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  1. Excellent mod. My only issue is how the currently selected warp profiles keep on reverting to default every time I launch a new vessel. Is it possible to make a certain warp preset the 'default' that is always used, regardless of vessel swapping, new vessels, and save game loading?
  2. With this new config file structure, how do modded planets work? If the name of the new planet is written in as a new entry, does the mod recognize it and apply the tilt accordingly?
  3. I was about to mention this same issue as well. A LAN parameter similar to the orbital LAN values really is required in order to 'lock' the tilt to a certain direction. This will also allow for the easy matching of a planet/moon's axial tilt to its orbital tilt, something that many real life moons tend to have. On a related note, perhaps the tilt Vale of '0' can be modified to be relative to the objects orbital plane instead of relative to the main solar system's coordinate system? From what I can tell in real life examples, this is the more common baseline.
  4. First of all, amazing work! I'm super hyped to see someone finally add this long-needed feature to KSP. I look forward to the ongoing development of this mod! I am having one problem though. Every time I edit the .cfg file, all planets revert to 0 degrees of tilt, except for Kerbin which maintains the default 23.4 degrees. If i drop your supplied and un-modified .cfg back into the install, all planets regain your modifications. Are there any limitations to what values can be input? Number of digits after the decimal point, for example? Or is the file in a structure that notepad / wordpad cannot edit safely?
  5. Aha, that makes sense! And it also seems to work perfectly. Thank you very much!
  6. I am trying to write a simple MM config file that scales up all of the in-game parts by a factor of 1.6 to match the 'real' sizes of parts for RSS. With my limited knowledge of MM syntax, I wrote this: @PART[*]: { %rescaleFactor *= 1.6 } As far as I understand, this should edit the 'rescaleFactor' property of each part in the Gamedata folder and multiply the current value by 1.6. It should also create the value if none exists. However this gives me an error during the game loading screen. Can anyone give me a hand with properly writing this simple config file? Thanks in advance!
  7. Fair enough. Do you know if there is a way to modify the game's stock Ground Stations without Remote Tech? And my apologies if this is too off-topic of a question.
  8. Is there any way for me to use this mod to modify the number and locations of Ground Stations (for RSS) while keeping the way vanilla comm net works? In other words, disabling all aspects of the mod except for the ability to modify the locations and names of Ground Stations.
  9. I would like to solve this exact same problem if anyone knows how. Is there a setting to alter just how 'dark' the shadow is? For example, making the shadow 99% darkness instead of 100%? Assuming it works that way at all?
  10. Thanks! That worked! I've added a very small deactivate distance to all of the objects that were giving me this issue and now the problem is gone.
  11. So I'm trying to get tilted clouds to work on two gas giants in my install and I've run into a problem. When a ship approaches either of the planets (specifically when it gets within 2,000,000,000m) the clouds disappear. It only happens to these two planets with tilted clouds and it goes away as soon as the ship moves out beyond the previously mentioned distance. Here's the section for one of the planets in the "clouds" file. OBJECT { name = Saturn-clouds1 body = Saturn altitude = 20000 detailSpeed = 0,0,0 speed = 0,0,100000 killBodyRotation = True offset = -19,22,0 rotationAxis1 = 0,0,1 rotationAxis2 = 0,1,0 settings { _MainTex = BoulderCo/Atmosphere/Textures/saturn1 _DetailTex = BoulderCo/Atmosphere/Textures/detail1 _UVNoiseTex = BoulderCo/Atmosphere/Textures/uvnoise1 _DetailScale = 30 _DistFadeVert = 4E-05 _Color = 250,250,250,200 } layer2D { shadowMaterial { } macroCloudMaterial { _DetailDist = 2E-06 } } layerVolume { maxTranslation = 100,200,100 size = 500,2.2 area = 4500,4 noiseScale = 1.2,1.3,90 particleMaterial { _Tex = BoulderCo/Atmosphere/Textures/particle/rgb _BumpMap = BoulderCo/Atmosphere/Textures/particle/particle_NRM _LightScatter = 0.55 } } } Any help would be great!
  12. Yep! that did the trick! Thanks for the help! Hopefully this can assist others in the future as well.
  13. It still doesn't seem tow work with Sigma Dimensions... IDK why but Deimos and Callisto are still all wonky and filling up the solar system when SD is installed with RSS.
  14. Im using your patch and the latest RSS, however the problem persists. I dont actually see anything in your patch that modifies Deimos or Callisto in any way, so Im a bit confused as to what my problem here is.
  15. I know its a really old post, but was this issue resolved? I've found that it happens with both Callisto and Deimos. If those two planet cfg's are removed form RSS, the problem goes away.
  16. Remove settings form RSS? Or remove settings from Sigma? And which 'Settings' are you referring to?
  17. But how is that even possible in the code? What would i have to look for to see if this is the problem?
  18. Using Sigma Binary, I'm getting this issue with Pluto/Charon: http://i.imgur.com/DmcFv7U.gifv My only mods are RSS, Kopernicus, Sigma Binary, and "ModularFlightIntegrator". Anyone know what might be causing this?
  19. Is there a way to modify the locations of the stock game's built-in Ground tracking stations without the use of Remote Tech? RSS really needs more stations than the default amount, and moving the stock ones as well as adding a few new ones would be helpful.
  20. My game uses procedural parts and has most stock pieces scaled up by 1.6x, so providing you the craft file wouldn't work out so well I'm afraid. From a visual diagnosis, it seems to be that the fuel tanks above and below the fairings are squeezing the fairing shells when they jiggle during liftoff or upon the physics loading for the vessel. Making them not 'collide' with the tanks might prevent this. Can the fairing shells me made to ignore collisions? For the sake of simplicity though, is there a way to just increase the joint strength of fairings to base rings and inter-stage adapters?
  21. I'm having an issue where my fairing shells are always falling off no matter what I seem to do, and apparently I'm not the only one who has had this problem: The suggested solution of disabling autostruts did not make any difference for me whatsoever. I never used to have this issue with Proc Fairings in the past, but ever since the move to 1.1 (and still in 1.2) this always seems to be problem. Is there some way to make the fairing shells far more 'rigid' and impossible to fall off when unwanted?
  22. Are the steps to modify scatterer to function with RSS in 1.2 the same as they were in older versions? I seem to be having problems getting atmospheres to show up on the RSS bodies using the same process described on the OP.
  23. I read earlier that Scatterer is intentionally disabled in the Tracking Station. I was wondering if there was a setting to have it enabled there as well (the atmospheric scattering, the sunflares, and the reduced ambient space lighting). The Tracking Station can be a cool place to take a visual tour of the solar system and it would be great to enable the enhanced visual settings while in it.
  24. Well, we may not have solved my problem, but we do at least have some documentation down on these issues for other people who might have these questions in the future. Thanks for all the help rbray!