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  1. Does DRE accept the stock Ablator resource as a substitute for AblativeShielding?
  2. flashcactus

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So, today's shenanigans: 1) Launched a new keostationary comsat, with the longest-range stuff I've unlocked so far. I've also unlocked some nice new ptank shapes, which lets me make my spaceships even more eyecandey! Burning to KTO after detaching from first stage (No screenshots of that, since it was nothing more than a tank, a Skipper & some fins. It also magically exploded from overheating after leaving the atmosphere. Oh, the bugs.) Transfer stage deorbiting itself after giving the sat a boost to an almost-KSO The "almost" comes from a contract and is actually 15 min shorter than a proper KSO. Which is fine, because the sat ended on the opposite side of kerbin from KSC. The contract orbit was also inclined, so I spent some time correcting that as well. . 2) Actually flight-tested a new version of my kerbal-rescue ship. The first stage is a new design for me, which might be called fire-and-forget (but is actually fire-and-watch-in-awe-as-it-flies-itself ). By careful tweaking I was able to achieve almost ideally consistent launch results. Behold: It starts out a bit inclined on a launch clamp. You just press the spacebar... ...And watch as it does a nice gravity turn and reaches a 100-km apoapsis... ...Overheating a bit in the process. The fairings reveal an unorthodox (at least, in the KSP community) second stage. Also carefully tweaked, this SRB accelerates the craft to almost-orbital velocities in a mere 11 seconds! Which would totally murderize any crew present. Thankfully, there is none. ...And thanks to a bug, the SRB fails to ignite entirely. Well, it did ignite the first time, before I reloaded to take some more screenshots, so it kinda works. The rest of the flight was pretty trivial and went pretty smoothly, so I won't describe that in detail. Aaaand that's all for today. Fly safe, folks!
  3. flashcactus

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Finally resumed playing KSP. Started a brand-new career with a bit of realism thrown in (FAR, RT, DRE, KCT, realfuels, & a bunch of other minor stuff. Man, CKAN is awesome). So, today (it was actually past-midnight yesterday evening... which technically is "today".) I did my first kerballed Mun landing in this playthrough. Since I don't have any docking ports yet, I made a two-stage lander with all the heavy science parts on the descent stage, which I left on the Mun after extracting all the experiments and bringing them into the capsule to take home.
  4. An interesting thing to do. Although it seems to only be useful in the atmosphere, as you'll want the velocities in m/s to do anything meaningful in orbit anyway.
  5. So, I'm starting out with KSP plugin development, using MonoDevelop. 2 questions: First, what kind of project do I have to create? I'm guessing either Library or Portable library. Second, how do I add the KSP and Unity libs?
  6. flashcactus

    So Store or Steam?

    Store. Definitely store. Steam's in-place auto-updating tends to break saves and mods and happens unexpectedly. It also gives you no choice in what version (x86 or x86_64) you want to play (and also doesn't say which one it launches). Fortunately it gives you the option of copying the files out on every update, but that's a bit tedious IMO. The store lacks all these problems and also lets you download the previous version, which is really useful with all the gamebreaking updates if you ask me. This even led me to purchase the store version while already owning KSP in steam.
  7. flashcactus

    Coherent Contracts

    A bit of self-contradiction here, don't you think?
  8. flashcactus

    Placing a kerbal in a certain IVA seat

    mahgawd. I think we should request a mod that allows to move kerbals between seats in flight.
  9. No probs. Nice question BTW, didn't notice that there were no equatorial AN/DN.
  10. Use PreciseNode. It has the options to place maneuver nodes at precise spots in the orbit, including ascending/descending nodes.
  11. flashcactus

    Trajectories + FAR compatibility

    I had a bit of doubt that CKAN might have outdated stuff.. Thanks for explaining the situation.
  12. flashcactus

    Trajectories + FAR compatibility

    The latest ones according to CKAN.
  13. flashcactus

    Trajectories + FAR compatibility

    I do always set AoA = ±180° in the config window. (and then actually reenter bottom-first). And I understand that making it perfectly precise is close to impossible, but missing by half a continent? That's some pretty serious error.
  14. flashcactus

    Are RCS ports completely massless?

    Hmm, thanks for the correction!
  15. flashcactus


    No, in stock there is absolutely no practical reason to, as the only advantage is speed but it's negligible. To alleviate this and make antennae make sense, our good friend toadicus made an awesome mod called AntennaRange. Check it out!