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  1. If anyone's looking to convert audio files, I would recommend Zamzar
  2. I manage 4 right now and haven't been banned or anything for it. You should def join up
  3. are there not single-output RCS ports? I know I've seen some in videos. Maybe mod parts. I dunno never had to use them and I'm in career so if they're there I haven't unlocked them yet
  4. yes. the gameplay is logged (via video and in-game Notes app) and then spat back out in real time via scheduled tweets - with embellishments as needed for the story. You can read more about the process here. I will be making another monthly update on Wed
  5. The following mission report comes from the public relations account of the Kerbal Space Agency, detailing the eleventh mission - the KSA has recovered from the tragic loss of its ace Commander and is setting forth on a series of missions to try and determine why the radial chutes are failing on re-entry. This first test looks to recreate conditions from the Kerbin V mission. These are only the tweets related directly to the mission on launch day. For more reports on the status of the KSA between missions, tune in to @KSA_MissionCtrl. Previous Mission Reports Mission001: Rocket Test Mission002: Recovery Test Mission003: Chimps are for Wimps - F1 Mission004: Chimps are for Wimps - F2 Mission005: Chimps are for Wimps - F3 Mission006: Falling Forever Mission007: Falling Forever - moar powa! Mission008: Falling Forever and Ever Mission009: To Space and Back Again Mission010: Kerbals. In. SPAAAAAAAAACE! Catch up on what happened next over at @KSA_MissionCtrl!
  6. Awesome, that would be great. Don't forget to take staging into account for burn times though - as in I need 500m/s of Dv change but my current stage only holds 200m/s and the next stage uses a different rocket. Additional info for the rendezvous window would be time to next intercept. My last mission I used my burn calc and approach speed as I neared intercept to know how long I needed to burn prior to intercept to be going close to 0m/s relative speed at intercept, but I had to hold my mouse cursor over the intercept in map view to watch the countdown
  7. I'd like to request for more accuracy in the tonnage if possible. To three decimal points like Dv and altitude would be great. Reason is I use a Saitek X52 meaning that when I cut throttle, even if I jerk it back fast the last reading the game gets is like 0.01 thrust or whatever so the Est. Burn is always useless to me. Thankfully I know how to calculate the burn time myself , and having more accuracy in the starting weight I input into the equation will help get better accuracy for my burns - especially long ones
  8. possible issue to report. If I'm in time warp with another vessel loaded nearby, when I get to the point where I re-establish a connection to Mission Control the connection line just breaks off from the view angle - like I can pan the view around the line stays where it is. Coming out of warp it doesn't fix itself, and it also manages to do a good job screwing up my save - I found 3 extra vessels of the one that was loaded next to me when I looked at my save file. Yey for backups. If this is a known issue, then cool. Otherwise if not I'll look into it further to ensure repeatable results, etc. Whoops nope, I just tried warping while I had a connection to KSC and the lines fell right off as soon as I hit 100x speed. Guess it's just a KSP bug - I will have to strip out mods and check. Odd thing is I did use warp earlier when closing the distance slowly, but I don't think I went faster than 5x or 10x so maybe that kept things okay
  9. I have it but never used it so didn't want to assume it would do what I wanted. We'll see I understand. Actually what I ended up doing was just seeing how my fuel was distributed after I was on my slow RCS approach (where I'm only thrusting forward/back and don't need to worry about translation yet) and go back to the space port, load the vehicle up in the VAB, balance everything and then go back to the craft in flight and applying the fuel balance changes with the default In/Out. Worked great, shoulda thought of that from the get go
  10. True, but it is a bit disappointing to know that I can do better if only I could see the aid while in flight... is that just not possible or not implemented? What I will prob end up doing is using the Notepad mod to take down notes of various fuel balances to use as a rough guide during flight
  11. just to be clear, this mod doesn't work when you're outside of the VAB/SPH right? I just balanced out a rocket but I know that as the mission progresses and I burn fuel the CoM will change and I'll start getting rotation during translation. However, I played around with the fuel load of the various tanks and found that I can always rebalance fuel to get the CoM back where I need it prior to doing any RCS translation. Problem is, if I can't see the aid arrows while in flight I won't be able to do this!
  12. Whoops, it is Alchemy Technologies my bad
  13. Ah yes. I am planning to do the same. One rising above the plane and one below, running opposite so when one is low the other is high.
  14. hey can we get some BA pics from within the atmosphere? Proot any pics of what your new atmosphere looks like from within it? Would love to lose the white but BA looks a little too realistic for my tastes
  15. If you weren't experiencing issues before then this may not help, but I was having trouble with RealChute radials burning up from the get-go and Starwaster came up with this fix for me, which I put into an MM script. Makes the RC radial heat up similar to other parts on the Mk1 capsule @PART[RC_radial] { MODULE { name = ModuleAeroReentry adjustCollider = -0.025 } }
  16. There's a dish with a 45-degree cone that reaches out to Minmus that would be well-suited for Mun as well which is what I plan on using. Also, what is a polar stationary orbit??
  17. Prob KW Rocketry. I've been using those but this seems way better. Thx stupid_chris and kotysoft!
  18. Actually, it says "Parachutes used (parachutes)" - hence the confusion
  19. primary body indication would indeed be good for interplanetary logs. For me, it would be useful to also see stuff like current total drag, amount of Dv used, inclination and pitch. I'd really like to use the data from launching "sim" rockets, where I just build a simple rocket in Sandbox with a certain amount of Dv and see what I can do with it, then take those figures to Career mode to construct the rocket I actually need to deliver a payload for a certain mission
  20. It might be useful now - I just don't know exactly what it's telling me What are the fields currently in the CSV file?
  21. it's a shame the data logger isn't really that functional. No idea what the values are in the CSV file
  22. oh, shucks - I thought it was just broken because the config changed. Didn't know how to tweak it
  23. Anyone (if not 5thHorseman) have an updated cfg to use with this city light map? I'm noticing some Z-fighting that wasn't there with the old cfg file structure
  24. ok I'm definitely noticing problems with the logging now. Bob's been on 4 mission and only 2 are shown for him. Especially when, oddly enough, the last time I looked he had 3. What the.... Manually rebuilding the log isn't a huge issue, but it would be nice if nereid could include the full list of log tokens. The lists so far are still incomplete in both terms and meaning.
  25. Ditto. Wanted it before when the mod for warping in the tracking center came out but now with warping in both the TC and main spaceport view a default feature, it would really help to be able to set timers in these scenes as well.
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