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  1. *jumps up and down waving arms* ME! OOH! OOH! MEMEMEME! But it wouldn't be for a while. KSA will resume ops in 2022 but it's still a ways from launching scanning satellites tho that is a priority. I'd use it right away for cameras tho Still, there's always people asking about good scanning orbits in the DMagic SCANSat thread and no one has really produced a tool dedicated to helping people with this. Best that's ever been done is a table of good orbits per instrument but that's been outdated for a while with more recent changes to how the SCAN instruments work Not yet...
  2. You didn't reference this so I will assume you are unaware of it - https://github.com/hudsonfoo/kerbal-openmct There is a thread also here on the Add-on Development forum but a quick search turned up the github repository first. Anyways this is just to help you with your project
  3. pretty sure this terminology is causing the confusion, especially since flags are an actual thing in KSP you can place on the ground @Ezriilcmy interpretation of this is he wants an option in the Hyperedit settings menu that when enabled: checks the type of vessel on scene load if the type == base then lift the vessel n (user defined amount in the settings) meters off the ground land it at the same coordinates So, automatically uses the functionality of the vessel landing feature
  4. are you asking to be able to switch tracking on and off while in flight or do you just want to have the tracking panels be static ones when you build the vessel?
  5. shouldn't those be on different channels then so they can't talk to each other?
  6. you didn't pay enough attention to KSA earlier this year
  7. basic steps for a basic mission: use LVD to design a launch into an equatorial parking orbit use Rendevous Maneuver Sequencer to get an ejection path towards Mun use Mission Architect or LVD to plot remainder of mission: enroute to Mun, plane change and adjust orbital insertion to match station inclination enter into Mun polar orbit use RMS to meet up with station
  8. not playing currently but will be returning eventually - does the latest version still cause the camera to "jump" up a bit when you launch a vehicle and unhook from a clamp? That always annoyed me and was something KerbCam didn't do. KerbCam also let you target other objects beside the main vessel, which also helped prevent the camera jump. If this is fixable with the way CameraTools is doing things, that would be great
  9. good to hear a resolution was reached to resecure the account. Sorry you had to deal with that
  10. Alt+X by default. Alt+C to remove angle snap or maybe its Ctrl instead of Alt. Dunno why I can't remember I do it all the time lol
  11. I think I'm going to be throwing more data at you in the future but for now I agree, seems like a good correlation to explain what's happening. Also delay in response due to not checking the thread directly. FYI I have found that when you edit a post, even sticking in a new user tag doesn't generate an alert for that user
  12. cool thx, no rush at all just making sure it was still on your radar @russm a bit of extra info that may not be obvious: you need to hover your mouse cursor over the warning to get the detailed info as to which events are causing bounds issues Also keep in mind that when you make requests for things to lighten the workload on us end-users (which I agree is nice, I myself have requested things like the ability to export/import ground stations) you're taking away already limited spare time for development of new features, as both are only coming from one person
  13. @Arrowstar just realized I heard back from you on all my recent postings except this one with the odd dynamic pressure plot:
  14. sweet, this will hopefully pair nicely with PersistentRotation, recently revived as well. Currently I'm using MandatoryRCS mod to get both of these features but it hasn't been serviced in a while and it's dubiously working on more recent KSP versions. Thanks for the update and hope you continue with the QoL fork at the very least
  15. This isn't even Scatterer water yet when I saw it on reddit my first reaction was still "ZOMG Scatterer vehicle water reflections!!!"
  16. Sorry forgot to post here earlier this week as a reminder but turns out the Ascension Mk3 still has yet to launch due to ongoing delays. Next attempt is tomorrow 2/12 targeting L-0 of 19:00 UTC so don't miss it!! Click the image for the Ops Tracker Also if you did not catch the first launch of the year last month, click the image below to go to the Ops Tracker where you can not only review all the major events but the Additional Resources has links to the mission report, telemetry data and full flight analysis report. If you go back to the launch event you can replay the streaming ascent telemetry
  17. Aha! But frankly what would make me do that? I've only ever treated it as an error log so when the application goes *ding* that's the first place I look but there were no indications of a problem with script execution. In fact when I read this my first thought was that it showed up in the output log in LVD itself and that I could have easily not thought to check it since it updates at the bottom usually out of sight, but it wasn't there either so I finally opened the .log file. This seems like a thing that should pop up in the Warnings & Alerts area no? Also in relation to the output log in LVD/MA - is it possible to lock its position? As in, there's a behavior for some applications where the scroll position remains constant even if stuff is appended to the bottom, but if the scroll bar is all the way to the bottom it scrolls with any addition updates Can I get a bit more insight into your decision to switch to ODE5 and for those particular events? I recall you have the ability to see where things get hung up but I'm still wondering if there's a way I can come to this conclusion myself Yea, if you can't use them I would agree they be removed or disabled. But also if they *can* modify trajectory properties like I described that would be cool too So okay then I guess I just re-worked the ascent to use all sequential events to build my colored plot. That's not really a big deal to have to do either if I must, cause like I already did heh heh
  18. oooohhh daamn I was thinking soo hard on how it could possibly be affecting my script when I made sure no events had anything to do with that stage but I did not think about the mass change affecting TWR. Durr. Nice catch
  19. another example of weirdness that seems related to the UT issue would be to use the Ascension Mk3 #1 Ascent 250km Time Constraint.mat file and just uncheck the one optimized box for the steering in Event 3. That's it. Do nothing else just disable the optimization hi/lo and save, the trajectory will change. If you do this in the Ascension Mk3 #1 Ascent 250km.mat file where the UT starts at 0 it will not change the trajectory
  20. was there a behavior change with Non-Sequential Events coloring trajectory lines or am I not remembering correctly? I made this last year: And when I went to do one for my current ascent, if I changed the line color for a non-sequential event I don't see a color change on the plot anymore. I thought the non-sequential event triggered a plot color/line type change when it occurred, and this change persisted until the next sequential or non-sequential event happened. Of course I could be remembering wrong and the above colored plot could just be a rough approximation using only sequential event color changes rather than a combo of both
  21. Just to confirm I'm not missing anything, I can't find a way to lock these together so that when I move one the other shows the same data point. This is not a thing Matlab can do?
  22. woooah @Arrowstar I'm seeing some more serious hinkyness here when messing with the Initial UT, moreso than just its effect on the Jacobian. Files download. Start with Ascension Mk3 #1 Ascent.mat, which is mostly the same file I linked to in the last post but I reset the Initial UT to 0 and changed my constraints to have it find me a 250km apokee. I also labeled the last event more appropriately since no pitch change happens just the end of the burn so the engine should be shut off, SECO-1. Okay if I optimize from this point, after about 30 iterations or so over 45-60min it gets me the result I want, which you can see in Ascension Mk3 #1 Ascent 250km.mat Now go and set the Initial UT to the day I want to launch: 139494660.0 - you should see the trajectory completely change. I was confused by this but since all I changed was the time I figured the optimizer could get me a launch time during this day that would work again. So I disabled all the event optimizations and set a hi-lo for Initial UT and let the optimizer run. You can see the results of this in Ascension Mk3 #1 Ascent 250km Time Constraint.mat Right, here's where it gets weird. Looking at the final state you can see I'm back to nailing 250km. Now change the Initial UT to 139494659.766019. The trajectory will change to reflect a final state Ap of only 108.5111km. Now change the Initial UT to 139494659.466019 and you should see the trajectory jump again back almost to normal at 249.9998km. Now change the Initial UT again to 139494658.466019. New trajectory will be back on the money at 250km. Okay one more UT change to 139494648.466019 - now it's telling me I'm going up to 810.1884km!! BTW the timing is important for this mission cause I want to launch and put my Ap direct opposite the sun so I can go high on initial climb without hitting the inner radiation belt, which is further away on the night side. This also makes me ask if the Sun Vector view option can draw the arrow through the planet and maybe have a length adjustment? Right now I'm just taking a screenshot and using Paint.NET to continue the vector through to the night side
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