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  1. In fact, it is easy do .bat files. I created many for different cases, where some mods were moved to a desktop folder. Like this I could switch fast between Stock-DMP, Stock-Graphics and Stock-Graphics-Parts. It is not even hard to write such "small programs without nice GUI". The only Problem would be that it is non-standardized where the user have their KSP folder ;-)
  2. This seems to happen with module manager 2.5.9. You have to use the module manager, which is in the download from this mod. (At least it was like this one month before) I had that too
  3. I really appreciate this mod/plugin. But can somebody tell me how to use the inbuilt plugin-integration? I am confused ^^
  4. I reinstalled everything (including KSP itself) and still had the problem. So I don't think it comes from an update. It only occured to me while using Tweakscale.
  5. I am getting an incompatibility with KWRocketry... I don't know why, but everytime I use this plugin together with the parts, they look smaller than original (the graphic). The attachment nodes are the same, but the engine "itself" gets smaller. I already tried this 3x time, and I get the same error if I use ith with TweakScale. Mabye there's a little bugfix needed?
  6. aaah, then it seems that the island is still in the safety bubble... ^^ THANKS
  7. Hello On one picture I saw 2 jets flying at a distance of ca. 100m. But everytime I try to do this with a friend we can't see each other, do we have to change the settings like safety bubble?
  8. Hello I just updated the RasterPropMonitor to the new version (which is still quite beta as I understood it), and now I have no idea which SCANsatRPM I should take. Yours or the new one? The one from the 0.17 version of RPM is 1kB bigger. Thank you for answering EDIT: sry, didn't see the post on top of this one.. Everything cleared ^^
  9. Hey darklight I dont know why, but my AVG antivirus just deleted your server.exe, as it recognized it as a virus. Do you know what's going on? Edit: It was a fresh new dev version I downloaded. Edit2: I just restored it. AVG said that it had something to do with identitiy protection?
  10. Hey I REALLY LOOOOVE this mod It gives the part which are missing in stock... But could you do a "bomb bay" ? Like this I could drop some Probodobodynes at anomalies after landint there This would be awesome!
  11. One question. Does your capsule only supports the 2.2.1 version of mechjeb, or does it also allow the 2.2.1:260 build version? Edit: And will it also allow scansat 7.0? (or 6.0)
  12. hmm. Now it goes. I only got disconnected because of creating an already existing subspace? no idea... but at least its better now, without changes. It seems also, that others can load their crafts except me (at least they share it and fly it afterwards). Any idea? I am up-to-date EDIT: While flying out of atmosphere, the engines sometimes suddenly stop to go full throttle right after it again. During that time I loose up to 100m/s DeltaV..... And once I got warped too, with engines on out of atmosphere. As a result my rocket exploded.. It's kinda fun but still needs to be updated. I can't get to Minmus for a base like this! ^^
  13. It's a very nice project! But I am REALLY missing the loading of vessels in the SPH/VAB... I can only "save" crafts by transfering them to the subassemblies. And I don't know why, but I often get disconnected. Is the fault of my slow internet connection? (up to 4Mbit/s download [normally 1,25], up to 0,6MB/s upload [normally 0,18)? I think so..... Trailers
  14. You sure that you got all these mods? Seems, that they use more than 4GB of RAM..... With B9 Infernal Robotics Kerbal Attachment System Kethane KOSMOS KW Rocketry .... you should get RAM errors?
  15. I'd like to vote too on this form at the first part of the site... btw: VEERY NICE COMPILATION PROOT!!!!! I love to use it My only problem is the RAM Can't wait for the 64-bit version of KSP. =)