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  1. you're using parts not properly designed for FAR, otherwise the stock CoL should not be visible - IIRC
  2. @Arrowstar nothing major missed in the last few months. There's still some deep analysis that needs to be done with some of the trajectory data I posted a while back where I found Mun encounters to be spoiling future plots of my captured asteroid but that's not a pressing issue still - something more to tackle in lieu of anything else. More good stuff from reddit tho - this is an update to a post I linked to earlier:
  3. Oh yea, the constraint started well below 0 and just kept getting smaller and smaller. It eventually quit on its own and the smallest constraint was 30 of 34 iterations. I was aiming for a very very specific number so I expected it would take time to work through the problem especially considering I use a lot of Cd values and had several pitch events as well. Didn't seem unreasonable to take that long although I also don't really know what reasonable would be I'll take some time later tonight or tomorrow to go back and double check for you
  4. @linuxgurugamer this is the same behavior I have reported as well
  5. How did you know it was these events holding things up? Switching to ODE5 did indeed bring down the execution time from 6s to 2s, but it also gave me a slightly different result. ODE5 has me coming down 3km from where ODE45 says the rocket will - which isn't really a huge difference so I'm not concerned about that. I'm just wondering though if the speed has sacrificed accuracy or improved it - could potentially make a difference on problems requiring more precision Also is this speeding up just the script execution or the optimizer execution as well? For my understanding in choosing between integrator options in the future, what would be considered a "stiff problem"? Ah, okay. So this is a bit of an inconsistency then since the Initial State coordinates seem to be okay with accepting -180/180 values for longitude. I thought then that was valid input for anything longitude in LVD (I know MA doesn't like it and I have to convert to 0-360). Actually this has always annoyed me a little bit since everything in KSP is done -180/180. A related minor annoyance is how input fields and stuff like the popup tooltips report lng/lat instead of lat/lng ;P Anyways yea adding 360 to make the conversion seems to have worked. At least, the optimizer has been running along now without issue for over an hour crunching on the problem and the constraint violation is trending downwards Also, this popped up on the kOS reddit yesterday. Not sure if it will be applicable to LVD's own work with drag calculation tho
  6. Last Progeny Mk7-B is on the pad for launch attempt tomorrow! Tune in - lift off scheduled for 17:45 UTC We have also filled out the remainder of our 2020 launch schedule, more information on these missions and the one above on the Ops Tracker
  7. Have you seen this? Not trying to discourage you but you're new to the forums I'm assuming you're new to the community in general and may not have come across it yet. You may be aiming for something different but if it already does what you plan to do the author is always open to suggestions and contributions
  8. @Arrowstar no rush on this because I actually got really close on my first try and then was able to do some manual tweakage through the Adjust Variables dialog to put it close enough to where I want. So it's all set to go but for future reference I'd like to know why this LVD case file was so unwilling to optimize. I plugged in a set of Lat/Lng coordinate constraints I was hoping it would move closer towards (wasn't expecting to nail it) but the first try it lasted 400s and ran through 1 iteration before quitting then I adjusted the scale to reduce the jacobian heat map <1 and it quit after 4s with no iterations.
  9. Alt+F11 brings up the settings. Switch over to ocean settings and use more wind or wave magnitude (be sure to click the rebuild ocean button). Whitecaps don't show up on relatively calm seas that are depicted by default
  10. yea but you shouldn't expect everyone else to either
  11. I don't think he was asking DMagic to fix it for him, but just a general "help me"
  12. @Well - wouldn't mind using the launchpad as a base for a mobile unit but problem is since I assemble in the HAB it won't fit out the door with the rocket standing up on it Other option is to have the platform be static and roll out the rocket but can't come up with a good mounting method. Easiest solution would just to be able to have the option to remove the vertical service tower monolith and I can just build my own to hold the rocket horizontal and then lift to vertical like Electron does
  13. Best of luck on the new endeavor! Look forward to the tweet updates
  14. This past week the Ascension Mk2 finally had its first complete mission success in deploying the Kerbin II probe to a stable orbit! On-orbit operations are now underway for our first space mission that will last for more than a few days - it could in fact last the remainder of the year. This is an exciting new phase of KSA operations that will become more prominent in 2021 with the Ascension Mk3 starting to loft serious long-term orbital missions around Kerbin and outwards towards our moons and even interplanetary targets. Click the launch photo to read our latest Ops Summary with more details on the launch For all the details of the Mk2 mission head over to our Ops Tracker by clicking the image above For the latest status of the Kerbin II probe, once again the Ops Tracker has all the deets via the image link above
  15. @Arrowstar I am getting an error for an "unknown task" when attempting to optimize this MAT file. It's all setup, just try to run the optimizer to trigger the error.
  16. follows mouse. I didn't think to try it with either/or but I didn't notice any change in behavior with the stock menu app when I chose it initially
  17. @linuxgurugamer testing this with my latest orbital mission and I forgot to install it before launch. I loaded up the probe in flight after installing and now when I go to the tracking station I can see it recognized by the decay simulation however it doesn't disable station keeping. Whether I toggle it on or off the LF/O keeps getting drained and the orbit stayed maintained. This is the log from the session where I time warped a lot to see any effects - orbit remained constant. Also changing the time settings from 6hr to 24hr days did not affect the orbital decay estimate time
  18. @linuxgurugamer can you install and see if it still functions with the latest CTB? When I dropped the latest CTB into my 1.9.1 install with AMP all the stock buttons that it hid were showing. reverting back to CTB fixed it
  19. Four years and counting! Happy operational anniversary! The KSA is becoming a "mature" agency now and that helps because it doesn't tweet or generate content nearly as much on a daily basis as it used to back in the earlier years, however at the same time the complexity of the operations has also increased. The pandemic these past few months and me being unable to do my "real job" coaching gymnastics and thus spending nearly all my time at home has also brought about a startling realization: this whole project is taking up a lot more time nowadays than it used to. In earlier years I would have at least 2-3 weeks of lead time, sometimes as much as 2-3 months and now I'm struggling to keep ahead by just a few days. There is another consideration however - the whole pandemic situation has also brought me closer to friends online since regular in-person gatherings aren't really a thing anymore lately. Ironically this has eaten up time as well because it's easier to get together online to play games than it is to coordinate IRL meetups. So before Covid I was spending less time hanging with friends but getting more from the in-person interaction so I felt less compelled to connect to them online often, freeing up more time for me to work on KSA. Now, if I free up more time from gaming with my friends online that will help me stay ahead when lead time grows short but another upcoming problem will be when financial assistance for unemployment related to Covid dries up over the next few months. If I return to the gym to coach or search out some other employment opportunity because I need the money to sustain myself then that is once again less time I have to spend on this project. If time becomes an issue, as I have said before I will be forced to scale back the timeline and scope of this project in order to allow it to continue. Updates will become fewer, background story elements will fade away, crew will develop less character and time between launches will be extended so that I have more time to prepare. A final consideration for how much time I have to work on KSA activities is contributions from Patreon. Obviously if I can make enough money through here that I don't have to spend as much time coaching or traveling away to fireworks shows then that is more time I can spend on this project instead. Currently I'm making just enough to cover the monthly $10 payment I make to prolific KSP mod author LinuxGuruGamer, who in keeping various mods alive also helps keep the KSA project moving forward with new KSP versions. While I of course hope my personal situation and the pandemic situation stabilizes in the near future, I also doubt it's going to happen - especially considering this upcoming U.S. election. I remain committed however to not voluntarily giving up the project. I take a lot of enjoyment seeing people react to what the KSA is doing and I thank everyone who has reached out to me over the years with comments and suggestions or even attempted to take part in the role play. It does mean a lot. I'm really looking forward to making it back to orbit over this coming year and continuing on this journey with you all. Thanks for following along and please don't forget to help spread the word about the KSA's existence!
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