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  1. Why thank you. I was wondering whether this has been done before or not. I'll do another one sometime from a different angle - if anyone has any tips/suggestions I would appreciate it.
  2. yea I've had this issue as well. To get around it I just right-click on the camera and select Activate Camera which puts me in camera view mode, then I set up a shot, F2 to disable the UI and snap the shot with F1 (or click the photo button if I'm doing this for science), then F2 to bring back UI, click Activate again and that returns me to normal view
  3. I tried this once and also just got a dot. Never bothered to look into it further
  4. where are all these cool suit textures? Do want!
  5. That's not it for the escape tower at least, only resource is SolidFuel and it has amount = 6 and maxAmount = 6
  6. I remembered the timelapse launch photos NASA would post up on their twitter and thought that would be cool to recreate in KSP. So I did. Wasn't that hard, just a bit tedious on the copy/paste to assembled everything into one image from about 30 or so. I used KerbCam and Paint.NET. Pressing the F1 key every second or so while steering the rocket with the interface hidden. I could have also used Chronolapse to have it take screencaps at set intervals but didn't think about it until afterwards. Slight post-edit in Paint.NET to yellow the entire rocket trail. I'm sure someone who's actually good at image editing could do better. Maybe someone already has Anyways, enjoy! I went back and did some motion blur, which is what you normally see in these kinds of photos. Leaving the original up tho in case anyone wants to try anything themselves.
  7. Cheers, that did it. The file was empty so I didn't think to bother deleting it
  8. I can't get the KerbCam window to display. I had a very bad computer lock-up recently that corrupted my KSP install and I've been slowly piecing things back together ever since. KerbCam worked fine until after the crash, and although I deleted the folder and downloaded a fresh install it still doesn't want to show up. Here's what I found in the KSP.log file: [WRN 03:44:53.630] File 'kerbcam.cfg' does not exist [WRN 03:44:53.630] KerbCam could not load its configuration. This is okay if one has not been saved yet. [ERR 03:44:53.631] Error: Empty part config file [ERR 03:44:53.632] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ConfigNode.RecurseFormat (System.Collections.Generic.List`1 cfg, System.Int32& index, .ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ConfigNode.RecurseFormat (System.Collections.Generic.List`1 cfg) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ConfigNode.Load (System.String fileFullName) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KerbCam.State.LoadPaths () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KerbCam.KerbCam.Init () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 If anyone can give me a config file to put in place myself we'll see if that solves it
  9. For additional support in the next release, in addition to the .20 drain from VOID when power consumption is enabled there is also the amount of electrical drain from TACLifeSupport, which is user-configurable but hopefully those values can be pulled?
  10. it happens with both VOID and Engineer, also with FuseBox throwing NaN for total electrical charge. Note that this doesn't seem to effect anything in the game that I have noticed while actually flying the rocket
  11. I just remembered to report an issue I experienced - I set my spacecraft to burn through one stage into another but when the stage jettisoned the throttle reset to 0. I used the Klockheed Martian smart part to detect the empty fuel and trigger the next stage, so I can see why RT2 reacted this way as normally if the stage ran out of fuel when there was no connection it would just be a dead stage. Hopefully something can be done about that tho
  12. RCS - normally you have many quads spaced around. Disable all but one and activate precision controls (caps lock I think is the default key binding). Or, if you want to use a liquid engine right-click and dial back the thrust output. Then it's all about small, careful adjustments. Personally I keep mine like 0.01 second diff between orbital periods so I have to adjust every now and then just like real satellites (and the ISS) do
  13. Thanks, got the L-tech dependency fixed but what part/module/mod/thingy is BOSS? I selectively load things to keep memory down and texture quality up so I may have the mod but not recognize the specific component
  14. take whatever suit textures you're using, stick copies of them into /Default and rename them "EVAtexture" and "EVAtextureNRM". I'm not sure if this will work, but the two texture sheets look similar so I will assume they are You have to enter in the kerbal name, the head texture and the suit texture (last one is optional, denoted by the []). By default there is nothing there
  15. I'd recommend these be added to the part.cfg file as well @PART[FASAlaunchClamp125] { MODULE { name = LaunchCountDown } MODULE { name = LaunchUI } } @PART[FASAlaunchClamp25] { MODULE { name = LaunchCountDown } MODULE { name = LaunchUI } } @PART[FASA_Launch_Clamp_Atlas] { MODULE { name = LaunchCountDown } MODULE { name = LaunchUI } }
  16. Ooops, my bad I sometimes forget there's a difference between RemoteTech (what is says in the Settings) and RemoteTech2
  17. Hahahaha I love this. Your engineers are pissed off they're not getting paid anymore and are sabotaging your rockets
  18. It's worth noting that a broken save file can always be fixed. They are text files, so re-editing them to be compatible with new features is not a problem. The only thing that could remain broken are any individual mods themselves that are simply not compatible with the new save file. The overall game however will still be playable.
  19. Wrong file, you want the tcfg file in the TextureReplacer folder, there are instructions inside it No we don't, because we don't know what you're doing. Post the lines from your tcfg file
  20. I had the Communotron 2.5Mm omni antenna attached to my capsule and it had a good link to my satellites and down to MC yet when I enabled RT2 integration it kept telling me there was no signal
  21. I reloaded a game and my craft promptly jettisoned a stage and then exploded from high G-tolerances according to the events log. I was stumped until I realized the stage jettison was happening because I used a timer. The way I had it setup was a fuel detector would activate a stage that included the timer, then the timer would run down and activate the following stage. I guess on game reload the timer was reset so it went and activated the next stage, and mayhem ensued. I fixed it by going into my save file and setting isEnabled = False.
  22. That reminds me that I posted about this too a little while ago and I don't think I saw a response
  23. Yea I just figured this out last night - it's the small escape tower. There might be more parts, but the small escape tower is the only one I've noticed so far. When you initially attach it, all is well, but if you mess around with staging at all or unattach/reattach the engine, you'll get NaN for mass and 0 Dv until you remove the small escape tower. If that's not the NP part you're using, experiment to find out what is.
  24. No, there are WRN log items for warnings. But I do understand that some ERR reports in the log do not actually have a negative affect - some other mods produce them as well, but for different reasons. So just making sure, thanks.
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