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  1. No issue with using my X52 stick for pitch, roll and yaw while flying. In fact I have to widen the dead zone a bit as my twist axis (yaw) has become a bit twitchy but it doesn't negatively impact my flying at all. I use the hats for RCS maneuvers so fine control isn't needed in the stick
  2. thx, I figured it was just some incomplete career thing native to KSP but wanted to be sure
  3. first stab at career, and using MCE to spice it up. I noticed that the research screen I only get a couple of parts automatically with the initial research and the rest I need to pay an entry purchase for. I don't see any cost deductions hitting my ledger though when I am researching them. Is that an issue with the game or MCE?
  4. sorry, just realized I'm still a bit unclear on how the deployment time affects G forces. Is there an equation I can use to calculate the amount of G's that will be placed on whatever is attached to the chute when it deploys over a given time for a given diameter? Thanks for all the help
  5. Wise guy. In case I didn't explain myself properly, this is what I meant as well - thanks. Tho I really only just need to see what node leads to what.
  6. tl/dr - is there an image of the complete tech tree anywhere? I'm using the tree for this mod and I would like to know exactly where my science point expenditures are taking me eventually
  7. also a small suggestion if you ever want to update the calculator with other things as well - I see that the various parachute types have consistent material properties (silk for drags, nylon for mains, kevlar for drogues) so the calculator might as well pre-set the Drag Coefficient when you select the type of chute (radio button or tab) so we don't have to reference the ParachuteMaterials.cfg
  8. Ok I think I have a better grasp of it all now. An example would probably work best though. Here is my manned suborbital capsule with a main chute. I've used the calculator to set it up as required for a 5m/s landing to not destroy the engine which has a crash tolerance of 7m/s. Is this all correct? if so my only remaining questoins are the "Predep time" and "Dep time" settings. Those are to help reduce any hard G forces from the chute opening correct? The larger the chute diameter the larger the deployment amount should be? Thanks, just trying to keep my kerbals safe!
  9. I flew into orbit around Mun and didn't notice a single problem. I'm using plenty of mods too. Of course, I wasn't looking for problems but my kerb didn't die, performance was fine and I was able to time warp. Will report back if I notice anything on future flights. It is sooo cool to look around and spot other planets. It's one of the little things I didn't realize was missing until now
  10. Questions on the drag calculator - what determines the value you need to set for the drag coefficient and why is the main chute full deploy height disabled when it appears you can change it in the VAB? Also does the number of chutes refer to the number of chute parts used or the number actually deployed? For example the main chute part will deploy 3 chutes while the radial will only deploy 1. So if I'm calculating the diameter needed for a main chute do I plug 3 into the chute count? Just saw your post in the development thread - I get now that parachute count refers to part count used (duh, since there are two separate calculation modes in the app) and I understand a bit more what the drag coefficient is for but still not quite sure...
  11. Yes, the file has a link to where you can find new key definitions. I re-mapped it myself to use the Pause Break, which doesn't have an effect on the game. Anyone looking to tweak the settings just get the GUI interface I linked to earlier if you don't want to edit the txt file yourself. I liked the GUI as it explained the values right there without me having to reference the SweetFX ReadMe
  12. hey thanks, I totally forgot to check out SweetFX with this game. Works great, colors are much more rich and vibrant now, which is what I like most about SweetFX. I had to tweak your settings to get what I want personally but that's nothing new. I used SweetFX Configurator to make the adjustments. You might as well just do this yourself. The add-on is easy to install and once the game is running you can use the Num Lock key to switch it on and off to see the difference.
  13. any plans for Toolbar integration? I'd really like to hide or at least move the settings window on the KSC overview screen
  14. too bad the list of significant dates got cut. Could have integrated somehow with the Achievements and Final Frontiers mods. Also I thought this would affect the game clock overall, but the tracking center still shows a regular time of day. I'm not sure why the devs didn't have days match Kerbin rotation
  15. well, yes. Sorry I wasn't reporting an issue I was having I was reporting the possible issue others may have if they don't pay attention and end up with two versions of the DLL in their GameData folder. I'm not sure what problems that will cause. So I'm letting the developer know to update his release - unless having two versions in the same folder isn't a big deal
  16. Just downloaded the package from the Spaceport and it included ModuleManager_1_5_5.dll when the current version I have is ModuleManager_1_5_6.dll
  17. the SRB sound mod comes up as access denied for me
  18. Nice to see the real thing in action every now and then. Smooth flight!
  19. if you want a HOTAS, the Saitek X52 should be pretty cheap these days as the 3rd iteration of it is about to land. I use it and have never needed to touch the keyboard during flight
  20. I don't know that I will continue to build shuttles, but I personally just wanted to see if I could. They are definitely a lot more fun since landing them isn't as simple as dropping out of orbit and deploying a chute. I'm a flight simulator junkie so flying the craft from start to finish is the reason why I like them. Anyways, here is my MkX Reusable Orbiter. I made a challenge if anyone is interested in landing this design.
  21. I didn't think I would be able to devise a way to land from orbit at the KSC with my space shuttle (it launches from the launchpad not the runway) but after 3 tries with the method I came up with lo and behold I made it and was able to land two more times in a row. I made a challenge for it if anyone's interested.
  22. Brief Background I figured my first spacecraft in KSP should be something I felt was ambitious so I decided might as well try to make a re-usable spacecraft in homage to the recently-deceased Space Shuttle (RIP). I didn't do any research on whether this was even possible (with only the stock components) because I always feel that just limits you. 10 design iterations and many, many hilarious catastrophic failures later I wound up with the MkX Reusable Orbiter (Sorry, the whole MkI, MkII, etc were the coolest things about the name I could come up with). Steam tells me I've spent 35 hours this past week perfecting this design and its function - to lift off from the launch pad and return intact via the runway - ready to be recovered for refueling and re-attachment to orbiter stages in the VAB. The Challenge Your mission, Commander, is to pilot the MkX into a stable orbit and return it to the KSC completely intact. A photo of you in one piece on the runway will suffice as proof of your incredibly envious piloting skills. There are two ways to do this challenge. First, you can go off just the information I provide about the ship below and spend time learning how it flies and performs in orbit and during the landing glide. This will obviously take more time but I know some people like to just figure things out on their own. The second option is for me to tell you exactly how to perform this challenge (I did it three times in a row to create this guide) and you simply have to learn to get good enough at it to pull it off. Sorry for the external link, was hoping to just use tags. The Spacecraft A three-stage booster combination will propel the single-seat MkX into a high 1,000km+ sub-orbital trajectory from which you can create any stable orbit you desire using the orbital engine attached to the craft, capable of nearly 5 minutes of burn. The MkX comes fully-equipped with SAS and RCS systems to assist in launch, orbital and re-entry handling. Gizmos and doodads include extendable radio antennas, a science lab for sciency stuff, floodlight for night-side EVAs and ladders to assist with EVA recovery. Solar panels and two rechargeable batteries ensure constant electrical supply throughout your mission. When it's time to return to Kerbin, the MkX is aerodynamically designed to be hands-off during re-entry burn and provide extremely efficient glide performance, capable even of gaining altitude, if not speed, in thicker air near sea level. Handling is very responsive, and while rudder-assisted shallow turns are preferred for the sake of glide performance, sharp turns are possible if not recommended. Coming in for landing, 4 main gear and a nose gear are extendable and capable of handling impact pressures of up to 50m/s, well within the MkX's glide capability. Lights in the gears will assist with night landings. Retro-thrusters are available to help slow the MkX if an overshot approach seems likely, and can also be used to brake the craft on the ground in addition to the wheel brakes (this assumes you have propellant remaining). The nose wheel steering comes unlocked so you can make it look like you landed in the center of the runway before you snap your screenshot. (Yes, just like me) In the case of dire emergency, the MkX's command capsule is able to be detached from the rest of the spacecraft and carries two parachutes to ensure a comfortable and (initially) upright landing - or at least redundancy in the case of equipment damage/failure. Click Here to download the vehicle file ZIP, hosted via MediaFire. Stick it in the Ships/VAB folder under your save folder. The Rules and Good To Know Stuff This challenge is to be carried out in a completely stock environment. Furthermore, nothing but the game's orbital burn tool and the calculator app on my iPhone were used to carry out this challenge - but that's just so you know. Referencing the Internet for information on orbital burns, re-entry, gliding, blah blah - that's all cool and encouraged. Might as well learn something along the way right? Additionally, no editing of the ship is allowed. Nor is it needed. It has been flown in this configuration three times in a row from launch to landing with reproducible results. Also, I feel it is important to note my use of a Saitek X52 HOTAS system in controlling this craft throughout the entire mission. I have absolutely no idea how this thing handles without a joystick and throttle. My apologies if this turns out to be a barrier for some participants. The Reward Bragging rights. Duh. And assurance that you do indeed have The Right Stuff. Maybe the kerbs will build a monument in your honor. Or you can pat yourself on the back. Additional Challenges Too easy for you? Well certainly most of you are probably a lot smarter than me so if you've made it down to the runway all nice and pretty here are a few simple ideas to spice things up a bit: Control Assists are for Wussies You'll probably want SAS enabled for launch, and RCS enabled before you separate the second stage. The combined launch vehicle does have some torque issues that can escalate late in the burn enough to tear the entire craft apart if not managed properly, which can be hard to do when you're also trying to maneuver to a proper heading and bank for a gravity turn. On the other hand, it is possible to fly it to orbit entirely without the help of SAS or RCS. I'm just saying. Mountain Pass If you re-enter directly from the west you must pass over mountains to get to the KSC. That can be a challenge in itself. But why pass over them? Get your re-entry right and there's a gap between two peaks that is just begging to be flown through! Believe it or not, you can still make the runway from here. Just believe it, ok? Alternate Destination There is an island due east of the KSC sporting a rugged dirt landing strip - trust me it's not some LOD thing you're waiting to transform into a good surface as you approach! As you can see, the MkX command capsule is ruggedly constructed to survive even the most daring of crash landings. But I don't suggest you try that out for yourself. Just take it easy coming down here okay? As a bonus, if you under/overshoot your approach to KSC from the east/west you can just tell everyone this is where you meant to land from the beginning. Night Ops The trouble with landing at night isn't so much landing as it is finding the blasted space port from orbit on the night-side of the light-forsaken Kerbin. Thankfully the KSC itself is wonderfully lit for that final approach - if you make it that far. Don't forget like me that you have landing lights. What's that? How do you know I didn't just land in the daytime and wait for nightfall before taking this picture? Well, you don't. Guess you'll just have to do it yourself to know it can be done! :D !!ABOVE ALL, HAVE FUN!! :D Many kerbs died in the making of this spacecraft. I wish now I remembered their names...
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