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  1. Good day,

    Are you the same Von Frank who made the Helm's deep 2.0 map for Star wars Battlefront 1 2004?

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    2. Joey255


      I play Battlefront very often and usually have local LAN games with my friends. Quite recently I I stumbled upon the fan made maps and one that made its one onto my playlist was Helms deep. My word does it have major throwbacks to LOTR and when the drain gate falls its so fun to run through and battle those clones. However, i was wondering if there was some way to reduce the damage needed to break both gates. Not much people i know play the game so two people attempting to break the walls ends up being 15mins before we actually play lel. If you could guide me on how to make that change to the map that would be so great ! !

    3. Joey255


      Not sure if my posts are getting through

    4. Gargamel


      They are.   It just sometimes takes time for posts to get approved by the moderators.   And VF hasn't been on in a bit.   Give him some time.  

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