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  1. The following mission report comes from the public relations account of the Kerbal Space Agency, detailing the third mission - the goal of which was to safely return a sub-orbital kerbed flight. These are only the tweets related directly to the mission on launch day. For more reports on the status of the KSA between missions, tune in to @KSA_MissionCtrl. Previous Mission Reports Mission001: Rocket Test Mission002: Recovery Test Catch up on what happened next over at @KSA_MissionCtrl!
  2. I just realized my Scott Manley video example was using the default radial parachutes. He did the in a later Interstellar Quest video - he mounted the radials even higher up atop a longer re-entry vehicle and they still heated up and exploded. So maybe it's something with the game itself regarding radial chutes that's causing these problems.
  3. I just went back and tried again, slower this time but to no avail. I even made sure the chutes were not armed until 12km in case there was something about arming the chutes that caused them to become unshielded. Same results, clicking around at the other things on the capsule nothing heated over 300C. It was funny though My last re-entry was over 1k less m/s than his too. He's also using DREC in this video series though not sure if he tampered with the config at all - he didn't mention doing that though.Note that I have used radials successfully before on this craft: Here they are mounted above the Goo canister on both sides. Heat shield is on top under the nose cone. Both parachutes burned off. So I moved the Goo up to where the chutes are, stuck the heat shield under the Science Jr, and placed the radials on top of the probe body under the nose cone. I jettisoned the nose cone prior to re-entry so the radials were exposed but they were on top so I guess far enough out of the heat to survive. But obviously mounting radials on top isn't their true purpose - they just worked well here since I didn't have a bigger nose cone chute unlocked.
  4. I have a question about the radial chutes. Are they even meant to be used for re-entry in this configuration? I placed them high up on the capsule to stay out of the heat as much as possible, and the batteries I was hoping would shield them as well. Yet they exploded pretty much as soon as I hit the re-entry interface. Yes, I do have Deadly Re-Entry Continued (left to the stock config it comes with). I went back and did another flight to see again what happened. I hit the atmosphere and by the time I started seeing heat effects the radials were already at 800C. When I checked the batteries below them they were at around 150C. The radials exploded and the batteries never got hotter than around 300C So am I just using them wrong? I'm not using a nose cone chute because I wanted the punch-out escape tower. Don't have the stacked chutes unlocked yet
  5. there's an exploit that if you sit on the pad with a kerbal in your ship and create a user contract with the goal of 1 kerbal crew, as soon as you reload the contract you get a $20,000 payout. Then you can just accept it, reset the contract and do it again. And again. And... well I'm an honest guy so I stopped and edited my .sp file to revert back to my original amount of money. Not a huge deal since if people want to cheat fine but just reporting in case maybe it exposes something in the contract system that the dev might want to fix for other reasons. Using latest 0.54 release
  6. any plans to hook into RemoteTech2 to disable chatter when there is no comm link to Mission Control? Currently I just disable the chatter myself but would be nice to not have to think about it.
  7. The following mission report comes from the public relations account of the Kerbal Space Agency, detailing the second mission - the goal of which was to test out the recovery system to return a suborbital flight safely to the ground. These are only the mission-related tweets. For more reports on the status of the KSA between missions, tune in to @KSA_MissionCtrl. Note: Twitter time zone settings were messed up somehow. All tweet times should be +3hrs. This is fixed now for later reports Previous Mission Reports Mission001: Rocket Test The Agency is already hard at work on Kerbal III - their first kerbed sub-orbital mission!
  8. well I will def have other missions ongoing by that time that can be reported on regularly. I'm structuring the development of things to be that way anyways. Have def thought about it
  9. I totally linked to Hullcam in a previous post here Already have some booster and science cam footage from later missions that I was able to recover (already lost some craft - but still no kerbals! That probably won't last). I have Kerbcam too but what would I use Lazor for? I have it as a requirement for some other mods but that's it
  10. I'd like to chime in on this too. The staging can really break KER's readout. I've gotten around it by building things in parts like the launch vehicle first and then the actual probe/manned vehicle since once I join them together and arrange my staging I get a lot of "---" readings
  11. if you are alt+tabbing out of the game a lot you should just run it in a full screen window. The KSP launcher has an advanced setting that enables this. I have multiple monitors so I use this and it works great
  12. yup, I have a booster cam shot from an upcoming mission that is shared. I want to do a distant shot like the last photo but I need to get the ship tracks mod working so I can replay a launch and watch from another vehicle to get the distant angle - zooming out during a launch doesn't keep you on the ground
  13. hard to add pics when you're roleplaying the whole thing as much as I am. Adds to the challenge but is also a bit frustrating when it comes to pictures. How do you take exterior shots of a spacecraft when there's no one else up there to do it? Later missions do add science cams (VDS HullCam) but not all of them were recovered unfortunately so their data was lost...
  14. The following mission report comes from the public relations account of the Kerbal Space Agency, detailing the first mission - the goal of which was to test out the first rocket engine design. For more reports on the status of the KSA between missions, tune in to @KSA_MissionCtrl. Sorry if you were expecting something a little more exciting. All space programs have to start somewhere, and the KSA needed to make sure its rocket technology was working and raise some funding at the same time so they could build bigger and better rockets. And they did! Kerbal II's mission is up next...
  15. SweetFX - you can find out more at this forum thread Make sure you use the capture screen button in the SweetFX config and not the game's capture button or you won't get the post-effects SweetFX puts in
  16. great tool! However can you add support for VOID? That mod has an option to enable resource consumption - I like to enable it when I use the data logging functionality. It adds a 0.20 drain to electrical supply. Also I have a Reflectron DP-10 (from RemoteTech2) attached to my craft which has a drainage of 0.01 when active and toggling the filter for RemT2 Antennae doesn't change the Drain value of my craft in build mode, which just reads me out the 0.03 drain of the command module. Although the time until 0 charge does change. However when I'm on the launchpad and enable the antenna the Drain value does show me 0.04. But if I then enable the VOID resource consumption the drain will jump to 0.24 on the resource display but the Fusebox drain value will remain at 0.04 edit: don't have solar panels unlocked yet but when I do the darkness timer will be an excellent addition. Good stuff!
  17. If anyone's looking for a way to spend more money, there is some manual work you can do to enable the research cost of parts. I have a very modular approach to playing the game because if you load too many parts you're going to run out of memory. So I have a special "Flight" folder I use to fill up GameData with everything but parts and interiors. Then I have folders for each ship that contain the parts that I copy over into the GameData folder. So I'm only loading the parts I need to play the ships that are active in the game (plus a folder for any debris). When building I load the game with all the parts but they mostly use reduce/compressed textures and I lower the texture resolution of the game overall to prevent crashes. Anyways, when you research a new tech level you get all the parts unlocked - parts you have not yet used to build anything with. So since I can load a version of the game with only parts I have used, when I do so the game no longer considers me owning the parts that are not included. So when I switch back to my building version, all the parts that I unlocked have now reverted back to being unowned and sport their buy-in price (not all parts have this field filled out). Now I can click on the ones I want to research them and make note of their cost. After I've built my new ship and have to reload the game with my hi-res flight profile, before I do so I edit the *.sp file for my career found in the MCE Plugins/PluginData/MissoinController folder and subtract the cost of the parts I purchased. Again, a good deal of manual work but it happens to fit well with the modular parts system I have, and gives me another way to spend money to slightly increase the amount of management I need to keep in mind when trying out new rocket designs. Edit: easier way of doing things. Just edit the persistent.sfs file in a text editor (in your Save folder). Scroll down until you see SCENARIO { name = ResearchAndDevelopment And in there you will find a Tech{} entry for a tech tree node (like id = start for that first node) that matches the one you just unlocked. Simply delete all the part = entries. Note that if you fly with only certain parts enabled like me to reduce memory, you should make a backup of your persistent.sfs file because otherwise when you play the game, all the parts that you didn't load but that you did pay the R&D cost for previously will revert back to being unavailable. So after playing with only the parts you need, just copy/paste the tech tree unlocks backup to restore all your previously unlocked gear - note that if you spent science points on a new tech tree node you don't want to overwrite that, just delete the newly-acquired parts and merge with the backup.
  18. I knew about that issue but I guess I wasn't clear on it since I thought it was the other revert option I had to watch out for. I'm all straightened out now
  19. my first career mission was a contract I made to crash into Kerbin. It told me I would get 53 science points and after I did indeed crash the box came up telling me to finish and save results. I clicked that, then the catastrophic failure window came up with my flight review and I clicked to return to the spaceport. My money was there in my balance but not the science points.
  20. not sure why, but I can't seem to access any window but the Explorer Track Window. I start a track and I see the green line behind my craft and I stop a track and the line goes away... but that's it. Clicking the Save button or Reload button does nothing and I can't find where to set track properties or turn off track vis
  21. March 2014April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 July 2014 August 2014 September 2014 October 2014 November 2014 December 2014 January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 September 2015 Kerbal Space Agency @KSA_MissionCtrl | Mission Reports I've had a lot of fun using twitter as a fictive writing platform for my Sims gaming experience and wanted to do it for my career bid in KSP as well. I can read my Sim's story almost like a book from when he first moved into town to learning new skills to buying his new house to chasing after females to settling down in a relationship to travels abroad... I can pick up playing right where I left off after months of spending time with other games because I can easily get back into the head of my character - what he was doing and working for when I last left off. I wanted to be able to do the same for my time spent with (and away from) KSP and look back at some of my more memorable launches and missions and have them play out on a timeline. Plus, it's a lot easier for other people to follow along when the story is delivered to them bite-sized via a twitter feed rather than having to read a whole blog entry. If I were to tweet while I played, however, not only would it get in the way of me playing but also spam follower's feeds over the course of a play session and have a very sporadic continuity. To get around this I use tweet schedulers - Hootsuite lets me schedule an unlimited amount of tweets but only at 5-minute intervals. Gremln lets me schedule tweets for any minute of the day but only 5 per hour (for the free account). Still, these two services combined allow me to build a realistic tweet timeline so even though I might execute a mission time-warped so that it lasts 30 minutes instead of 4 hours, I can schedule the mission tweets to actually span 4 hours when posted to twitter (or days, weeks ahead for longer missions). Although I may build and launch two missions in a day's worth of playing, I can schedule those missions to occur over the period of a week on twitter (launch day, a few days for recovery and analysis, second launch day). Building up a large lead time allows me to keep up a continuous stream of events without having to play every day. Which is good cause... you know... life. Furthermore, this isn't just some basic log of what I'm doing. As I said, this is fictive writing so the KSA account will be tweeting as if the KSA were an actual agency. There will be updates on astronaut candidate programs, educational outreach, notes on astronomical events happening in the Kerbol system, some background operations of mission control - generally 2-5 tweets per day that are "filler" between the launching of missions but all of which are aimed to further build the fictive universe in which the KSA resides. For example, the agency is located on the shores of the Kerblantic Ocean at Cape Kernaveral and the world is unified under The Presider who lives in Kerbalopolis and is newly elected every 6 years. Since the game runs in 24 hour day cycles but a Kerbin rotation is 6 hours, there will be references to things like "second sunrise" (9am) or "fourth sunset" (12am). Kerbin is occupied by kerbals - kerbs (men) kerbettes (women) and kerblings (children). And so on. The @KSA_MissionCtrl account is already in full-swing. Inaugural launch has been a success to test the rocket engine design expertise of the KSA engineering team, some astronaut antics have been reported, engine issues have compounded the second launch attempt and we are about to try again to launch late this morning and test our recovery system ahead of the first kerbed mission. Why not get caught up and follow along? Launch is at 10:30 EST!
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