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  1. got nothing on either FF or IE using drop and manual enter. IE asks me to save or open the file I drop into it, and it tells me the page is not responding after I try to paste in my save file. FF just doesn't do anything either way. Page remains as it was when it first loaded (and this should really be in the Tools & Apps sub-forum)
  2. Just experienced this myself: I went into my persistent.sfs file and found a ton of extra parts had been added. I actually think in my case this is due to a RemoteTech2 (mod) bug. Anyways, I tried deleting all but one instance of every part and when I went straight from the tracking station to my craft it loaded fine in orbit but the planet was an inverted texture or something. I found it did the same thing when I tried just deleting the entire VESSEL structure and replacing it with an earlier version from my backups. No idea why. BUT I found that after I modified my save file so the vessel only has one of each part it was supposed to have, went from the tracking station to a craft I knew was fine and then switched focus over to the problem vessel, it loaded and the planet was loaded and everything was good. So you may want to try the roundabout way of getting to the vessel to see how that works. Now after every session I use Kerbal Edit to look at my save file and confirm that all craft only have the parts they are supposed to have
  3. This image was post-edited with my meager Paint.NET skillz. Wanted to get a good idea of what a gloomy day at the KSC might be like. Imagine the sun is peeking through a small gap in the clouds off to the left
  4. This image was post-edited with my meager Paint.NET skillz. Wanted to get a good idea of what a gloomy day at the KSC might be like. Imagine the sun is peeking through a small gap in the clouds off to the left
  5. Check the .ksp file in your /save folder to make sure nothing new is being logged. I just copy/pasted a bunch of lines in mine to double a kerbal's missions and the log window would still only let me scroll down the first few entries. So stuff is being added, just not shown in the log. The mission time counter seemed to update alright though
  6. I've been waiting for an update to make sure this issue hadn't been reported and handled, but I'm still seeing it. VAB/SPH when I use symmetry to add chutes (like 2 radial chutes on either side of a capsule) only the chute placed under my mouse cursor gets the convenient default settings. I have to manually copy over the settings to the other chute(s) - they all have must go down set to false, and all text fields except those in the weight calculation box are empty. Apply to symmetry counterparts only affects the following things like so: target planet - not applied part size - applied case texture - applied chute texture - applied chute model - applied material - not applied must go down - not applied deployment timer - not applied spare chutes - not applied autocut speed - not applied calc mode - not applied calc main/drogue/drag buttons - applied craft mass type - not applied mass calc text fields - none applied press/alt deploy - not applied deploy fields - none applied I did find that since the three chute type chute size calculation buttons work, the three fields they adjust in the deployment settings also properly sync up with "apply symmetry" - but only if the buttons change the fields, not me. Also, since the dialog is telling me I have x amount of symmetric parts, shouldn't the "Parachutes Used" field load with that number as default? Or am I interpreting that field wrong? Does it relate instead to the Single/Triple chute option? If so, how come clicking those buttons doesn't change this value - the fact that it's not hard locked to 1 or 3 makes me believe its the number of parachute parts you're having deploy at the same time. finally, I can't see an "arm chute" option in the action menu, although I wonder if this is because I enabled chute arming via staging. If so, I'd also still like to be able to do this via an action group as well
  7. once I had an RCS thruster I swore was far enough away from the door to the Mk1 capsule. Nope. Grabbed the ladder and flew off every time. Thank goodness for Kerbal Attachment System mod so I could take the thing off in EVA and attach it lower so my kerbal could get back inside!
  8. Love the way config files work now, same reason as Cydonian Monk in that I can create my own cfg for my kerbal setups and maintain it easier between updates. Any advice to make my visor reflection darker? Not sure which way to tweak the reflection in the config, although I've tried the ones that come with it and the ones that come with the planet texture pack and they both appear darker than mine without needing to tweak anything. This looked the same even after the sun fully set, so it's not that map that comes with the plugin - again no changes yet to anything in the cfg:
  9. Hey guys what's up with the proot and astronomer packs? I've only been popping in here now and then - mainly been waiting for the OP to be updated with new configs. I might have missed the actual posts. A few posts back tho sidfu and jethro mention the astro pack but again, the OP says the configs haven't been updated. Is the OP just out of date in that respect?
  10. I like the idea of time to depletion as well. You could make the text display swap between time to deplete and units remaining - the trick in this case would be a fast and simple way to do that. Could just be a button at the bottom of the resource window that would swap everything. I don't think there's a need for a per-resource swap.
  11. Was sitting the water after splashdown and suddenly noticed a peice of debris falling behind me, so I watched it hit the water and bounce back up into the air. It was the Communotron 16 antenna that got blown off when I tried to deploy it too soon after passing through re-entry. Boing, boing, boing... I thought it was pretty humorous.
  12. Again, the game has its own normalizer. I haven't noticed any voices being louder than one another and my voices are at 100% while the rest of the game audio is balanced lower. I can't remember whether the audio normalizer is switched on by default or not. It's in the main settings window under the audio section.
  13. I think the sky has received enough love for now. I'd like to fly over/splashdown in slightly better water. Really the only two things that bug me are the texture tiling that becomes evident as you get higher and the fact that the water is so transparent - I have two horizons while floating in the sea - the water line and the ground beneath it I can make out.
  14. some people (including me) already use SweetFX to great effect. Mainly for color for me
  15. if the files themsleves are louder than each other people should tweak the game's audio normalizer in the settings
  16. The following mission report comes from the public relations account of the Kerbal Space Agency, detailing the tenth mission - after the successful return of the orbital science module, the Agency has blasted full speed ahead on its kerbed space mission, which has led to this first attempt to orbit a kerbal and return him safely to the ground. These are only the tweets related directly to the mission on launch day. For more reports on the status of the KSA between missions, tune in to @KSA_MissionCtrl. Previous Mission Reports Mission001: Rocket Test Mission002: Recovery Test Mission003: Chimps are for Wimps - F1 Mission004: Chimps are for Wimps - F2 Mission005: Chimps are for Wimps - F3 Mission006: Falling Forever Mission007: Falling Forever - moar powa! Mission008: Falling Forever and Ever Mission009: To Space and Back Again Catch up on what happened next over at @KSA_MissionCtrl!
  17. This would be awesome, because hopefully the guy working on the Ascent Komputron could take the FAR data and use it as input for his model, so instead of predicting a rocket performance based on the .craft file we have the rocket run a scripted test flight (with kOS or something - or just straight up with SAS on if that's all that's needed) and the Komputron can use that data to extrapolate good ascent profiles. He said he's considered doing this, but I don't know what data he would like to see
  18. If I wanted cash I would open up my .sp file in a text editor and just give myself a bajillion dollars There's really no way to prevent cheats/exploits if the user so desires to play that way. And if they do? Well that's their choice isn't it?
  19. So I added this to my custom change file: @PART[FASAlaunchTower]:Final { @CrewCapacity = 0 } This way the launch tower, which has a 16 crew capacity, doesn't end up costing me almost $100,000 each launch! The whole idea behind the crew capacity is to walk the crew out to the ship, but I can do without that.
  20. my modlist is in my sig. Probably won't help tho I can try to see what happens again next time I fly a mission
  21. Why thank you. I was wondering whether this has been done before or not. I'll do another one sometime from a different angle - if anyone has any tips/suggestions I would appreciate it.
  22. yea I've had this issue as well. To get around it I just right-click on the camera and select Activate Camera which puts me in camera view mode, then I set up a shot, F2 to disable the UI and snap the shot with F1 (or click the photo button if I'm doing this for science), then F2 to bring back UI, click Activate again and that returns me to normal view
  23. I tried this once and also just got a dot. Never bothered to look into it further
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