lock BoosterStatus to ship:partstagged("BoosterEngine")[0]:getmodule("ModuleEnginesFX"):getfield("status"). if BoosterStatus = "Flame-Out!" { // do staging stuff } It's not as generic as what Steven put up but works great for cases where you want to know what engine is out of fuel. You can also use it to see if the booster is running by checking for a "Nominal" string
  13. Oh, I see what is happening. These "blips" of extra data are at the boundary between events. Side-effect of the per-event step size I guess. Some of these skips are larger than a second so I'm just interpolating some of my own data to fill in the gap
  14. yea I would agree only worth doing if more people ask for it - because they probably won't figure out the coast event steps thing on their own and having it in the GA like that is just more intuitive from a UX standpoint. The current way does work, just is a bit of a hidden feature