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  1. I'm sorry, I should've been more specific about the issue. Since I noticed this problem quite a long time ago, I assumed that you probably know about this too (you know, KSA inspired me to use graphotron for telemetry ). So nothing can be done – I guess should live with that Thank you for the assistance, I really appreciate it EDIT: at least it seems that people from the kOS team will solve their problems thanks to our misunderstanding, and that's something
  2. The problem is that if I install Kerbalism, these data are not even visible as a data source in the Graphotron menu. The menu looks like this:
  3. I remember habing this problem on KSP 1.4.5 (and the appropriate version of Kerbalism, i.e. 1.8). I have now checked that the problem still occurs on KSP 1.7.1 and Kerbalism 3.0.2
  4. @Ezriilc Graphotron seems to have a slight incompatibility with Kerbalism - when both mods are installed, Graphotron can not see data from a thermometer or barometer. @Drew Kerman I ping you, because you use both Kerbalism and Graphotron, have you encountered this problem?
  5. I'm going to try DX11, but JNSQ indeed seems to need lots of RAM. It takes (with only EVE and Scatterer added) 7,5 gb of RAM on my PC, while 1.7.1 with all DLC, all of Nertea mods, restock, SVE and Outer Planets mod eats only 4,5 gb.
  6. I'd like to make sure - this means dMagic Orbital Science is not compatibile with JNSQ, am I right?
  7. If I understand correctly using surface features requires starting a new save? So, if I start a new career now with the current version of JNSQ, then I will not have surface features even when new JNSQ with surface features support is out? So I should wait with starting new career until new JNSQ is out if I'd like to play it fith surface features?
  8. I believe that everybody is hoping for surface features on OPM bodies If you consider adding new features to OPM (not just maintaining it), then probably I will open the appropriate thread on github. Also - now when Eeloo got surface features, is OPM compatibile with 1.7.1? OPM modifies Eeloo by adding craters, so...
  9. I'm not sure, I really hope there will be 1.7.1 Kopernicus update two weeks after 1.8 drops, so...
  10. Please tell me that flickering orbital lines bug is fixed too... Would be one of best updates.
  11. Hi, @blackrack I had some time, to test latest release more carefully - I still get scatterer effects overlayed on ships, but now it lasts only for a while - on altitudes between 90 and 110 km. Same recreation steps (clean 1.6.1 install with sigma diemnsions set to 6.4 and scatterer). Anyway, now it disappears without scene reload, so I can live with it
  12. Have I said that I love you? Seriously, that's amazing job! Thank you! I may donate something again next week, but... I live in Poland. It's annoying that you'll get less than half of what I send because of the different purchasing power in our countries EDIT: I'll think of bitcoins. Never used them before.
  13. There are three problems here: 1) missing sphere you mentioned, 2) small, flickering black artifacts (one can be seen on shore, just below missing sphere) - those relatively minor, and 3) scatterer effects on the vehicle. First two dissappear at high altitude, third after scene reload and therefore is more troublesome. What should be done to increase "camera01" far clip value? Is this Sigma Dimensions issue then?
  14. @blackrack Really thank you for the release! Unfortunately, I also have a bug report - this effect appears with rescale mod. I used fresh 1.6.1 install with just sigma dimensions set to 6.4 and newest scatterer release, it seems easy to reproduce. I know that you don't really support resized systems - any chances for fix...? EDIT - after Phineas Freak explained to me KSP camera problems - this concerns scatterer effects on the vehichle. Thanks for help!
  15. Hello. I would like to thank you for coming back and developing this amazing mod. It's great that the last significant bugs will be fixed. So I bought you a small beer via paypal Cheers
  16. @_Zee I'm going to try out your tips, thanks! Also, how about Missing History support? It's great addon for Making History
  17. Really thanks for not giving this "All rights reserved" license Are there any chances for changes in science being optional? I'd love to play with unmanned first, but I like to set my own science rules...
  18. OK, so I edited "breathing", "eating" and "drinking" rules in default profile, as well as min. and max. time between storms; I used stock commnet range modifier to increase the range of antennas. I wonder if there is anything else I should think about - radiation should work out of the box. MTBF maybe, but where can I find them?
  19. Thank you! Yes, I have 24h days and 360 days for a year.
  20. @OhioBob thanks for supporting this, this is fantastic thread and I'm still using this. Any chances for OPM?
  21. Hi. What should I do, to configure Kerbalism for 6.4 resized and rescaled system? Thanks for help
  22. Thanks again for this great mod Small problem: when using US2 fuell cell with TAC life support I get "run out of electricity" warning for unloaded vessels at high time- warp. I guess this is due to the way the TAC deals with resource processing during time- warp - and maybe should be posted in TAC life support forum?