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  1. Well , there might be some problems with the sizes so i'll check these parts. Unfortunately i haven't got much time to work on the papercrafts right now so i don't think that i'll unfold the KSC any time soon :( upd/ resized RT-5 and RT-10 boosters :) [quote name='Fine33']Hello ! I'm fond of your project but there is a little problem : some parts doesn't have got the same size; for example, the TR-18A Decoupler is bigger than RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster so it's problematic : can you repair this problem ? An another question : will you make the KSC in papercraft
  2. Yup It would be cool if you've attached some of these new little boosters at the sides
  3. The parachute mechanism is kind of crazy I love it Can't wait for the launch results !
  4. Finally got done with the exams , hope to get good marks to apply to an aerospace faculty Gonna continue the project tomorrow
  5. Thank you To find the 1.25m tanks you just go to Stock Parts > Propulsion > Liquid Fuel Tanks and find the "FL-T Series Fuel Tanks & 2 caps" on the second page .
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