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  1. can you or someone explain what this changes? (short version)
  2. Remember this is just a idea/request for a mod, as for what you would do with a blob of goo, you could just move it around as you stated (witch is what i was thinking when i made this post), but as you can see some people have already posted ideas and there not to bad, take Porkjet's idea for example, you right click and get the options to turn the goo in to parts N stuff, as well as there are other ideas people posted... so yeah As for how it would replicate, maybe it would just grow overtime?.
  3. I have no idea whats inside those canisters , but i was thinking of the mod being made so you have to send like a sphere/box to a planet and then open it, that would realise the goo that could then expand
  4. why no new updates? and why the silence... the silence is growing
  5. i was thinking of it just being 1 entity as well that would just look like a blob, but would move and behave as if it was made of billions of nanites.
  6. This is just a request for a mod that i think would be fun to have in KSP as well as this being my first EVER thread iv made on KSP, i took interest in this when i saw the lore for the Goo of the game Grey Goo (hear --> ),so the goo was sent in to space to explore, who thinks it would be interesting to have a blob of billions of nanobots? witch you could then leave on a planet E.G EVE, and control it like a rover. this is just a idea/request .
  7. This is a stupid question. but how far are you along with the next update?
  8. Why don't you ask RoverDude to plan this for a future update
  9. I never said you should try to code it now.
  10. What about coding it. and making it a separate download? for those who just want a more cool looking bubble?. like a download with a changed config or something. - - - Updated - - - No your ship will explode. you can use 2 rings with the KSPI mod though.
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