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  1. not really. You're correct that writing patches is not for the beginner user but no one has to do that, because @TMasterson5 does that. Everyone knows how to download and copy a patch file into their /GameData directory. I believe, like some other mod authors, the lack of integration is a personal choice
  2. got a new (minor) issue, tested on the latest release. Mission file Select the final state Open the Create Coast window and select Go to Function Value Enter 70 as the Function Value Save & Close You'll see MA working to update but it never does. It doesn't freeze though, so you can go up to the Edit menu and undo the coast to return things to normal. Note that the second event is also a Go to Function Value with a value of 70. If you select the last event, right-click and Advance Script Up To Selected Event then repeat the steps above the function value coast will add itself no problem (the point of this mission file was to get only the path of the object through the atmosphere)
  3. Yea this is completely wrong again 1400 UTC is 10:00 AM EDT & 7:00 AM PDT
  4. I'm still interested in watching but I never get any notice of launches sooooo.....
  5. Did you see this? I edited it onto one of my posts on the previous page but I thought it was before you next checked - I never saw a response tho. It's not a major issue
  6. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    One page back
  7. Operations Summary – Week of 10/9/17 Progeny Mk5 Takes “Final Flight” The Mk5 that launched today was the last one to use the original boosters built for the program, to be replaced for future launches by the Block I. The flight was a complete success – the Mk5 made it to space and was recovered, the AFCS performed without error and all the science instruments collected data. Progenitor engineers will be taking a real close look at the telemetry data early next week so we can decide how we want to program the first Block I to ascend. This launch was the first Mk5 launch to take place at 85° of pitch versus 87° and we also waited for the pitch to change 1° as opposed to 1.5° before beginning the next boost phase. New changes to the Automated Flight Control System allowed the 3rd stage to begin boosting at a TWR of 2 and when it detected dynamic pressure decreasing it auto-throttled to keep increasing thrust to full while ensuring dynamic pressure continued to fall. These ascent changes will be closely compared to previous Mk5 and Mk4 flights to see what effect they had on the rocket’s trajectory. Kerballoon Takes a By, Genesis Pulls Off One Mission To focus on prepping both a primary and backup weather balloon for this week’s launch, KerBalloon put aside its usual contract work. Since only one balloon was used that leaves one already prepped for next week and KerBalloon has some contracts lined up to take care of with the extra free time. Genesis was able to squeeze in a single mission that took care of two contracts under the command of Commander Valentina, who was able this time to fly an orbital step-climb pattern around the contract area. She pulled it off just as cleanly as Captain Jebediah and then ventured north to the Mount Kermon area for some aerial observations of scientists interested in the kinds of vegetation growing on its high-altitude peaks. Although attempts were made to see if a Civvie could be integrated into Progeny launch operations to take aerial photos/video of a launch, weather did not cooperate later in the week when time was short as launch operations ramped up. Flight Director Lanalye is still open to the idea, and the start of next week will see a renewed attempt when more time is open in the schedule for flying. This concept has been around for months, but Lanalye was not willing to deal with the extra complexity until now. Extremis Trajectory Plotting Continues This week the team revealed a look at some of the trajectories that have been plotted so far for the 2018-2019 year-long launch window, to which one follower responded that it looked like a lot and if we knew which ones we would choose. A good question! Our response was in a different tweet and the answer is: no, that’s not a lot and we have no idea yet. There are actually 109 different flyby combinations we are looking at and they all have to be plotted for each of the three year-long launch windows and for each window we are constraining them in three different ways. So that’s nearly a thousand trajectories that need to be computed! The main reason for the delay is we initially only planned to look at 39 flyby combinations but Lead Researcher Wernher Von Kerman pushed for an increased mixture of routes through the outer system gas giants. We will have a featured post by the Extremis team in a few weeks taking a closer look at the phase one trajectory analysis once it is completed. Religious Pilgrims Camp Outside Monolith Site Showing up sometime overnight this past Wednesday about 50 kerbs pitched tents just north of the Monolith, which is now covered by a dome as scientists slowly and carefully excavate around its base. KSC dispatched security to check it out and found that they had traveled overland on foot from Umbarg after gathering there from other cities via airship and were only interested in being close to the Monolith to conduct their prayer services and rituals. Given that we have no means of forcibly removing that many kerbs from the property, we simply let them be. As long as they did not seek to interfere with any KSA operations we saw no reason to restrict them. The government was notified by the Monolith project scientists and passed along a warning that the kerbs would be picked up and brought back to Umbarg if they did not leave on their own by Saturday. They’re still out there, but again no attempts have been made to interfere with operations either here at the KSC or at the Monolith site itself. They have stayed respectably removed and continued to pray. We’ll have to see if anyone shows up tomorrow to get them to leave and are at least happy to see not all Monolithic followers are actively against what we are doing here. ATN Database Update The weekly update for the Asteroid Tracking Network database is available here, containing 1,074 asteroids, 13 updates and 0 alerts issued. Celestial Snapshot of the Week Not much stargazing was done this week, but Commander Valentina was out prior to the launch of the Mk5 and caught Mun and Minmus setting side by side behind the Western Mountains, tinged red by light bending through the atmosphere as it neared dawn. Although we couldn’t see it, shortly afterwards Mun’s south pole would have briefly occulted Minmus, perhaps only partially. From the Desk of Drew Kerman (Out of Character Behind the Scenes stuff)
  8. PSA: Kerbalmaps.com is down!

    I'm actually aiming for SoonerTM but you know how they say - under promise and over deliver. Best part is I can always over deliver because sooner is always earlier than soon!
  9. I don't even see why it should be fixed. It doesn't do any harm at all. Anyways, blackrack did try but it's something sneaky and he has way better things to do than fix a bug that doesn't break anything. Plus with the new water refraction it looks pretty cool I'll say
  10. PSA: Kerbalmaps.com is down!

    so yea I'm still hoping to get updated maps online at some point with a newer version of the leaflet plugin from @IvanSanchez - as usual SoonTM is the best I can say...
  11. ok I restarted my PC and the MFMS was taking focus control again so I finally took some time to look into it more and discovered an app that seems to 100% cause the MFMS to steal focus constantly. @Three_Pounds since I know you have the same OS as me would you mind downloading schecklist and running it? Doesn't matter if the MFMS is already open and running or you do that afterwards, both instances I've been unable to keep focus on any other window. It has an Always On Top option that I tried toggling on/off but didn't make a difference. Still I think maybe the way the AOT was coded might be a factor. Strange tho as I had it open before restarting the PC and everything was fine then.
  12. so has blackrack just taken a breather? I know he got a job, possibly along the same line of work so that makes hobby stuff hard. Totally understandable. Just curious
  13. [ANY] LongStrut - Struts reach super-far

    not to be a downer or anything but this seems like a lot to just get a simple MM patch I could copy and paste into my existing patch file if it were just posted as a code block. Would be a good addition to
  14. hrm, calculating some porkchop plots In noticed it was only searching for a optimal departure burn 20 times, despite what I had set in the options. Didn't this departure burn search count depend on that option? I honestly can't remember but I thought I had it set once to 50 and that's how many it did for the porkchop plotter. Maybe something got messed up when the update came to allow the MFMS to use this option value as well?
  15. Holy crap I just by accident realized you can enter something like 25/6 into a text box asking for a number and it will do the calculation for you. I mean, I guess that makes sense given what the thing is built on but still! Cool!